FemDom Art: Gregor

This is wonderful, isn’t it? Look at the faces! Her cold, disdainful face and his…well, delicious!

4 Notes FemDom Art: Gregor

  1. Darling, you were so naughty and rude to my friends and you kept staring at Melinda’s cleavage…..I just don’t know.

    I think about twenty with the tawse is what you need. Maybe you’ll remember to control yourself in the future.

    And I think I’ll lock up your little thingy for three or four weeks. You get those ridiculous little erections and then get all offensive and macho acting. If you don’t improve, I may make it permanent.

    Now keep hold of my shoes and do try not to cry and scream or I’ll have to gag you.

  2. Great! Just found your page. Love it.

  3. Her gaze is only for her reflection – which is as it should be. Calmly watching herself, as she slashes the flail down again and again. Very satisfying. The failure of his efforts to control the pain – and his fear of the gag – make a delightful flavour.

  4. she really is magnificient