Weekend Slave Preview

Weekend Slave: Friday

The Birthday Gift.

The rain was hitting the car with such strength and velocity, the windscreen wipers had difficulty in keeping the glass clear.
As usual, the idiots were alive and well on the motorway, driving at high-speed, sending dangerous sheets of water over other cars and ignoring the blinking signs advising people to slow down. Perhaps the visibility was so limited, the reckless morons didn’t see the signs but the reality was they were just idiots!
One of those big four-wheel drive combinations powered past and the driver, a young woman, was talking on her mobile as she drove, seemingly oblivious to the dangers on the motorway.
Probably got the stereo going as well, I thought as I kept the Volvo steady, probably listening to that rap shit. It’s all about sex and violence! What happened to peace and love?
I half listened to the radio as I drove. The BBC was warning people of the unseasonable storm that had hit southern England.
Talking about a fucking understatement!
Some simpering announcer was asking a so called expert if the storm was part of climate change! I just hope that Tamsin is home, that she didn’t have an accident!
Tamsin was my wife.

Beautiful, intelligent and warm.
What else could a man want?
I was an hour and a half late when I wearily walked into the house. The house was warm and I could smell dinner cooking so I knew Tamsin was home.
‘I’m home,’ I called, peeling my coat off, ‘and exhausted. I feel like I’ve swum home!’
‘I was worried,’ Tamsin said, appearing in the kitchen doorway, wooden spoon in one hand and looking devastatingly beautiful.
‘I was worried about you,’ I said as we briefly kissed. ‘There was mob rule on the motorway! I’m surprised I didn’t see a terrible accident!’
‘You could have rung,’ she said with a hint of accusation. ‘Just to let me know you were ok and to speak to me if you were really cocnerned.’
‘I needed both hands for the steering wheel. The Volvo almost aquaplaned a few times.’
‘What on earth does that mean?’ Tamsin asked, pert nose wrinkling.
‘Technical term for a bag of shite! Any wine?’
‘Open a bottle, darling. Open two.’
‘Two? What’s the occasion?’
‘You’ll find out. I must finish off the meal.’
I had enjoyed two glasses of red wine by the time Tamsin plonked the meal on the table so I was feeling very mellow.
‘What’s the occasion?’ I asked, eyeing the plate.
It was my favourite meal and, as Tamsin didn’t usually like to cook, it was unusual.
Something was definitely up!
‘You sound suspicious, darling,’ Tamsin laughed.
At least she seemed to be in a good mood, which, considering her frame of mind since our argument two weeks ago, was a good thing.
‘I just think,’ Tamsin said, sipping wine, ‘that we should put our disagreements behind us.’
‘Look, I’ve apologised,’ I said quickly and it was true, I had. Like most men, I thought an apology was enough, even though I wasn’t really sure what I was apologising for!
‘I know.’
‘It’s always going to be there! Like the elephant in the room!’
The elephant was the discussion Tamsin and I had about sex. It was a sensitive topic to her and she did not like me saying that we should experiment and try a few things.
Even though I had been a little sozzled at the time, I still think open discussion about sex is good, especially since things had been a little dull in the bedroom.
However, Tamsin had thought my points about bondage and discipline meant that I was tired of her and wanted our marriage of three years to end!
Nothing was further from the truth!
Tamsin was a gorgeous, sexy woman and I was in love with her. I just wanted a little more!
What man doesn’t?
‘We need to talk,’ she said after the dishes had been cleared away.
Warily, I followed her out of the kitchen.
We sat in the living room, listening to Tamsin’s collection of old easy listening tracks she enjoyed so much.
I always thought the music was a little ancient but suffered it because it made my wife mellow and very relaxed.
In the magic of moonlight when I sigh, “Hold me close, dear”
Chances are you believe the stars that fill the skies are in my eyes
Guess you feel you’ll always be the one and only one for me
And if you think you could
Well, chances are your chances are awfully good
Chances are you believe the stars that fill the skies are in my eyes
Guess you feel you’ll always be the one and only one for me
And if you think you could
Well, chances are your chances are awfully good
‘Talk? Of course,’ I said with a nervous heart.
Those four little words!
We need to talk!

When delivered by a woman to her partner, those words struck fear into the heart of the man!
‘I’ve thought about what you’ve said,’ Tamsin said after a long sip of her wine. ‘I would like to discuss it all.’
‘Of course,’ I said slowly, ‘but, darling, there is no need. I’m happy…’
‘From what you said,’ she said clearly, ignoring me, ‘I understand you want me to be more assertive. In fact, you want me to dominate you when we make love. Is that correct?’
There was a slight waver in her voice and I instantly understood how difficult this was for my wife.
‘It’s one way,’ I said warily, watching her bright blue eyes as they flickered over me.
‘Just one?’ Tamsin said softly.
‘Look, darling,’ I began but she simply raised her hand to silence me.
‘I spoke to Nadia,’ she said in a low voice and my heart sank just a little.
Nadia was a sexy, dark haired woman who worked with Tamsin. Tamsin was a junior fashion designer and Nadia had appointed herself as my wife’s mentor at Allure Fashions!
Tamsin had introduced me to Nadia at a fashion industry cocktail party. The tall, dark haired woman coolly looked me over.
‘So,’ she said in a husky voice with the hint of some eastern European accent, ‘you are the husband! The accountant?’
Nadia had almost sneered when she said accountant but I had managed to smile.
‘Yes,’ That’s right,’ I said with as much charm as I could muster, ‘I’m Max…’
‘I am sorry,’ she said, eyes cool, ‘did you say Max?’
‘Ah, yes…that’s my name…’
You know bloody well it’s my name, you snotty bitch! Tamsin has probably mentioned me a thousand times!
Then, my heart grew cold.

What if she hasn’t mentioned me? What does that mean?
‘Yes, that is right,’ she said, ‘Max!’

I immediately sensed, by the way she smiled thinly, Nadia didn’t like me for some reason. As we drove back that night, I said, ‘that Nadia is interesting…’
‘She’s brilliant!’ Tamsin had said brightly. ‘She is a fabulous designer.’
‘Has she always been a designer?’ I had casually asked.
‘No, she came to it late. There are rumours she was involved in dubious government things in Russia but I don’t go along with that?’
‘You don’t? She seems a little… forthright?’
Tamsin had frowned at me.
‘Forthright? You mean assertive?’
‘Well, no…I mean…she seems…’
‘She’s brilliant,’ Tamsin said again to effectively close the conversation.
I hadn’t said anything more but I did not like the closeness my wife was developing with Nadia.
And now, in the midst of what was going to unravel, apparently, as a serious talk, Tamsin murmured, ‘I spoke to Nadia…’
‘Did you?’ I managed to say, heart sinking.
‘Yes,’ she said, avoiding my eyes. ‘She was helpful.’
‘Helpful?’ I croaked.
‘Nadia knows a lot about men,’ Tamsin said softly, ‘knows what makes men tick. I…I…’ Tamsin murmured, avoiding my eyes, ‘had no idea men were so…so sick!’
‘Sick? What on earth do you mean?’
‘Men have…well…strange tastes…a little bit sick…’
‘I’m hardly sick, as you put it,’ I said hotly. ‘I am interested in experimenting with sex. That’s all! What on earth is wrong with that?’
‘In the beginning,’ Tamsin said honestly, ‘I thought there was a lot wrong with it but Nadia explained.’
‘Explained?’ I said warily.
‘Yes, she said sexual experimentation was good, that it keeps couples together.’
‘That’s exactly what I was thinking!’ I cried, glad to have an ally, even one as threatening as the imposing Nadia.’
‘And so,’ Tamsin said, looking away uncomfortably, ‘I…’
Tamsin is going to agree to experiment, I thought smugly, she is!
‘Yes?’ I prompted, filling both our glasses with more red wine.
Tamsin still wouldn’t meet my eyes.
‘Nadia asked to look at your computer,’ she whispered.
An icy hand gripped my heart and my mouth was suddenly dry.
‘My…my computer?’ I asked weakly.
‘Yes,’ Tamsin whispered, ‘your laptop.’
‘You…you didn’t let her, did you?’
Tamsin raised her bright blue eyes and looked directly at me.
‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I did!’
I gulped and swigged wine.
‘She found some interesting stuff,’ Tamsin said, putting a red leather bound notebook on the coffee table. ‘I wrote the details down here of everything you seem to like.’
‘Now, darling…’ I mumbled.
‘It seems you like many things, things I had no idea about,’ Tamsin went on, ignoring me.
She flicked some pages of the notebook and began reciting, ‘female domination, spanking, chastity, forced …forced cun…forced to lick…down there…well, you know what it is,’ Tamsin mumbled, face pink.
‘Darling,’ I mumbled but Tamsin continued to ignore me.
‘And cuckolding,’ she said.
Her bright blue eyes fastened on mine.
‘The idea of another man making love to me while you watch is a fantasy of yours?’
My first instinct was to protest, to lie even but Tamsin continued.
‘It seems to be. You have visited enough of these cuckold web pages! You even have a number of favourites! Not to mention the slavery websites where men are slaves to women! You seem to like that idea very much! Nadia said it was common!’
Tamsin closed the book and we sat in an uncomfortable silence for a moment. She avoided my eyes, sipped wine and then spoke softly.
‘I was surprised by all of this, Max,’ Tamsin whispered.
‘Tamsin,’ I said hoarsely, ‘please let me explain…’
‘Explain? What is there to explain?’
My wife laughed hoarsely and poured more wine for herself, ignoring my glass. I watched the red wine splash into the crystal glass, my heart pounding as I sought to find some reasonable explanation.
‘I think Nadia offered a most adequate explanation! As I said, she knows more about men that I do!’
I licked my dry lips and wondered what to say next but Tamsin gave me no opportunity for me to offer a weak excuse.
‘Nadia says you are a submissive man who craves to be dominated and humiliated by women!’
Tamsin finally turned her head and her eyes fastened on me.
I smiled weakly, but there was no humour in my wife’s eyes. My entire body was shaking as I wondered if mu wife was considering divorce.
‘Nadia also pointed out something else!’
Tamsin stared at me, her bright blue eyes relentless.
She sipped wine again and she smiled wryly.
‘All the pictures of women you saved in your “special” folder, the pictures of dominant women, looked like me!’
I blinked and tried to think of something to say.
‘All of them looked like me! Well, similar in all respects! Blue eyes, blond hair, tall! Nadia said that they all looked like the same cup size as me!’ Tamsin said incredulously.
‘Tamsin,’ I croaked, ‘I’m…’
‘Are you going to say you’re sorry?’ Tamsin said with that same wry smile. ‘At least you are fantasising about me! Do you wank while looking at those pictures?’
I flushed and looked away.
‘I suppose you do,’ she said dryly.
‘At first I was angry and then, thanks to Nadia, I saw the positive side. I agree with you, it is time that we experimented, tried new things.’
I looked at her hopefully.
‘You do?’
‘Why not?’
Tamsin examined the bottle of wine.
‘It’s empty. Get another one.’
Stunned and somewhat confused, I hurried to fetch another bottle of red wine. As I opened it, I recognised the tingle of sexual arousal.
‘I assume you want me to dominate you,’ she said as I filled the wineglasses. ‘Want me to act out your fantasies.’
‘Tamsin,’ I mumbled, ‘there’s no need…’
‘I think we need to experiment, to see if we can save our marriage,’ she said quietly. ‘Do you agree?’
‘I mean, I am not sure if I am capable of doing those things to you. It is difficult for a woman to hurt the man she loves!’
I was surprised to see my wife’s eyes were glistening and I realised she was on the verge of tears.
‘However,’ she said, sniffing, ‘I think it is important for me to try. Do you want me to try?’
Under any other circumstances, it would have been a brilliant question and I would have answered happily and positively. Now, I sensed something else.
‘There’s no need, darling,’ I managed to murmur.
‘I think there is,’ she said brightly, eyes brimming. ‘If we don’t, you’ll always want something more, and it will be at the back of my mind every time we make love. If, of course,’ she added harshly, ‘we do make love again!’
She sipped her wine and then looked at me defiantly, tears gone.
‘Do you want me to try to dominate you, to act out the fantasies?’
Max! Be honest for once!’
I swallowed and looked at her.
‘Yes,’ I whispered.
Tamsin said nothing for a moment, bright blue eyes watching me as she sipped wine. Then, she spoke.
‘I suggest we try it for a weekend.’
I nodded dumbly.
‘Nadia told me of a special resort that caters for these things.’
‘Resort?’ I murmured, raising my head.
‘Yes, it’s on a Greek island. Very secluded.’
‘H…how does Nadia…’
‘She is very experienced and she’s been a great help in this!’ Tamsin snapped. ‘At first, I just wanted to get away from you as quickly as I could!’
Tamsin looked at me steadily and I could not meet her eyes.
‘I was going to leave you, Max but Nadia talked me through it. Pointed out that it is not that bad and you and I can be open and honest. Really honest! Nadia says that most marriages aren’t honest, that the husbands are always hiding something!’
She laughed bitterly.
‘Well, that was true!’
‘I’ve made reservations for you and I at the special island resort. We leave Friday morning and spend Friday and Saturday nights at the resort. We return to London Sunday afternoon.’
‘You…you reserved…’
‘It’s your birthday gift. A little early but I hope it is what you want!’
‘You don’t seem very happy.’
‘Ah…it’s a surprise,’ I said guardedly.
‘Birthday gifts are usually a surprise!’
‘Yes, yes but…’
‘I believe we will be able to experiment under the guidance and supervision of the experienced people who operate the resort. It will be quite full on for the time we’re there.’
‘I would have thought you’d jump at this! I will be dominant the moment we land at the resort and you will be, until Sunday lunch, a slave!’
Tamsin sipped red wine.
‘Exactly like your fantasies!’
‘Do you think you…you can do this?’
‘Do you?’ Tamsin replied.
Then, she laughed bitterly.
‘Of course, I suppose it will be easy for you! It’s what you want!’
‘Tamsin, I…’
‘Nadia says they cater for everything and we’ll meet other people who enjoy the same activities. We could make some new friends.’
I looked down, my head spinning.
‘Well, Max? Do you want to go?’
I looked up and Tamsin smiled thinly.
‘It will be full on,’ she repeated, ‘and no turning back once we land on the island. You will be a slave until Sunday. Well?’
I swallowed.
How could I let an opportunity like this pass me by?
‘Yes,’ I whispered, ‘I want to go!’

3 Notes Weekend Slave Preview

  1. I immensely enjoy the premise behind this series. Essentially the main protagonist is lured to a very special resort where he think he is about to experience a weekend of sexy fun and games. There will be fun and games all right but – not as he imagined it.

    Often the part these stories I appreciate the most is the entrapment/seduction the victim is gradually lured into submitting to more and more sever feminine governance. A typical theme could be a relationship that starts out consensual, then some combination of seduction and coercion first turns it semi- consensual and then finally non consensual – but by then it is far too late. I find it far more exciting when the process of capture is psychological and gradual, a ratchet that turns only one way.

    Here the reconditioning of the male starts well before they actually arrive at the resort and accelerate dramatically thereafter.

    Once they get to the “resort” we find it is run by those ruthlessly committed to female supremacy. I think what really struck me about them was their matter of fact practical approach to the whole business. It is obvious that victims aren’t kept chained up in their dungeons as playthings. While that might be an occasional hobby for a few the whole point of their systematic, methodical and ingenious men-breaking program is to make man-owning an easy, practical, no-fuss and convenient practice

    Their easy to use and diabolically efficient male control technology is one aspect; their institutional training methods are another. They seem to experts in applied psychology and students of Radical behaviorism. Given the impressive capabilities on display it almost makes sense to talk of a whole new branch of behavioral science. Malenology? A set of proven, tested and refined methods for psychological entrapment, capturing and taming males by means of behavior modification. The male is essentially conditioned to obedience and submission to proper feminine governance. Love the way prostate milking is discussed clinically as the males arrives as a means of insuring they remain permanently aroused and thus properly malleable.

    The sexuality inherent in the situation is a useful entrapment and control mechanism. Often the extend of the female interest a victims manhood in this place is as a handle to control him. Male arousal is essential as a psychological tool of control, male relief is quite unnecessary and may be harmful to his induction into his new status as female governed.

    With the scheme put in place a wife-mistress only have to spend a minimum of time supervising her inferior and she will never have to tolerate male interference in her life again. All household chores will be done, there will be no more useless spending on male interests and her living environment can be pleasantly feminized.

    This series has some resemblance to my favorite Carmenica diaz story, the Star Society saga, although there are significant differences. This one is notably “softer” and more realistic with the wife coming across as far less cruel, she too has to be trained to a lifestyle of female domination by her lesbian lover who help redirect her feelings for her husband toward enjoyment from subjugating him while more tender feelings are more properly directed toward the female love interest.

    While the male character finds himself conditioned to obey female authority and is unable to find any real fulfillment without submitting it after his stay at the resort it cannot be said that he is enslaved by his wife at the end of the series. This is in marked contrast to the modus operandi of the Star Society, although male “guests” are kept indentured at the resort and only allowed to leave at the pleasure of their female controller so one suspect some patrons are a lot less liberal with their male property then the female lead is here.

    There are, however, touching elements of romance and affection in the story so I would say it falls somewhere between the hard and soft female domination tales of the author.

    Warmly recommended

  2. I am curious to know how successful this sort of *training* actually is? Do any readers know of such a deep level and total subjugation of the male by his dominant female partner?

    I don’t doubt that behavior modification is possible especially when both are open to it… as they seem to be in the introduction of this story. But is it really possible to destroy the sexual sensibilities of the both partners… and create new ones? Obviously happens in fiction and perhaps occasionally in reality… Can people revert from Ds to vanilla as well?

    Don’t most people *play act* at Ds… sort of stepping into those roles for x period of time… and then back to the vanilla dynamic for the rest of the time? Just curious about the stats here? Sure there are different personality types in reality… I got that. But these Ds one are so rule based and so *similar* it seems… no?