Martha & Paul (F/M Story)

Martha was not a vengeful woman.

I’m not, she told herself silently, staring at her reflection in her dressing table mirror.

There was that time, though, that Martha partly cut through the laces of Lena Thomas’s tennis shoes so they would break in the middle of her championship match.

Lena had eliminated Martha from the finals, due to a bad line call by the linesman Lena was shagging at the time so revenge, in Martha’s opinion, was mandatory.

And now Paul had shagged Martha’s sister!

Technically, her step-sister but it was still a case of in-family shagging and that was, in Martha’s eyes, a definite no-no! 

‘I didn’t know he was with you,’ Sharon had protested and Martha had shaken her head sadly.

How could she? How could he?

Martha eyed Sharon’s greasy and scraggly hair, the cheap paste jewellery and wondered what he saw in her.

She does have big boobies, Martha thought miserably.

‘You didn’t know?’ Martha had said incredulously. ‘I brought him around to Mum’s for Sunday lunch!’

‘That was Paul?’ Sharon said doubtfully.

‘I suppose he did have his clothes on!’ Martha said cattily but that remark, like many others, sailed breezily over Sharon’s puzzled head.

It wasn’t poor Sharon’s fault, Paul is rather dishy and has that crooked smile that just tingle every time he looks at you.

No, Martha thought, brushing her hair, Paul deserves to be taught a lesson.

‘Hello, Paul,’ Martha said calmly, sliding into the chair opposite him.

Paul looked worriedly around the café. ‘Martha! What…’

‘You’re on your own, aren’t you?’ Martha knew very well that Paul was alone as she had followed him from his flat to his favourite café.


Martha smiled thinly and then spoke those words that made men quiver in fear and be possessed by an overwhelming urge to run away. ‘Paul, we have to talk!’

‘Talk? Look…’ he said weakly.

‘I know you shagged Sharon,’ Martha said firmly.

‘Oh…I didn’t…really…I didn’t know…it’s not like…we…’

‘It’s all right.’

Shocked, Paul stared at her. ‘It’s all right?’ he said faintly.

‘Perfectly. I understand that men are driven by their biological urge to spread their seed as far and as wide as possible. It’s not your fault,’ she said kindly, patting his hairy forearm.

‘It’s not?’ he said weakly.

‘You’re just a victim of your gender,’ Martha said calmly. ‘I feel rather sad for you, actually, being forced to live your life according to the whims of your genitalia.’

‘Well, I wouldn’t put it that way…’

‘Why? It’s the plain fact. I’ve researched it,’ Martha said smugly. ‘Earl Grey tea, please,’ she said with a smile to the waiter who nodded and vanished.

Paul waited silently but uncomfortably. ‘We didn’t really have a relationship,’ he began but Martha cut him short.

‘I suppose sex on a regular basis for eight weeks doesn’t qualify as a relationship?’


‘It doesn’t matter,’ Martha smiled. ‘I say we just enjoy each other for sex,’ she announced loudly.

‘Keep your voice down!’

‘Why? I’m not ashamed to admit I have healthy urges. Can you come round tonight? It shouldn’t take long.’

Paul looked at her suspiciously. Was that an insult? Why her place, what does she have planned?

Martha was good in bed – adventurous and exciting – and Paul’s cock twitched at the thought of hassle free sex with her.

‘My place,’ he countered at last and Martha shrugged.

‘Fine. Eight?’

He nodded and Martha smiled and leaned back, just as the waiter brought her tea. ‘How was Sharon?’ she asked after a sipping her tea.


‘How was she in bed? Is she a good shag?’


‘What?’ she asked innocently. ‘We’re friends, we can talk about stuff, can’t we?’

‘Friends don’t talk about…’ he looked around and leaned forward, ‘stuff like that.’

Martha was puzzled. ‘My friends do. We talk about that stuff all the time.’

Paul was open mouthed. ‘Did you talk about us?’

‘Of course. I share everything with my friends as they do with me. In case you haven’t noticed, I am female!’

Aghast, Paul stared at her. ‘What did you tell them? I mean…some things are private!’

She immediately saw he was a little upset so she smiled soothingly. ‘I didn’t give many details,’ she lied and Paul, because he really didn’t understand women, believed her.

The doorbell rang precisely at eight and Paul opened the door warily. Martha, dressed in a full length leather coat, smiled.

‘Come in,’ he said at last. ‘Can I take your coat?’ Paul asked when they were inside the flat.

‘Of course.’ Martha peeled off the coat and Paul gaped as she was wearing just lingerie and nylons underneath it. ‘Do you like it?’ Martha turned and twirled for him and the hard bulge in Paul’s trousers told her that he did like it.

He couldn’t believe it! In the short relationship he had enjoyed with Martha, he had found her to be warm and loving but not sexy – definitely not a femme fatale! Now, he couldn’t believe his eyes!

Martha smiled and surreptitiously adjusted the thong panties.

Like all sexy lingerie, it was slightly uncomfortable to wear, digging and pulling and it wasn’t designed to wear for long periods. Martha felt a strange combination of vulnerability and sensual power as she strutted around the room on dangerously high heels.

‘God,’ he breathed, ‘you look fantastic!’ Martha beamed and preened, turning again so he could drink in her body frame din the black bustier, sheer black knickers, suspender belt and gleaming black nylon.

‘Are you sure?’ Martha pouted, leaning forward, cupping her breasts in the lace and wiggling her pert bottom.

‘Yes! I’m bloody sure,’ Paul said, quickly removing his shirt.

‘Hmm,’ Martha said silkily, rubbing her hand over his chest, ‘hard man!’ She kissed him passionately, leaving him gasping and tearing his trousers off as she walked away, making sure she bent over to supposedly look at a book on the coffee table.

‘Let’s go into the bedroom,’ he said thickly, standing there in his underpants – a horrific pair of purple briefs – his cock jutting against the cloth.

‘No foreplay?’ Martha pouted. ‘Let’s sit on the sofa and kiss for a while, so I can get all hot for you, all wet and hot!’

Paul groaned but allowed himself to be led to the sofa where Martha snuggled against him, kissing his throat and ear while whispering to him.

Her fingers grazed the head of his straining cock through the briefs and he quivered as she thrust her tongue into his mouth, her other hand running through his hair.

For his part, he stroked her stockings and then cupped her breast in what he thought was a sexy movement while they kissed.

Martha pushed against him and pulled his briefs down so his hard cock bobbed free and rubbed against her stockings. Avoiding his cock, she cupped his balls, squeezed them lightly and then lightly stroked his chest with her fingers, slightly moving her nylon covered thigh against his cock.

Paul shuddered and groaned. Martha pulled back and stared into his eyes. ‘Did you come?’ Martha demanded fiercely and Paul blushed. ‘God! You came! You did! God! You came on my stockings! Ugh! Do you know how much these cost!’


‘Go and get some tissues or something! Quickly! God!’

Paul sheepishly pulled his underpants up and returned with a wad of tissues, offering them to her but she frowned at him. ‘I’m not touching that mess! You clean it up! It is yours, after all!’

He wiped it up, took the tissues away and when he returned, he found Martha all ready in her coat. ‘A fat lot of fun, you turned out to be!’ she scolded, buckling the coat belt. ‘I’ll have to find someone else.’

That shocked him! ‘But…wait…’

‘Wait?’ she sneered. ‘So you can fire early again? I don’t think so!’

Martha pulled her mobile phone from the coat pocket and placed a call. ‘Perry?’ she said in a teasing and sexual tone, completely ignoring Paul. ‘I was thinking of coming around? Yes.’ She giggled into the telephone. ‘Yes, I do. I want that hot trouser snake.’ She giggled again. ‘Yes, I do. I’ll be over.’ Popping the telephone into her pocket, she smiled icily at Paul. ‘I have to go.’

‘No…wait. Please stay…’

‘What for? No, I have a pressing engagement.’ She laughed and as the door closed behind her, Paul sank sadly down onto the sofa, head in his hands.

‘That didn’t go well,’ he murmured, staring at the closed door.

Martha waited until she was seated in the back of the taxi until she called Deirdre. Self-consciously clutching the coat around her, she listened to the phone ring while avoiding the tax driver’s eyes in the rear vision mirror.


‘You saucy bitch!’ her friend cackled down the line. ‘Trouser snake! Where did that come from?’

‘It sounded all right at the time,’ Martha said defensively.

‘I quite enjoyed being Perry. I saw myself as this West Indian chap with dreadlocks and a huge…’

‘Deirdre!’ Martha snapped. ‘Enough of the fantasy stuff, eh? I’m in a taxi…’

‘He popped early?’


‘Can’t say I blame him, you looked dead sexy in that outfit. You’re lucky Julia didn’t see you.’

Julia was their bisexual friend who was always making sly comments about Martha.

‘Don’t be a complete bitch,’ Martha said calmly. ‘Julia is off with that girl at the chemist…’

‘The one with the awful ear-rings? Those cheap dangly things…’

‘Yes, that’s the one. Simply awful taste in jewellery.’

‘How can Julia put up…’

‘I imagine she has other attractions,’ Martha said dryly. ‘Listen, thanks for your help. I’m rushing home so I can get out of this get up and have a long bath.’

‘You could come over here,’ Deirdre said teasingly, ‘to Perry’s place.’

‘If you’re turning Bi, give me fair warning, will you?’ Martha laughed. ‘I call you tomorrow.’

Paul was stunned when Martha called him a few days later. ‘How about a bit of fun tonight?’ she said.


‘I’m sure you can last a little bit longer,’ Martha said dryly and he winced.

‘That was unusual…’

‘I’m sure you say that to all the girls. Sharon said…’

‘What did Sharon say!’

‘Nothing, nothing at all,’ Martha said quickly, suppressing a grin.

‘That one time was unusual, we were…’

‘Oh, I see. Two unusual incidents. Look, forget it. Tonight?’

‘I don’t…’

‘I have some new lingerie. It’s white and the knickers are sheer.’

Paul’s cock surged. ‘Well…’

‘My place or yours.’

‘Mine,’ he said, trying to gain control.

‘If you insist. Say eight?’

Paul was aroused just thinking about it and resolved that he wouldn’t come early, that he would get inside Martha! It was his plan but Martha had another one.

When she arrived – this time in a white faux fur coat – Paul’s tongue was hanging out as Martha sexily slipped the coat off to reveal her new white lingerie.

In minutes, Paul was naked and kissing Martha on the sofa. Her perfume overwhelmed him and so did her light feathery touches to his straining cock. ‘Get me ready, lover,’ she murmured, pushing his head downwards.

Paul froze. He had never done that! It wasn’t manly and he had told Martha that when their relationship had commenced. At the time, Martha had just shrugged and accepted his decision but now her hand was firmly pushing his head down, almost turning him around so his face was heading towards her sheer white knickers and his cock was near her breasts.

I don’t do that! His eyes were fastened on that tiny strip of pubic hair that was now clearly visible through the sheer white material as her hand brushed the sensitive head of his cock. Her fingernails raked the underside of it and Paul suddenly quivered as his lips moved closer to her panties.

Martha’s hand closed around his cock, so warm and tender and began to stroke. It was too much and to his shame, the combination of her touch, her wanton sexy behaviour and the delightful vision that now filled his eyes was too much! Paul ejaculated!

Shit!’ Martha cried as Paul spurted over her bra. ‘Not again!’

Red faced, Paul swung around to face her glare. It was an unsatisfying orgasm for him as Martha had released his cock the moment he began to ejaculate and his come was puddled on her left bra cup, a pool of creamy liquid on the white lace.

‘You came again! What is your problem!’

‘I’m sorry,’ he rushed, not knowing where to look, ‘it’s just that you’re too sexy…’

‘So,’ she said with dangerous female logic, ‘it’s my fault! So like a man!’

Pretending to be infuriated, Martha pushed Paul away and stared down at her bra. ‘Have you any idea what this stuff costs? I bought it for you.’ Her lip trembled and Paul thought she was going to cry.

‘I’ll clean it off,’ he muttered, running naked to the bathroom.

Martha suppressed a smile as Paul used bathroom tissue to remove the evidence of his orgasm.

‘How long have you been suffering this?’ she asked quietly.

‘What?’ he said, face red as he screwed the wet tissue up.

‘Isn’t it called premature ejaculation?’ Martha innocently asked.

‘That’s not it!’ he cried, horrified.

‘Isn’t it? Twice with me and Sharon said it…’

‘That wasn’t the same!’



Paul scrambled for his clothes.

‘Well,’ Martha said slowly as she stood, making a point at staring at the damp patch on her bra, ‘at least you get to come! I miss out!’

‘I’m sorry,’ he mumbled, pulling his underpants on.

‘Of course,’ she said icily, pulling her coat on. ‘You’ve got what you want and I don’t matter!’

‘Now…that’s not true…’

‘Isn’t it? I don’t see you offering to make me feel nice!’

‘If you wait…’

‘So you can come again? Typical! Goodbye!’ Martha flounced out of the door and slammed it after her.’

Martha avoided Paul for several days.

Paul also avoided Martha and it wasn’t until a few days after his humiliation that he ventured to the usual haunts.

Sharon was seated at a table with some female friends and, after he found his courage in a few lagers, Paul walked over. ‘Hello, Sharon,’ he said.

‘Hi,’ she said coolly, looking him up and down.

‘Fancy a meal or something later?’

Sharon glanced at her two female companions and then replied, ‘I don’t think so.’

‘Oh…’ Paul said, about to turn away when Sharon couldn’t resist slipping the barb in.

‘I mean, I wouldn’t like to be left high and dry,’ she said maliciously.

‘What do you mean?’ he nervously asked.

‘Well, you are quick on the draw.’

‘Who told you that?’ Paul hotly demanded while the other women giggled.

‘I’ve had first hand experience,’ Sharon said with a roll of her eyes. ‘And poor Martha…’

Paul’s stomach sank. They all knew!

Face bright red, he turned and hurriedly walked away as the women laughed.

After his hurried exit from the pub, Paul wandered through the streets, thinking. It will blow over, he told himself,

there are plenty of women who don’t know Martha or Sharon.

Then, he realised that all his mates frequented that pub and if he would have to return sooner or later. If his mates found out!

Sinking down onto a park bench, Paul stared at the gravel beneath his feet and tried to think it through. He had to make Martha his girlfriend, at least for a while! Until everyone forgets that stupid rumour!

I just have to fuck her a few times and everything will be rosy! No problem!


The first time he telephoned Martha, she simply hung up immediately he announced himself! She’s really angry, he thought, but it wasn’t my fault! She shouldn’t dress so sexily!

But when an image of Martha in the white lingerie flickered behind his eyelids, Paul’s cock stirred into life.

It was driving him crazy not being able to visit his local pub and he had a sudden sense of urgency to make amends with Martha so he did what every man does when faced with the inexplicable behaviour of women.

He sent flowers.

A day after the flowers, his mobile telephone rang.


‘Hello, Paul, it’s Martha.’

Her warm voice seeped down the telephone and Paul beamed. Bingo!

‘I just wanted to thank you for the flowers. They were really lovely,’ Martha continued formally.

Paul had planned his response and had even rehearsed silently in front of the mirror. ‘I’m glad. I wanted to say I’m sorry.’

Martha pounced. ‘You’re sorry?’

‘Of course, terribly.’

‘I shouldn’t have said…’

‘Of course you should have, you have every right,’ Paul continued with his script.

‘You’re being very sweet. I feel just awful.’

‘Don’t. Perhaps we could try again?’

‘Try again?’

Paul heard the suspicion in Martha’s voice and, as he had run out of script, improvised. ‘Yes, like go out…’

‘A relationship?’ She was relentless.

‘Yes,’ he agreed weakly.

‘All right, if you like,’ she murmured sensually.

‘Perhaps tonight? Dinner?’


Dinner was lovely and Martha laid her head on Paul’s shoulder as they walked up the stairs to her flat. After a drink, they began hotly kissing and Paul was panting and his cock throbbing by the time Martha gently pushed him back.

‘I’ll get changed,’ she murmured. ‘Why don’t you get your clothes off? I shan’t be long.’

Paul was naked when Martha stepped back into the room and he gaped. Her lingerie, complete with suspender belt and stockings, was even more sexy than the previous outfit and Paul suddenly became worried he would ejaculate too quickly.

Martha slipped into his arms, her hot flesh pushing against his and began hungrily kissing him while her fingers toyed gently with his straining cock.


‘What?’ she whispered, licking his throat.

‘I…ah…I want you to come.’

‘How sweet,’ she murmured, kissing his ear.

Desperately, Paul pushed back and Martha smiled to herself. ‘I…I want you to…before me…’

‘Really?’ her eyebrow shot up.

‘Yes,’ he stuttered, ‘but…you’ll have to show me…’

Martha suppressed her smile of victory and slowly parted her thighs. ‘Of course, darling. Kiss my knickers.’

Face red, Paul leaned forward and gently kissed the sheer material of Martha’s pink knickers.

‘Now, slide them off. Gently, darling,’ sighed Martha, lying back.

Paul stared at her wet pussy as he removed her knickers, his cock jerking wildly at the sight and knew he would come the moment he slid into her velvet warmth.

‘Kiss her, darling,’ Martha whispered huskily. ‘Kiss kitty there.’

Paul followed the pink painted fingernail and kissed, tasting Martha’s pussy and resolved to get through this, to make her come.

It took time, a lot of time and Paul’s jaw was aching by the time Martha began to moan softly and then erupt into a blazing orgasm. This was no pretend come for the blokes sake moan and groan act! This was real and she shuddered, moaning and crying out softly until she stiffened as a wave of pleasure swept through her.

Smiling down at him after she finally opened her eyes, Martha giggled loudly.

‘Sorry, darling,’ she said, trying to control herself, ‘I always laugh after I’ve come.’

Paul tried to remember her laughing before – surely she had come – and then shamefully recognised that she had been pretending and this was her first real orgasm.

‘Come here, darling,’ Martha smiled, pulling him up and kissing his musky lips. ‘Such a clever boy,’ she murmured, fingers softly tickling his cock. ‘Do you want to slip inside me?’ Her hot breath tickled his ear as she whispered, fingers encircling his cock. ‘Want your dickie to go where your tongue has been?’ she giggled. ‘Into my warm, wet pussy…’

Her insistent fingers worked their magic and, combined with his deep arousal after being buried face first in her pussy, Paul ejaculated.

Groaning and shuddering, Martha kissed his ear as she expertly milked him, his come spurting onto her thigh.

Paul buried his shamed face into her shoulder and she patted his head. ‘Never mind, there’ll be other times and you made me a happy girl. Clever boy!’

And so the pattern of their nights began to evolve. They would go out and then return for sex to either flat which now meant that Paul would satisfy Martha with his mouth and tongue before attempting to penetrate Martha for his own orgasm.

Unfortunately for Paul, it all went according to Martha’s plan and he ejaculated either in her hand or, most embarrassingly, on her thigh as she caressed her nylon covered leg against his cock.

He didn’t get inside her tantalisingly pussy once. However, he was becoming rather an expert on making Martha happy with his mouth. So happy, that Martha confided to her friends that she wouldn’t give him up.

‘It’s nice, isn’t it?’ Julia winked and Martha blushed.

‘Yes, it is.’

‘It’s even better when a girl does it,’ Julia persisted.

‘Don’t be disgusting, Julia,’ Deirdre had sighed. ‘Is he any good?’ she asked Martha while Julia glowered at Deirdre.

‘He’s getting bloody good. I never want a cock making a mess inside me again!’

At the pub one night several weeks later, Paul was listening to the conversation swirl around him as Martha possessively squeezed his thigh with her hand and he tentatively smiled at her.

‘I fancy a bit later,’ she whispered into his ear and his cock struggled within his pants. ‘I just love your naughty tongue!’

He blushed furiously and looked around to see if anyone else had heard but they all appeared to be absorbed in their own conversations.

‘Yes…all right, darling…’

‘I’ll wank you with my knickers when you made me happy,’ she whispered enthusiastically and Paul blushed. They had, somehow, given up on the idea of penetration and Paul now found himself on his knees more often than not. Their relationship had certainly changed.

‘You’d like that, wouldn’t you?’ Martha suddenly demanded, eyes narrowing.

‘Yes,’ Paul said quickly, ‘I’d like that.’

‘Like what?’ she whispered in his ear, fingers under the table and stroking his rigid cock through his straining trousers.


‘Like what, darling?’ she repeated firmly and Paul swallowed furiously, his face red.

The other occupants of the table were in conversation or kissing and the noise from the busy pub, hopefully, covered everything.

He looked around before pushing his lips against her ear. ‘I’d like you to wank me with your knickers.’

Martha smiled at him. ‘Of course, darling. After you’ve made me happy, of course.’

First Published 2006

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  1. Excellent story, thank you. I loved her evolution from revenge to user.

    A Coward

  2. Love these little short stories you write. The realization that the never made her come until he licked coupled with his little boy problem of ejaculating prematurely, doomed him to licking forever and getting wanked. How could he ever suggest he fuck her. Great theme!!

  3. Enjoye dthis story once again, it’s a bit of a favorite! Like all your stories, the characters are so real. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  4. I don’t see a problem here. She gets off, several times,probably.He gets a beautiful woman in extremely sexy lingerie she bought just for him to masturbate on.Now she needs to get him to clean his cum off her body,maybe another orgasm for her for the road!This is a solidlonlasting relationship.She needs to learn more about domination.He clearly needs and will come to desire her even more!