Shylock (F/m Story)


‘You’re overdue,’ Judit Burchfield said calmly.

She sat behind a large oaken desk, one of her bodyguards standing behind her and the other stood at the door. Both wore black suits and sunglasses while Judit Burchfield wore an elegant summer dress that was obviously very expensive. It looked like she was about to go to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

‘I…I know,’ I said desperately. ‘I’ve tried to find the money…I need a few more days…’

‘You’ve had a few days, Eldridge, in fact you’re overdue by nine days.’

She gave me a bleak smile.

‘I have been extraordinarily good to you, Eldridge.’

‘But,’ I promised wildly, ‘I’ll find it…’

‘Do you even know how much you now owe?’

‘Ah, I borrowed ten thousand pounds,’ I said cautiously, ‘and with interest…’

‘…and penalties, you now owe me,’ Judit said and gestured at the man who stood behind her.

‘Twenty four thousand, three hundred and twenty seven pounds,’ he supplied.

Immediately, I felt sick.

‘I don’t think, Eldridge,’ she said coldly, ‘you’ll be able to find that amount in a few days. In fact, knowing, your history, I doubt you will be able to find it in two years!’

I looked down at the floor and tried to stop my hands from shaking.

‘What about his house?’ Judit asked the man behind her as if I didn’t exist.

‘The bank has already taken it.’

‘Car? Furniture?’


She stared coldly at me and asked, ‘what about his wife?’

Ex-wife,’ the henchman supplied. She’s been gone for over a year, lives in Manchester.’

‘Pity,’ Judit Burchfield said. ‘Children?’

‘None. He’s got nothing, Ms Burchfield.’

‘Ms Burchfield,’ the other man near the door called, ‘the car is on its way.’

Judit stood and nodded.

‘Well, Eldridge, it appears you have nothing to give me except yourself.’

‘You’re…you’re going to kill me?’ I whispered, sweat dripping down my face and my body visibly trembling.

Judit Burchfield laughed.

‘Kill you? How melodramatic, although, in time you may wish I had. Take him to the Cottage.’

‘Yes, Ma’am,’ the men said, looking at me sadly as they took my arms.


The two men sat on either side of me and resisted any attempts at conversation. Occasionally, the driver would glance at me in his rear view mirror and I thought I saw pity in his eyes.

The Cottage was a large building with a semi-industrial appearance. In fact, it looked like a small office block. When the car drove into the underground car park, the electronic steel gate slamming shut behind us, I felt deathly afraid.

They were, I was convinced, going to kill me!

It was, I found out later, a far worse fate that awaited me!

By the time they pulled me from the car, I was sick with fear and they had to half carry, half drag me to the elevator. My last memory of the outside world was the driver stepping slowly from the car, lighting a cigarette as he shook his head slowly from side to side.

The elevator doors slid shut and that was it.

‘W…where are you taking me?’

They ignored me until the elevator came to a halt, the doors opened and they shoved me out into a brightly lit corridor.

Again, they half carried, half dragged me down the corridor and into a small room with only a bed and a toilet.

‘Clothes,’ one of them demanded while the other stood with arms folded against the door.


He calmly punched me in the stomach and, completely winded, I fell gasping and moaning back onto the bed.

‘Take your bloody clothes off!’

After regaining my breath, I stood and slowly began to remove my clothes.

‘Hurry up!’

He raised his hand and I instantly tore my clothes off until I was stark naked.

The other man gathered the clothes and walked from the room.

‘Lie on the bed.’

I complied and watched as he removed a pair of handcuffs from his pocket. Deftly, he cuffed my right wrist to the bed and, without a backward glance, left the room.

Minutes became hours and I lay shivering on the bed, naked and feeling very vulnerable.

Of course, I was also completely terrified!


Time dragged on and I looked up with hope when the door opened.

A woman in a white medical coat, black skirt and heels walked in. Her dark hair wound into a bun and she coldly examined me through fashionable glasses.

Immediately, I was conscious of my nakedness and moved my free hand down to cover my genitals.

‘Don’t bother,’ she said in a bored tone, ‘I am a doctor and I’ve seen many a penis in my days. Most, I might add, substantially bigger than yours.’

‘W…where am I?’

She raised an eyebrow at that and just smiled coldly.

‘Things like that are no longer relevant to you. You will soon cease to exist.’

‘Y…you’re going to kill me?’ I shrieked and she smiled again.

‘No, not really, although you will cease to exist as you do now.’

The door opened and Judit Burchfield walked in. She was dressed exactly the same and I guessed the social function she had hurried away to had finished. It was, I guessed, in the early hours of the morning.

They nodded to each other and then the doctor readied a hypodermic.

‘No!’ I shrieked trying to curl up so she couldn’t inject me.

Calmly and very efficiently, she jabbed my thigh and emptied the contents of the syringe into my blood stream.

‘A muscle relaxant,’ the doctor said to Judit. ‘It will prevent him making a scene.’

‘How fast does it work, Elaine?’

Elaine looked at me and smiled.

‘He is completely immobilised now and cannot speak.’

‘He understands?’

‘Of course.’

‘Good,’ Judit said with a sharp smile, ‘I want him to know what’s in store for him.’

I blinked at her and tried to move and cry out but both actions were now impossible.

I was sunk!

‘Eldridge,’ Judit said calmly, ‘I always get my money and I am prepared to invest a few more thousand to modify you before selling you to a client who has specific tastes.’


What do you want done?’ Elaine asked and I saw she had produced a notebook and pen.

Sell me?


Judit took a step closer and looked me over.

‘Firstly, I want him hairless – permanently!’

I blinked and tried to speak but could not.

‘What about his eyebrows?’ Elaine asked, scribbling in her notebook.

‘Remove them.’

‘No eyebrows,’ Elaine repeated to confirm the instruction, ‘and completely hairless everywhere. Next?’’

‘Remove vocal chords.’

‘Remove or do you just want him rendered speechless.’

‘You can do that without removing the chords?’

‘Of course. Do you want him to be able to grunt?’

Judit looked at me and, horrified, I helplessly waited for her answer.

‘No. The client wants him to be completely silent.’

Elaine nodded and scribbled in her notebook.

‘Can you lengthen the tongue?’

‘Yes, probably by an extra inch or two.’

‘Do so and pierce it with three studs.’

‘Vertical or horizontal?’


Terrified, my heart thumping, I listened to this litany of bizarre modifications and silently pleaded with my eyes for mercy.

Judit pointed at my cock.

‘Can you shrink that?’

‘Yes. Or should I remove it?’

‘No, the client wants him to have a cockette so she can play and tease him, perhaps cause pain to it and the balls. I believe she enjoys erotic acupuncture. Shrink it.’

‘How small?’

‘I think it should be two inches when erect.’

I couldn’t believe what they were saying and I tried to move, to scream but my body refused to obey my fevered instructions.

‘Seal the penis in a permanent metal tube with just the head showing.’

‘Length of the tube?’

‘To fit the penis when erect but very, very tightly, so it is uncomfortable. Also, it will ensure he will, of course, be unable to orgasm.’

‘Your client has a wicked imagination.’

‘She is very specific, that is why it’s taken a while to find the appropriate candidate. He,’ she said, gesturing at me, ‘will not be missed. Now, where were we?’

‘Seal the penis in the tube,’ Elaine recited from her notes, ‘a tube that will allow limited erection but no orgasms. That’s how I’ve written it.’

‘Excellent. And pierce the head.’

‘Does the client have specific instructions for the piercing? Is a ring required or a bolt?’

‘A ring with a bell.’

‘How amusing.’

I tried to move again, to escape this madhouse but I was helpless.

‘Did I mention his teeth?’

Elaine shook her head.

‘Remove them all.’

‘The client is aware he will be confined to a liquid diet?’ Elaine asked.

Judit nodded.

‘Yes, she understands. Remove all his teeth.’


Please, don’t do this!

This must be a joke to teach me a lesson.

I’ve learned, I really have, I’m sorry!


Judit pointed at my chest and stomach.

‘Can you make him more toned and muscular?’

‘With protein injections, electrical stimulants when he is unconscious we can sculpture his body. I’ll need specifications.’

‘I’ll contact the client and get detailed specifications. I’ll email them to you.’

‘Thank you.’

Judit pointed at my hands.

‘Remove his thumbs. She wants him handicapped so he can’t escape.’

‘We could fuse his fingers together after the thumb amputations. That would make it even more difficult for him.’

‘Interesting concept; I’ll check with client and email you her instructions.’

‘All right.’


‘And make it impossible for him to stand. She wants him to crawl everywhere.


Please, no!

‘That’s easily done. Any thing else?’

‘Mental conditioning.’

‘In what way?’

‘She wants an oral expert, one who loves to give sexual service. I want him to crave licking and sucking his Owner to orgasm while he, of course, is not allowed the privilege of sexual release.’

‘Male or female?’

‘Both, but he has to be an expert on pussy licking as well as anal oral servitude. The client wants the best so he must have an efficient and innovative approach. As he will have no teeth, men will also be able to use him by simply fucking his face but it will be useful, a bonus if you will, if he can suck men as well.’

‘Do you want him to enjoy it?’

Judit looked at me with cold eyes.

‘No, he must hate it but is still compelled to do it. I want him to love licking his owner’s pussy and anus but he must feel self-disgust, even though he craves her vagina. He must also be conditioned to obey the client in every way.’

‘I’ll give you a keyword which the client simply says when she meets him and he will completely obey her.’


Judit smiled at me.

‘You will be very valuable when Elaine has finished with you. You will return your debt plus the cost of the modifications and a handsome profit. If you are lucky, your new owner may grow tired of you after a few years. She may have you put down or sold to someone else. Enjoy your life, however short it may be.’

Judit stood up and then suddenly thought of something so she bent down again.

‘Why, revenge,’ Judit quoted. ‘The villany you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.’

She smiled into my frantic eyes.

‘Shakespeare, my dear Eldridge. Think on that for the rest of your life!’

She turned and smiled at Elaine.

‘Let’s have a drink. I always celebrate when I conclude a successful business transaction.’

One Year later.

I wait patiently in my cage. It is large enough for me to lie down and the door is closed but never locked.

The round handle taunts me, as I knew if I had the correct use of my hands, I could easily turn the handle and escape.

However, without thumbs or independent fingers, I can’t.

I tried repeatedly during the first few weeks when I arrived at this estate but my modified hands make me clumsy and useless.

The door is opened electronically from the house by my owner when she wants me awake. Once that occurred, I knew what my routine was so I patiently lay on the floor of the cage, waiting for the loud “click” and for the cage door to swing open.

My owner is obviously very wealthy as the house is large and the grounds stretch for quite a way to the high brick wall that surrounds it.

Of course, I don’t know where I am, what city or even what country. My owner always gives me instructions in English but, once, I thought I heard her speaking in an Eastern European language on the telephone.

But I couldn’t be sure.

I sensed the buzz in the wire and then the click rang loudly in the shed where my cage is kept.

The door swung open slowly and I crawled from the cage and went immediately to the wall where my nourishment is kept.

Two large bottles are mounted upside down on the wall – one filled with water and the other with liquid food. Both bottles are constructed of a shiny metal and the necks are sculptured to represent hard cocks.

My owner knew I hated sucking cocks so she made me suck a facsimile everyday to gain water and nourishment. I slipped my large lips around the head of the water cock and began to suck, filling my toothless mouth with refreshing water.

The tiny bell that hung from the piercing in the head of my cockette tingled as I sucked, moving with the exertion. Of course, my cockette was hard, it has been hard everyday and the metal sheath that encloses it grips it tightly.

I have become somewhat resigned to the fact that I will never orgasm and that I am destined to be constantly and intensely aroused, almost insane with a deep sexual frustration.

Mistress realises that and, I know, loves it!

Perhaps, she will follow through on her threat to geld me. I am in such a state now that the idea of castration is somewhat attractive.

Once I have sucked enough food and water from the two metal cocks, I crawl to the doggy door in the door of the shed and push through to the outside. It is another beautiful day and once again, I wonder where I am.

The temperatures are always mild, although for a period it was quite hot so I guessed that had been summer, and there is almost a tropical feeling to the air.

I obviously was not in Eastern Europe and I wondered if I was on an island somewhere.

Crawling over the manicured lawns, I made my way to the pet area at the rear. A high wood fence encloses it and, once again, I crawled through the pet door in the gate. The gate is not locked but I can not use the handle.

There was a large sandbox to one side and I crawled onto it to relive myself as I had done countless times before.

Then, digging with my useless hands I covered my excrement with sand before crawling to the cleaning faucet.

This was again, shaped like a large penis and I turned around, aiming my arse at the faucet before pressing down on the sensor plate mounted on the path.

A jet of cold water hit me and I moved around so it could clean me thoroughly.

Mistress did not like me going into the house dirty and would punish me terribly if I did.

I crawled back to the lawn and found a spot where the warm breeze would dry me off before crawling through the pet door in the back door to the house.

I gazed up at the long stairs that led to her bedroom, hoping she was alone and that one of her lovers did not stay the night.

Mistress enjoys watching me suck cock, knowing I despise it and once, she had one of her lovers take me anally with his morning erection.

I had felt nothing but self-loathing and disgust as he used me while Mistress laughed and clapped hands with enjoyment at the sight of my predicament.

The door to her large bedroom was open and I crawled in softly, trying to see up onto the bed but I couldn’t.

I heard movement in the bed as I took my place next to it.

Mistress dropped her hand down and I suckled lovingly on her fingers, tasting her, feeling the long fingernails against my gums and pierced tongue.

The hand withdrew and I felt a sense of loss as I crouched on all fours on the floor next to her bed.

Was she alone in the bed?

Her bare feet swung down in front of me and she patted me on my bald head as she walked past. I knew where she was going and I crawled slowly after her.

Mistress was already seated on the toilet when I entered the bathroom and I heard the tinkle of her urine as she relieved herself.

Once, I had taken things like toilets for granted. Now, I longed for things I could no longer have.

She finished, clicked her fingers and I hurriedly pushed my head between her thighs to clean her, to wipe any remaining drops.

I loved her cunt!

Everyday, I looked forward to licking it, to being near it and even though I knew it was the mental conditioning, I still wanted it.

Mistress stood and walked from the toilet, leaving me to flush it by pushing the sensor plate on the floor with my deformed hand.

She was already in bed when I crawled back into the bedroom and I waited at the foot of the bed for her command.


Her voice is musical and soft, not at all harsh or commanding. I am bound to obey her and she does not need to assume a strong voice. It is crueller, I think, that she commands me with warmth and even tenderness.

I crawled up the end of the bed and under the covers towards her.

Her legs are bent, pushing the covers up and her thighs are parted.

Eagerly, I push forward and envelop my face in her soft, warm pussy.

I tickled her with my studded tongue and I feel her shiver with delight.

This is my place.

This is now my world until Mistress grows tired of me and disposes of me in some way.

This is all I have, all I need.

This is my life.

First Published 2007

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  1. Cruel! All your short stories are great but this one moves the heat up a notch!

  2. I have been reading femdom stories for as long as anyone.
    To be able to titillate one’s imagination without any
    Ward or Stanton illustrations; is quite challenging.
    You are the best of them all. Thank you for putting these
    stories on your blog.
    Obviously, some of us can’t afford to join websites no
    matter how good they are.

    • Thank you, David. There is no joining fee for this website. Just the small price of each e-book of your choise when downloaded. Everything else is free. There is no advertising on the site as well. There are many other free stories here as well as the first chapters (previews) of many books

  3. Brillant. You captured what i desire to be: Her unconditional sex kitten.

  4. I can’t see how a women would find such a freak appealing at all let alone sexually appealing and not be repulsed by it. I suppose if you are into some sort of perverse bestiality this sort of thing could be a fantasy, but like so much fetish erotica it goes so far (for me) that I can’t see the pull of such freakishness.

    Definitely not my idea of a captive control sex slave who was modified to “perfection”. Different strokes.

    I don’t care for that lady~ hahaha

  5. Miss Diaz, you are, in my humble opinion, (if not the best) one of the best Femdom writers EVER!
    Thank you for all your work and may you keep creating for many years to come!