The Reputation of a Man (F/m Story)

I was running late but what did I care? I was, after all, the guest of honour! Almost 2,000 of the rich and famous were sipping cocktails in the foyer of the building named after me, waiting for my presence.

It was an important event as I was about to name the firm of architects who would design the tallest building in the city. The competition was now down to two firms of architects and the press had been running hot with speculation. I love publicity!

It was satisfying to be the most important man in the most important city in the entire world!

I rode my private elevator up to the top floor and hurried through the security doors to penthouse office. Uncharacteristically, my personal assistant, Edith, was not at her desk.

Stupid bitch! I told her to make sure my dinner suit was laid out!

Striding through my expansive office with the multi-million dollar views, I found my dinner suit, shirt and shoes neatly arranged on the bed in my private area.

At least she’s done her job for once!

The private office was off limits to everyone without my explicit permission. I used the bed for short naps or daytime trysts with willing, pliable young women who found money to be the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world!

 After a quick shower and shave in my bathroom, I walked naked into the private area and picked up my starched white dinner shirt.

‘Don’t bother,’ a female voice said, ‘you won’t need that!’

I whirled and saw a young woman dressed in a stunning short cocktail dress that hugged her voluptuous figure. It was a stylish dress in a black material that clung to her curves and, even though her cleavage was dangerously revealed, she still managed to exude an air of elegance combined with sensuality.

Her shoulder length blonde hair was arranged naturally and shone in the overhead lights as did the gold earrings, chocker and bracelet. My eyes fell to her long, lithe legs sheathed in gleaming black nylon and the expensive Manolo high heel shoes.

‘If I’ve passed the inspection,’ she said with a small laugh, ‘perhaps you should look at my hand.’

Her right hand held a small pistol and was steadily aimed at me!

‘Do you know how to use that?’ I asked, holding the shirt in front of me, glad that my voice was composed.

‘Yes,’ she answered calmly, ‘I do. Surprisingly, I have enjoyed an extensive military career.’ She smiled prettily. ‘I won’t hesitate to kill you, not for one tiny second!’

‘You’re British!’

Again, she smiled but I noticed the pistol remained steady.

‘How observant! I don’t know why everyone thinks you are the stupidest and most arrogant man on the planet!’

I flushed.

‘What do you want? Money?’ I sneered. ‘Is this some lame kidnap attempt? Do you think you’ll be able to get me out of this building?’ I snorted derisively. ‘You picked the wrong time to snatch me, baby, there are over 2,000 people downstairs plus the waiters, cooks and security guards, not to mention the media camped outside. How do you expect to get me out of here?’

‘There you go,’ she said with mocking smile, ‘demonstrating just how stupid you are. You assume kidnapping when I could be here just to kill you.’

I blinked and her eyes grew cold as she raised the pistol and aimed it at me.

‘No! Don’t…’

Frozen, I could only watch as she squeezed the trigger!

I heard a dull pop! And then felt a stinging sensation at my throat.

‘Pleasant dreams,’ I vaguely heard her say before I fell into darkness.

My mouth felt incredibly dry and I also felt a little light-headed when I opened my eyes. She was seated in front of me, one long leg crossed over the other and smiling as I blinked owlishly at her.

A quick glance told me we were in my office and I was in one of the leather arm chairs. As reality sunk in, I quickly realised that my arms were bound tightly behind me and that I was still naked.

‘Sleeping boy is awake at last,’ she said. ‘Perhaps I gave you too much tranquiliser. You’ll feel light-headed for a while but that’s the least of your worries.’

‘Wh…what do…do you…how much do you want?’

My hands were bent behind me at an excruciating angle to my shoulder blades in a most uncomfortable position and, after testing the bonds, I realised I was very effectively restrained. Glancing down, I saw leather straps around each leg just above the knee and the straps were connected to a silver metal bar approximately two feet in length.

‘How much, you ask? Are you trying to post a counter offer?’ She smiled thinly and idly played with her left earring.

‘Counter offer?’

‘I’ve already been paid rather well to destroy you, Donald.’

‘De…destroy me? You plan to kill me?’

Kill you?’ She laughed prettily, stood up and walked towards me carrying a small black ladies shoulder bag. ‘Oh, no, Donald, I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to do much worse.’ She leaned closer and I smelled Dior. ‘I’m going to destroy your reputation and power. Now, be a good boy and stand up.’

‘Go fuck yourself!’

‘Do I look like the kind of girl who needs to fuck herself, Donny? I can have my pick of young handsome men. I certainly wouldn’t fuck an overweight, balding, conceited old man like you!’

I flushed and glare at her.

‘I’m fifty…’

‘As I said, old! And that,’ she said disdainfully, pointing at my cock, ‘is a little bit small for my taste. Now stand up!’

‘Fuck off!’

She sighed and produced a rectangular object from the bag.

‘I had hoped I wouldn’t have to use this, Donny.’

She jabbed the object against my throat and I shrieked as electricity coursed through me, generating a sharp, agonising pain.

Thankfully, she removed the object after a few seconds but I was still shuddering and gasping from the pain.

‘That was on the lowest voltage,’ she said serenely. ‘The highest voltage will cause pain unlike you’ve ever experienced, especially if I press it against your balls. Now, stand up!’

Unsteadily, I stood up. It was difficult with my hands bound painfully behind me and the bar between my knees pushed my knees apart a little more than usual.

‘I’ll pay whatever you want,’ I croaked. ‘There is no limit…’

‘How nice of you, but I must refuse; I’m being paid rather well by my employer and, besides, I don’t switch employers mid-operation. That wouldn’t be ethical and my reputation is rather important to me. I’m going to gag you now,’ she said producing a pink ball gag from the shoulder bag, ‘so I suggest you open your mouth.’

‘Who are you? What…’

‘Who am I?’ She stopped and laughed. ‘My initials are YWN.’

Yolanda? Yvonne?


 ‘Don’t try to strain your tiny brain, Donny, I’ll tell you what the initials stand for. Your Worst Nightmare! Now open your mouth!’

‘What are you going to do? Please…’

‘I’m going to destroy you. Men like you operate through money and fear. When people no longer fear you, when they laugh at you, your power will vanish no matter how much money you have. Now open your mouth or do I have to fry you little balls?’

Reluctantly, I opened my mouth and she pushed the gag in. As she buckled it tightly around my head, a bitter taste invaded my mouth and I felt helpless.

‘Keep still,’ she said and, to my horror, produced a battery power shaver from her bag and knelt down.

I gurgled into the gag as she calmly removed my pubic hair, her fingers caressing my balls as she worked and my cock immediately became hard.

‘How nice,’ she giggled as the shaver buzzed, ‘you seem to approve of my barber skills.’

The buzzing died and she stood up to admire her handiwork. Horrified, I stared down at my now denuded pubic region with my erect cock proudly standing tall.

‘Now, one more thing,’ she said, almost to herself as she rummaged in the bag.

Drool ran from my mouth and, futilely, I tried to escape my bonds but it was hopeless.

I watched as she produced a small leather harness with thin straps joined to a silver ring.

‘Stand still, we don’t want to hurt you balls and your little dick, do we?’

She giggled and I could only stare as she fitted my balls through the silver ring and then used the straps to pull my cock and balls up and then buckled the strap around my waist.

‘There,’ she said with satisfaction, ‘that stiffy of yours is pulled up so everyone can see it. You may have guessed the knee rod is to prevent you closing your legs to stop people having a good look at your little stiffy.’

People! What people?

I gurgled in the gag frantically.

 She smiled and pulled a chair closer so she could sit in front of me.

‘Now, let’s pay attention to your little dicky!’

Afraid, I stared down as she reached out with her slender hand, red fingernail polish shining in the lights as I feared she was going to hurt me. Instead, her hand lightly brushed under my cock and then slowly caressed it, before dropping to rub my balls.

I groaned into the gag and she continued to tease and tickle me, always bringing me to the edge and then just pulling back until I was panting into the gag and trembling. I moaned, thrust and whimpered, feeling such a deep arousal, a tremendous wave of desire wash over me.

‘I suppose you’d like me to pull you off or suck you. I suppose you’ve forced many women to get down on their knees and suck you. But, not tonight, Donald, not tonight!’

Her fingers continued to torment me.

‘There,’ she said, smiling at my cock as she tickled, ‘nice and hard and leaking just a little. Don’t worry, this stiffy of yours won’t go down for ages. The harness, combined with the special drug I soaked the gag in, will ensure you’ll remain stiff and upright for many hours or at least until you spurt. No, you’re going to be hard and upright for everyone to see.’

I was going insane with the touch of her fingers that were amplified by the drug she had given me on the gag. Her fingers, hand, thumbs brushed over my cock and balls, tickling, teasing and turning me into a lust filled animal.

She stood up and smiled directly into my face as I shivered with an intense arousal. My entire body quivered with it and I felt like my cock was the hardest it had ever been, so hard and aroused, my cock felt tight as if it was going to burst!

‘I’m going to take you downstairs and push you through the elevator doors to meet your 2,000 guests. I understand there are social climbers, celebrities your colleagues, employees and competitors, not to mention your first three wives and members of the two firms of architects. Oh, and I think it was so nice of you to arrange for the media to be there. They were supposed to wait outside but a friend has thoughtfully allowed them in through the side door.’

I shouted into the gag but my pleas and curses were completely unintelligible!

She moved behind me and I felt her roughly buckling something around my throat.

‘This is a posture collar,’ I heard her say, ‘it will force you to look straight ahead so you won’t be able to look away. You want to make sure the media and all those people with camera phones get your best side, don’t we?’ She giggled and I felt sick! ‘You’ll be a media sensation tomorrow! You’ll appear on every news broadcast throughout the world! And, the uncensored photographs will be on the internet! People will see your hard dicky and know what a little, kinky man you really are! People will find it hard to believe that the powerful tycoon likes to be tied up and teased but the evidence will be plain to see!’

I tried to turn my head to beg her not to do this but I could not move. It was as she had claimed; I could not look anywhere but straight ahead.

Her hand pushed the centre of my back, just below my bound arms.

‘Bend over!’

My protests were reduced to grunts and her hand pressed more firmly.

‘Do you want some voltage?’

Trembling with fear and growing humiliation, I reluctantly bent forward.

Shamefully, I felt her push something into my anus. It wasn’t large and ceased penetrating once it was inside the entrance.

‘That’s a good boy. Now stand up.’

She buckled something to the straps that bound my arms in their painful position and I felt something sharp tug at my anus.

‘I’ve put a small hook in your arse,’ she said in that lofty British accent, ‘and connected it to your arms. If you keep upright, there will be no problem but if you attempt to bend over to hide your proud little dicky, I’m afraid you’ll receive a sharp pain inside your back door.’ She laughed softly. ‘I’m such a nasty bitch, aren’t I? I suppose that’s why I earn the big money!’

She walked in front of me so I could see her and, giving me a soft smile, she put things away in her bag.

‘I think we should go. It’s extremely rude to keep guests waiting, no matter how wealthy you are.’

I screamed into the gag and tried to move away, tried to escape but the rod that held my knees apart, forced me to move slowly so she easily stepped close to me.

‘I can shock you now,’ she said steadily, forcing me to look into her eyes. ‘I’m an expert. You’ll experience pain but you won’t pass out and your stiffy won’t go down! Believe me, after that, you’ll be begging me to parade you in front of your guests.’

I felt weak with shame and, what was worse, I was trembling with a sexual arousal I had not felt for a long time! My cock was, I was sure pointing skyward and I felt like I was about to burst.

‘Now, walk forward, Donald, walk towards the door.’

My head spun from humiliation and arousal as I stepped forward. Each step caused the cock harness to squeeze my balls and jiggle my hard cock, sending shivers of excitement through me. The hook tugged softly at my rear and the combined sensations made me almost swoon with desperate lust.

She stopped me in front of the large mirror next to the door and I felt immediately sick.

I looked ridiculous!

My hard cock was clearly exposed as the knee rod forced me to assume an open legged stance and, of course, I could not bend forward.

My bald cock was obscenely hard and she smiled at my reflection as her finger slightly caressed it, tickling my balls until I was panting into the gag, my chest heaving with the sexual tension.

‘I don’t think you’ll be able to play the arrogant tycoon again, Donald,’ she said lightly as her soft hands caressed my aching cock. ‘You won’t be able to look anyone in the eyes again as you will know they’re all laughing at you, that they’ve all seen your stiff little cock, that they’ve seen you so vulnerable. I believe men think it is terrible to be naked with an erection while everyone around them is fully clothed. It must be so humiliating. Perhaps you can tell me afterwards if it was terribly humiliating. I could give you a call; but then again, perhaps not!’

She laughed softly again and withdrew her hand, leaving me trembling on the edge of bursting!

My cock was red and rigid, pulled up by the harness and, to my shame, I saw a thin stream of pre-cum leaking from its swollen head. My shaven balls looked plump and vulnerable and I wanted to come or die right there, I didn’t care which.

‘I think your dicky is about five inches and that’s after I’ve pumped you full of my special elixir. People are going to see you’re not such a big man after all.’

She opened the office door and I whimpered in fear, holding back.

Her hand closed around my balls and painfully tugged. With no choice open to me, I shuffled forward in my open-legged gait, trying to keep from vomiting into my gag.

No! No! Please don’t do this to me!

Her hand remained on my balls and, with her perfume mixing with the smell of my sweat and fear, I sluggishly followed her. Every step made my cock jiggle and the hook tug and those actions teased me even more.

‘Come on, Donny,’ she giggled, leading me by the balls to the doors of my private elevator.

No! Please, god no!

I whimpered into the gag, tryingto pull back but her rough tugging at my sensitive balls forced me to follow her into the elevator.

 Each elevator wall was a mirror and I was forced to look at my reflection as the evil woman gaily punched the button for the foyer where my guests were gathered and then punched the button for the basement garage.

‘I have a friend waiting so I won’t be able to stay around for your performance but,’ she said leaning close to tickle my balls, ‘I’m sure you’ll be an absolute smash!’

She giggled and the doors closed with a chime.

My heart pounded wildly and my cock trembled and ached. My nervous system was stretched taut as I constantly quivered on the edge of orgasm and to my shame, I could see in the reflection that a long stream of pre-cum hung from my pulsing cock!

I want to die!

She hummed softly as the elevator began to move and I wavered unsteadily on my feet.

Please, god, give me a heart attack right now!

 Then, she moved behind me and pushed me forward so I stood facing the doors.

Her hand stroked my back and I whimpered into the gag at her soft, sensuous touch, quivering on the edge of coming.

‘I think you’re so hot, so ready to crack, Donny,’ she said conversationally, ‘that’ll you come the moment someone touches you. God, that will be embarrassing, won’t it!’

She laughed and I watched the floors light up as the elevator moved down.

She’s going to do it!

‘This is the sort of thing men have nightmares about but you’re going to experience it for real!’

She can’t!

Please, no!

 The elevator stopped and I gurgled and whimpered into the gag as the car settled.

‘Show time,’ she whispered in my ear as the doors slid open.

With a brutal shove, she sent me forward and I stood in the middle of a very shocked crowd. I could not escape their eyes as they stared at me, some horrified and others, I could see were amused once the surprise had dissipated.

I knew they were looking at my hard cock, standing upright and quivering for all to see!

I heard the elevator doors close behind me as a storm of flashguns erupted from the media and excited cries erupted from the crowd.

Edith, my assistant ran forward. Her eyes displaying a mixture of concern and amusement, and her soft hands touched my shoulder.


She said no more as I erupted into a shuddering, explosive orgasm! My cock spewed forth without a touch, with out any help and I ejaculated helplessly, shivering and shuddering, spewing come into the air, in front of 2,000 people and the eyes of the entire world!

Weeping, I stood with my eyes closed, trying to escape, trying to flee the eyes that stared at me but it was no use. I could still hear the giggles and then the open laughter that soon filled the foyer. I was sobbing into my gag as the security men covered me in a blanket and led me away.

A man, in the end, only has his reputation and mine had been ruthlessly destroyed.

Who ever had paid her to do that to me must hate me completely, hate me so much they sent the woman instead of killing me. Killing me would have been the easy way out.

I wish they had taken the easy way.

First Published 2007

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  1. Great story! It’s been a while since I read this and its still great!

  2. OMG! Shivers! So cruel but well written! You have a gift, Ms Diaz.

  3. Great.

    I only wish she would have also put him in a garter belt, stockings and high heels.

    • Must admit, did not think of that! Good idea, though. And thanks everyone for the nice comments for such an old story.

  4. This story still does it for me 🙂 Another great work!!