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  1. Hello,

    I was honoured to find some of my old images on your websites.

    Feel free to add some more recent you may find at


    (you may have to create an account, then login and then click again on this link to go directly in my gallery)

    or others are on

    No account or login needed

    cheers from

    • Thank you. Will look at the new ones.

      • i would like to see dct flatts sexy painting of woman
        pinning boys i am having a hard time logging in to woman vs boy can you please show the woman pinning the boy at camp this one is most sexy and i believe

  2. i think flatt is the best spanking artist ever…id lov to email him…can you pass on my email to him…

  3. Thanks for your comment Jay, you can get the illustration here


  4. I would like to thank dct flatt for his art and genorousity. I don’t know if this message got through to him because it dissapeared before i clicked the send box . the message is that the illustration about woman pinning boy at camp was not the one i had in mind . if dct flatt could send to schoolgirl pin group the image of woman pinnig boy at camp where he tells a story of 11 yr old boy stealing from a trailor home. thats the one. Thank you!