Monday: Post 2 of 6 – Kulturschlag

Is she in a stable or somewhere? Just the dress to wear in those surrounds! A cheeky sheer dress. Should she have waxed a little more? The rear view was posted last November (see below).

4 Notes Monday: Post 2 of 6 – Kulturschlag

  1. Perhaps she has been to watch her ponies (species: Homo-equus) being exercised?

    • Perhaps you’re right Phil?

      For a stables it’s not TERRIBLY practical wear … in that environment a pair of knee-length boots [Preferably water-proof] joddies and a wax jacket would be much more sensible.

      But when she looks like that who would care? [Most horsey women in Yorkshire aren’t even in the same league!] I’d happily hand-wash whatever she’s wearing … and her too if she wanted!


  2. Thank you for bringing back this goddess – I was transfixed by the previous view of her perfect bottom and the front is no less devastating. Personally, I think her darling little bush looks charming under that amazing dress and is an indicator of this girl’s disdain for the conventional – a genuine stunner!

  3. Brian: you have said everything that needs to be said.