Saturday: Post 3 of 6 – FemDom Art

Bruce Baker has nice composition and colours in his forced femme art. This is a good example except not much of a fan of the silly harness the Dom is wearing. Don’t really understand the point and even the most obscure fashion has to have a point! From an artistic point of view, could understand the harness might help make him more dominant and manly. However, not in this case! Still, I can be a little pedantic sometimes, so just ignore me and enjoy.

2 Notes Saturday: Post 3 of 6 – FemDom Art

  1. Perhaps the one with the harness isn’t the dom but just another male controlled by the woman holding the leash. Then the silly harness becomes a symbol of his subjugation to she, who must be obeyed!

    • I do believe that Richard is on to something here – My thinking is that the female o the bed with the leash is control of the sub – forcing him/her to wear the chastity device and bring in the the male as one to be serviced. The Domme in no ways intends for the control to be given up, but that the sub feels more lowly unable to get erect, becoming a cuckhold, and the Domme has the sub shackled to the bed post.

      Interesting picture – nice flowing hair and the features are very soft and feminine for all.