Monday: Post 3 of 6 – Fetish Peeks

Tethered outside in the sun to wait until she decides it is time to return to the house. Perhaps sheโ€™s occupied indoors and wanted him out of the way for a while. Heโ€™s not going anywhere.

4 Notes Monday: Post 3 of 6 – Fetish Peeks

  1. I just LOVE to be bound … left powerless and helpless … there’s nothing you can do BUT wait in submission to further submit to her will … but I’m ‘sub’ so that’s hardly surprising!

    Time just seems to stand still when you have no reference point: especially when masked or hooded. On top of the apparently endless wait is the psychological impact of not knowing when she’ll return and thren even further uncertainty. When she does return will she release you or simply rearrange you in even tighter bondage? Will she be kind or will she be cruel … or will she be both together?

    It’s not possible to know and being tethered, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it … and I LOVE it! Our last session was on Saturday [See ‘Recent Notes’ – ‘Wicked’s not the word’] and I just can’t wait until the next time … though obviously I’ll just have to!

    I’ve never been bound or tethered outside however. It’s an interesting possibility though not practical here. If Madame left me tethered in a comparable position in our garden, I’d be fully visible from about five different houses [Out in the countryside, houses are either miles apart or piled on top of one another and here they’re the latter!]

    OK in the sunshine I suppose if you have a secluded spot, but not with a north-easterly coming round the side of the house. The lucky boy’s obviously got a considerate Mistress as she’s provided a matt for him to stand on!

    What will she do next and when will she do it??? He’ll just have to wait to find out won’t he … LUCKY BOY!


  2. Suburban; i am sure you are right about living in the wrong part of the world. Vancouver may be a better bet. if you check out the astonishing site , click the JG-L Articles tab and then scroll down to Page 47 Training Angel-Part One you can enjoy some amazing goings -on in his back garden. He must have some very understanding and/or broad minded neighbours! I mean – if you or I did that in our respective parts of the UK, we would be front page news!

    • Having your trailer knicked from outside the garage is enough to get you on the front page of the local rag in these parts – goodness knows what they’d make of a male submissive being tethered, naked in his own back garden !!!

      [Heart attacks all round probably!]


    • Phil,

      The JG-Leathers pages you indicate are AMAZING! But why is HE doing that to HER … SHE should be doing that to HIM !!!

      [At least it looks a warmn day … something to be thankful for!]