1.Life With Gina.

(From Plastered! Book 1)
‘Did you enjoy that?’ Gina asked as she undid the leather and Velcro straps that held my wrists to our bed.
‘You know I did,’ I murmured, exhausted mentally and physically by the sexual gymnastics.
‘You certainly came with a bang,’ she laughed and I flexed my wrists.
My hands were a little sore from being tied to the bed for over three hours but it had been worth it.
Boy, had it been worth it!
‘So did you.’
‘The first or second orgasm?’ Gina giggled and gently kissed my forehead.
Gina had forced me eat her pussy for hours until she came. I did it willingly as I enjoyed experiencing my submissive side and loved it when Gina took control.
Besides, I could hardly protest when I was in bondage!
After her first orgasm, Gina enjoyed a glass of wine, sitting by the bed and giggling at my predicament and my stiff cock!
There was no doubt that Gina was the ultimate tease!
She had dipped her long finger in the glass of wine and gently outline my mouth, stroking my lips with it. That was all the wine I got and Gina loved teasing me.
And I loved her doing it!
A favourite trick of hers was to gently rub my balls and inner thighs. Soft touches that drove me crazy but, of course, she never touched my cock! Sometimes, Gina leaned forward, her mouth so teasingly close to my quivering cock and cooed, ‘so hard and so shiny with that gooey stuff! Leaking but not coming!’
She blew hot breath on my needy cock and giggled.
After her wine and a little teasing, she had ridden my face for the second time until she enjoyed her second orgasm.
Of course, Gina completely ignored my cock. She did not touch it once!
We both knew I came too quickly once she had teased and denied me for a while. Besides, Gina didn’t seem that keen for penetrative sex, preferring my mouth on her pussy above everything else.
Gina and I had a good relationship. In fact, sometimes I told myself we had the perfect relationship.
Sometimes, I could not believe that I had found a woman like Gina.
I had a bad history before Gina. After a few relationships, which had imploded when I had haltingly my “girlfriend’ asked to experiment with a little dominance, I had decided to tell the truth!
I had been honest from the beginning with Gina.
It was, I had discovered, the best way – be upfront about my kinky desires so the woman can make the decision to toss me aside without involvement. I had vowed not to hide my desires, that there was nothing to be ashamed of. Many men have submissive fetishes!
Of course, most women did toss me aside, some quite rudely but I continued to convince myself that honesty was the best policy!
Gina and I met at brunch hosted by some acquaintances from my office. She had been alone and we gravitated to each other. Why wouldn’t I? She was and remains beautiful!
Surprisingly, Gina not only immediately understood my sly, dry humour but also laughed loudly at my little quips. She was also mischievous and we returned to a nice spot under a tree in the ostentatious garden to sip orange juice and champagne.
One thing led to another and when she hinted that we should go out, I told her of some of my kinky desires.
That did not faze her. In fact, Gina thanked me for my honesty and still insisted we go out.
From then on, she had thrown herself completely into dominating and teasing me.
Gina was one sexy woman! Blonde and statuesque with a body that was achingly sexy, I still wondered what she saw in me.
She was nine years younger than I was and kept herself trim, taut and terrific while I had built a little fat around the belly.
Did I mention that I had also lost my hair when I was nineteen?
A truly traumatic experience but, thankfully, women thought the shaven head look to be powerful and macho.
Well, some did!
Truth be told, I was a little tired of trying to be the man that society expected me to be and I only truly relaxed with Gina. She was rapidly transforming into the girl of my dreams!
Still, there was always the thought that Gina would tire of my kinky ways, pine for a real man and give me the elbow!
After a year, I was still waiting for that to happen!
The first year of living together had been stupendous! The ideas for kinky scenes had flowed and Gina had surprised me with not only her willingness to try anything but with her own sly ideas!
Like tying me to our bed and teasing me for hours with dirty talk and fevered fantasies while forcing me to lick her plump pussy!
Like tonight!
After Gina released me, we had a glass of wine together – my first, her third – and cuddled on the sofa for a while.
‘You really get off on being my prisoner,’ Gina said, nestling against me.
‘Do you mind?’ I asked softly.
‘Mind? Are you joking! I love calling the shots! I mean, I get to come as often I like and I don’t have to worry about you!’
‘I know,’ I murmured, ‘but some women would want…I don’t know…more closeness?’
‘Darling, I think we are very close,’ Gina said, smiling up at me as she nestled against me.
What a beautiful face!
I should have left it there but the fear of her walking out on me drove me on.
‘But,’ I mumbled, ‘the kinky stuff must become wearing…’
‘I love it! You are such a kinky bloke! I have read all the stuff you bookmarked for me! The tease and denial, chastity belts, humiliation, cuckolding – wow! It’s opened up a new world for me!’
I smiled bravely and wondered if she was putting on a brave front.
‘I have to get up early tomorrow,’ Gina said sadly. ‘Doctor Mitchell has surgery scheduled.’
Gina was a fully qualified nurse and worked for a large medical practice operated by Doctor Susan Mitchell. Once a week, Doctor Mitchell performed elective surgery – mostly cosmetic – and Gina assisted her.
‘Do you? What’s scheduled?’
‘Tummy tucks, a bit of liposuction and, I think, one breast augmentation.’
Gina smiled slyly and cupped her breasts through the flimsy negligee she was wearing.
‘Do you think I should get a little augmentation for my girls?’ Gina teased.
‘Don’t you dare!’ I said quickly. ‘You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen!’
‘And you’ve seen a lot, Stanley?’ Gina teased.
‘Ah…no, not real ones…plenty in porn mags and videos…’
‘Those probably weren’t real,’ she said scornfully as only a woman with perfect natural breasts could say. ‘Mine are real!’
‘I know and I thank the good lord everyday!’
‘I thought you were an atheist?’
‘Only on the small things like benevolent Gods, Heaven, Hell and such shite. I become quite spiritual regarding the important things like breasts!’
Gina laughed and kissed me.
‘Let’s go to bed,’ she whispered. ‘I’ll give you another handjob before we go to sleep. You only came once while I had two orgasms!’
There was a blazing example why Gina was so lovable and sexy!
I should have been deliriously happy and, on the surface I was. Most of the time, extremely happy but at the back of my mind were those doubts!
Why is a woman like Gina with me? Sooner or later she’ll want to be shot of me!
Life was perfect but I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop!

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