Forced Into Stockings: Space Angel


I finished my shift on time and nervously tapped on the entrance to the cabin I shared with my wife, Anthea.

Due to her standing on board the ship (Anthea was Chief Navigation Officer), our sleeping quarters were quite large and comfortable. It was one of the benefits of being married to a woman from such an influential family and powerful in her right in our matriarchal society.

There was no answer so I tapped again. Anthea had complained that I was not showing her the respect due to a woman and that I was becoming tedious!

A husband should defer to his wife, it is the tradition! I will not have you correct me in front of strangers!

I wasn’t correcting…

There you go again! It is completely unacceptable! Mama warned me that marrying someone from the lower class was a mistake!

Those simple words made my blood run cold! Anthea was, as were most women, dominant and controlling with a short temper if a mere male did not measure up to their expectations.

The last time Anthea had considered my approach to be “tedious” she had dispatched me to Kryborg where I had to endure a month of chastity, teasing and submission while making sexy lingerie by hand.

I had assured her when Anthea had decided I should return to her home that I had learned my lesson well, that I would be a model husband!

It wasn’t easy pleasing her! All her life, Anthea had servants catering to her every whim and her standards were high. Anthea dictated even our lovemaking and, consequently, our sex consisted of Anthea receiving an orgasm through my oral techniques. When she had satisfied herself, she usually masturbated me by hand or insisted that I masturbate. It was a rare occasion indeed when I was allowed the privilege of sexual penetration!

There was no doubt that my wife preferred my mouth and tongue, even my fingers to my dick!

I didn’t care! I would put up with anything in our marriage as being married to such an important woman meant I had a life of relative luxury and recognition with society. I even had my job on board the Aphrodite simply because I was married to Anthea!

When Anthea was promoted to the position of Chief Navigation Officer on the Aphrodite, I was given the minor role of archive clerk, just because it was normal for senior officers to have their husbands accompany them.

I tapped on the door again but there was no answer.

‘And why are you skulking in the corridor?’

I whirled to see Colonel Piros, Commanding Officer of the detachment of Space Marines on the Aphrodite, standing near the elevator tube.

She was a tall woman – simply towered over me – and I sensed she disliked me. Perhaps she disliked all the husbands, as it was well known, Colonel Piros preferred women to men but she did seem to pick on me.

When I complained to Anthea, my wife had brushed me off that Piros probably had a crush on Anthea and therefore, hated me because I was married to her.

Now, just being around Colonel Piros made me nervous!

‘Just going to my quarters, Ma’am,’ I stammered.

Your quarters?’

She raised an eyebrow and I immediately felt a flicker of fear.

‘My wife’s quarters,’ I stammered. ‘Not mine, of course but my wife’s…’

‘Stop whining! If you’re looking for your wife, she is on the navigation deck. Of course,’ Piros said with a smirk, ‘you can’t go up there, can you?’

‘No, Ma’am,’ I murmured, hoping Piros would tire of goading me and leave me alone.

‘You’ll just have to wait until Anthea returns,’ Piros said with another smirk and I felt another twinge of fear.

Piros knows something!

Two marines marched towards us, stopped smartly and saluted. They were big men, especially genetically modified for the role of foot soldier in space. Muscular, broad shoulders and not too intelligent, they were renowned for their fighting strength and determination.

‘Yes?’ Piros snapped.

‘Sergeant Becker wishes to inform the colonel that the squads are ready for inspection, Ma’am!’

They shouted in unison and I grimaced slightly as my ears rang.

‘Very good, soldiers,’ Piros said to the marines and she smiled coldly at me.

‘You should check the announcement screen in the canteen!’

Another nagging jolt of fear but I knew better than ask her for more information. She strode away with the two marines marching behind her. As the doors silently closed behind her, I walked anxiously towards the canteen.


There were a few members of the crew in the canteen. Mostly women but there were a few male members. Of course, the men did the lowliest jobs or were in the military sections as women filled all of the important positions.

In the corner of the canteen, I saw a Space Angel sitting alone. She was small, pretty enough and her hair was bright red. Her eyes met mine and then, when she recognised the marriage rings hanging from my left ear, looked away. There was no point in her “entertaining” a married crewmember as the crewmember could not take the Angel back to their quarters.

Anyway, Angels were there for the enjoyment of single crewmembers only.

As Angels had no official position on the ship, they had no private quarters and had to find a single person willing to take them for a sleeping shift. It was, I thought, a sad and desperate life.

Two male clerks were looking at the screen and when they saw me coming, quickly moved away, a flicker of sympathy on their faces.

With a sinking heart, I studied the screen.

There were various announcements regarding various events and functions but one stood out in the Personal section.

Stunned, I read the fateful words on the screen.

Please note that I, Anthea Skolen, Chief Navigation Officer of the Space Exploration Craft, Aphrodite, invoke the Marital Dissolution Act of 2109. This is the first of the required three announcements to verify my marriage to Gene Skolen, Archive Clerk, is dissolved. The secondary and tertiary notices of dissolution intent have been filed.

I immediately felt ill. Anthea was divorcing me!

It was so easy for females to divorce their husbands, just three announcements of dissolution while it was impossible for a male to divorce his wife.

Ever since female supremacy had become the norm, male rights had greatly diminished.

There were vague looks of sympathy on some of the male crewmembers in the canteen while the women smirked at my predicament.


I was sunk! My life was ruined!

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