Preview of Erotic Episodes

The collection of short stories, Erotic Episodes.

Following is a brief synopsis of each story within the collection, followed by the first dialogue for each story.

Erotic Episodes contains the following stories: Biological Urges, Wanting, A Script for Wednesday, Acceptance, Due Respect, Maid, The Visit, Bruised, Aching and Melody. (More)

Biological Urges
A husband confession of infidelity does not have the outcome he foresaw. (F/m)

‘I find you quite ridiculous at times!’
Philomena poured more tea into her cup – Royal Doulton – Andante white bone china with grey and black lines, deco flowers and silver trim and then looked at her husband.
It was, Phillip sensed, time to say something.
He chose the only possible route in the circumstances.
‘I’m sorry, darling…’
Philomena raised one aristocratic eyebrow.
‘Did you call me darling?’

A harsh female domination story as a husband remembers what led him to his present situation. (F/m, slavery, humiliation)

‘Is this what you want?’
She used to ask me that quite a bit in the beginning as if she wasn’t sure she was doing everything correctly.
‘Is this what you want?’
I always said yes.
To encourage her, really, as it had been a little difficult to persuade her that I really wanted to be dominated.
‘Is this what you want?’

A Script for Wednesday
Tongue in cheek script for a chastised husband’s moment of release.(milking)


(Curtain opens on a middle class living room. A plump middle-aged woman sits in a comfortable lounge chair, newspaper at her feet and a glass of red wine on the coffee table. She is wearing a very expensive dress and shoes. Her ears glitter with diamonds and the matching diamond necklace and bracelets are very expensive. A middle aged man with obviously thinning hair, stands nervously in front of the woman. He is completely naked so his paunch is visible as is the silver chastity tube that imprisons his small penis. The woman looks up, clearly amused as she frowns slightly.)

George had been living of his rich wife for a long time. Then, quite suddenly, it all ended and George found himself in a new role! (F/m, forced femme, humiliation)

George slammed the front door with fury.
‘Sharon!’ George shouted.
Red faced, with anger, he searched through the large house for his wife until he found her in the kitchen.
‘Yes, darling?’ Sharon asked with an innocent expression. She was round faced, a little on the heavy side and nine years older than George.
‘My credit card failed!’
‘Did it? What a pity!’

The Visit
Bound and restrained, a husband is completely at his wife’s mercy and she decides to reveal his submissive status to a visitor. (F/m, bondage, humiliation, exhibitionism, strap-on)

Eve smiled at me and patted my cheek, her hand warm against my flesh.
Of course, I couldn’t say anything as the ring gag kept my mouth firmly open in an humiliating “O”shape!
She smiled at the trail of drool on my lips and gently used the corner of a napkin to remove it.
‘Can’t have you drooling and dribbling, darling when our visitor arrives!’

Roberta meets Gina and then…(F/f Lesbian domination/romance)

My flat is on the third floor. That means there are two floors beneath me and four on top.
I don’t know anyone in the building.
Not really, although…
…there is that one girl…
The lift is always breaking down and one night I was trudging up the stairs after work, clutching a small bag of groceries when I first saw her.

In Victorian times, a solider is captured and tortured. (F/m, bondage,extreme,forced femme)

I couldn’t move! Bashiri had made sure of that!
Oh, she was such a scheming, manipulative minx!
But her eyes were so exotically beautiful, I ached for her every time I saw her.
She was such a tease! At the drop of a hat, she could act as a coy, demure and innocent young woman.
And then, other times, the cruelty was so clear, so visible!

Kidnapped and transformed, Melody, who was once Alex, learns the harsh truth of her new existence. (Forced Femme, humiliation, F/f)

The moment I heard her strident voice echoing through the large house, I hurried from the kitchen into the sitting room. I didn’t know Mistress was downstairs – no one had warned me – and I almost ran in the high heel shoes that were locked to my feet.
They were sexy shoes – bright red with an extremely high heel and ankle straps with padlocks. It was hard to move quickly in such shoes but, somehow, I managed. After all, I had months of practice.

A man released from prison has nowhere to go. His only hope is his wife who has taken everything from him. (F/m, Humiliation)

I suppose you’ve been looking forward to this day, Jones?’
‘Yes, sir,’ Jones said softly, looking down at the carpet and wondered how many other prisoners had stood on this precise spot so the prison warden could give his little farewell speech.
There had been many times in the preceding eighteen months that Jones had not thought he would ever reach this point.
The warden looked at his file and Jones fidgeted slightly in his suit. It was the same impeccable three piece Saville Row suit that Jones had worn to the court for sentencing but it now felt a size bigger. The handmade crisp white shirt also felt big and Jones could easily slip two fingers into the collar.
I’ve lost weight, he thought again, and perhaps that’s a good thing.
‘You’ve been a model prisoner, Jones.’
‘Thank you, sir.’

Due Respect
Hendrix thought he deserved the promotion but he didn’t get it. Instead, that bitch got it! (F/m, Worship)

Gritting his teeth, Hendrix walked up to the black woman that sat outside the office he had hoped would be his.
No, the office was rightfully his, but, somehow, that bitch Sylvia Delahunt had received the promotion!
‘Hello,’ he managed to say with a false smile plastered on his lips, ‘I’m Trevor Hendrix. I have an appointment for five.’
The secretary did not even look up or even say anything. She simply waved at the row of three straight-backed chairs against the wall.
Slowly, he sat in the centre chair.
As it was five o’clock, Hendrix did not expect to wait long. He was wrong.

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6 Notes Preview of Erotic Episodes

  1. As usual these stories sound great and I will be checking every day to see when the book is avaialble. From the preview it sounds like the stories cover a wide range of situations and that is very good.

  2. Stories all sound great. Just enough hint in your comments to get the fantasy side of my brain on fast forward.

  3. Its been a while since you published a book of stories so Im looking forward to this!

  4. can’t wait!!

  5. Long time reader of most of your works.
    Sorry if this is not the proper venue to submit a story line. pls accept this idea:

    One of your submissive husbands is sent for the weekend to one of his wife’s dom friends for babysitting while she is away on business. At a ceremony on Friday evening the wife passes the key to his chastity cage to the friend who then acknowledges control of him and spirits the husband away to her house.
    The husband is surprised when the friend releases his cage and she lays out her deal. If he cooperates fully with her then on Sunday afternoon, prior to his wife’s return, the friend will let the husband spend completely. Of course to uphold his end he will have to accept caning, his ass being used by her strap on, a viscious massage and crushing of his testicles and prolonged cunnilingus at her whim.
    The key is whenever she asks him if he thinks he has had enough, he has to encourage her to continue. So if he has been licking her for an hour and she asks if he would like to stop, he must enthusiastically convince her he want to continue. If she has reamed his ass to the depths and she asks if he thinks it is enough, he must encourage her to continue. If he slackens, then the deal is off.
    Of course, since he hasn’t come in weeks, he is willing to accept all conditions. Whenever he shows signs of slacking off she strokes his cock and reminds him of the pleasure he will get if he performs to her satisfaction. We follow him as she puts him through the paces, culminating in his being restrained on a table as she works over his balls. This is the worst part for him but he knows if he can complete theis last task of asking for her to continue, it will be only a short time that he will get his relief.
    Surely he ultimately prevails by asking her not to stop and she compliments him, repeating that he has now earned the right to have all his cum extracted by her hand, and she will not stop until she is satisfied there is nothing remaining. Need I remind my dear author that his wife usually controls his orgasms by not letting him have a full release; therefore this reward that her friend has promised is very much on his mind. As he recovers and the friend begins her preparations for his reward, his wife returns early. The friend tells her of the deal and how she is ready to fulfill her end of the bargain. The wife, after taking back the key and placing it around her neck has other thoughts and they don’t include indulging her husband’s fantasy.”

    Let me know if this is interesting for you and I can provide more of the story line if you wish.

    • Interesting. Let it percolate through my wicked mind for a while. Must admit, attempts to write to another’s plot were failures!