Fidelity: Bobby 1

The room was completely black. It was so very dark that, when I first opened my eyes, I thought, for a panicky moment, that I was blind.

Even though I strained my eyes, trying to see anything I could not!

The darkness was complete with no small chink of weak light anywhere. The darkness was impenetrable.

That was very frightening!

Where am I?

How did I get here?

My mind raced with strange thoughts as I felt around the darkness, my heart pounding rapidly.

I was, I discovered by touch, on a concrete floor. It was cold and a little damp.

I was also naked!

Why am I naked?

Who undressed me?

‘Hello?’ I called softly, fear rising within me.

How did I get here?

Who has done this to me?

I thought about the previous evening and could not recall anything that would have led to this strange and fearful experience.

My mind raced back over the past weeks, trying to find some clue.

Although my job in the corporate finance world was hectic and frantic at times, I did not generate enemies. In fact, everyone liked me!

Or, so I thought.

I had many friends and my best friend, Steve, would have told me if he had heard that someone was out to get me. He was my second in charge (I had got him the job when he was desperate) and looked out for my back as all good assistants should!


I quickly dismissed that idea.

Why would terrorists kidnap a corporate banker?

What exactly happened last night?

I remembered that I had gone out for a few drinks with the office crowd. I had called my wife, Shauna to tell her I would be late and she didn’t seem to mind.

I always called her and she always accepted my excuses.

Shauna was sweet and sexy but clueless as to the life I led in the city while she tended our big house in the suburbs.

We had a compatible life – I had my fun on the side – while she did the things suburban wives do. Usually, we never argued or disagreed, although we did have one argument a month ago when I had told her I wasn’t ready for children.

Shauna had protested that she had left her media career to have children, as we had agreed but I had simply said I had changed my mind. I mean, kids would certainly stop me enjoying the fancy free life I had.

Steve used to say admiringly that I was the only bloke he knew who was still single even though he was married!

Steve was always the joker!

Things had been a bit cold between Shauna and I have the disagreement about children although I was certain she would get over it!

Women usually do, don’t they?

I mean, what choice do they have?

I was sleeping with my secretary on a regular basis and I told her what had happened with Shauna.

‘I don’t understand,’ Jessica had said, blowing smoke rings at the ceiling and absently scratching her left breast, ‘why you stay with her. She sounds a little simple to me!’

‘Shauna’s all right,’ I had said defensively, ‘she’s a good wife. Now, we got time for another? Mister happy is ready!’

‘Why not?’ Jessica said, stubbing out her cigarette and sliding down to my cock.’

No, I could think of any reason why I would wake up in this complete darkness.

Was I in prison?

‘Anyone there?’ I called in a louder voice.


Not even an echo!

I ran my hands over my naked body to try to ascertain if I were injured in any way. There was no pain or discomfort but there was a possibility of injury but a thorough investigation proved I was unharmed.

Except I’m naked! Who undressed me? Where are my clothes?

I waved my hand in front of my face in a vain effort to see through the darkness but it was completely impossible.

The darkness was complete.

Slowly, I stood up and, with my hands feeling in front of me, moved tentatively forward until I touched a wall.

After several minutes of fumbling around in the darkness, I discovered that I was in a small room about two metres square.

There were no windows and even more frightening was the fact there was no door!

No door!

How did I get in and, more importantly, how do I get out?


The silence was deafening! I found the wall and, back against it, slid down, sitting dejectedly with my head in my hands.

Time passed slowly but I had no idea as to how many actual minutes had passed.

My mind kept going back to my last memories.

A night out with the office crowd! Drinks, a meal and then onto a club…

Then, I remembered!

That woman! What was her name? Was it Eve? No, that wasn’t it! What was it?

I couldn’t remember her name but I did remember her beauty!

She was so beautiful and sexy!

That was the last that I remembered and now I was lost in darkness.

Where am I?

Who did this to me?

The thought occurred to me that I was, somehow, buried alive and fear rose within me so fiercely I could taste bile in my mouth!

I called out again but there was no answer. I really did not expect one but I was trembling with fear and on the edge of insanity.

Suddenly, I screamed out, a scream for help! An urgent, despairing cry that was quickly absorbed by the darkness and following silence.

I listened to the nothingness and hung my head.

There’s no one here! I could be buried alive!

I fought the rising fear and tried to remain calm.

How long before the oxygen runs out?

Time passed. To my shame, I pissed and smelled the urine in the room as the piss did not drain away.

Later, I shamefully fumbled my way to a corner and, squatting, defecated like an animal.

Hungry and lost, I squatted as far away form my shit as possible and miserably went over the events of the previous night again but could not remember anything that gave me a clue as to why I was confined!

I remember the drinks, remember Steve suggesting I call Shauna and then I vaguely remembering meeting that beautiful woman!

What was her name?

There was no memory that prompted a reason for this nightmare!


I was truly lost in darkness!

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