“What of soul was left, I wonder, when the kissing had to stop?” Robert Browning

One Note

  1. Two days ago this is how Madame started her day. I was locked in the CB-6000. Serving her and her joy were my reason for being & my pleasure.

    Yesterday evening she bound me on my knees, whipped me and raped me with a dildo. My submission and coming thunderously in response to her manipulations were her pleasure [I was still shaking half an hour afterwards!]

    Today, Valentines day we walked the dog along the beach and huddled in our coats, ate just-fried fish looking out over the grey North Sea; before the love of my life left me with a card for her work in the City.

    Still it’s only for a couple of days … she returns on Saturday; and we all know what happens on Saturdays don’t we Carmenistas?