Cruising – New eBook Released!

Albert is broke and adrift in Italy, desperate for a job to get enough money to return home. A young man a long way from home after some time wandering Europe. An opportunity arises where he can find a “special” job on a very special cruise for women only! The big Italian studs are there for the basic carnal pleasure of the passengers but Albert has a chance to earn some money with his tongue!
After an audition, he gets a job but one of the passengers intrigues him!
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 Preview 1.

It was supposed to be a gap year. A kind of a gap year, even though Albert Mawson had endured one year of university before taking off.

Three years later, there he was in a small fishing village inItalyand utterly broke.

Absolutely skint!

What had started as a break in his studies had turned into a prolonged wandering vacation.

Albert had completely adopted the nomadic lifestyle, working where he could, he wandered through Italy, took the ferry to Greece and wandered around the mainland and the islands. Then, he moved on to the Dalmatian coast and then back to Italy.

The only thing Albert had to show for his travels was his fluency in Italian and Greek with a smattering of most other Eastern European languages.

Now, Albert Mawson had washed up in a small Italian village that had not yet been discovered by the tourist hordes. They would come, Albert knew. It was, after all, only a matter of time and the quaint village would vanish under the tidal wave of western commercialism.

The small bar near the waterfront was empty except for a table in the corner where a woman in white linen trousers and an emerald green T-shirt sat with a laptop.

Her ash blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her complexion was fresh and clear. Albert could not help himself and covertly looked at her several times. Later, after watching her and hearing snatches of her conversation with her companions, he put her as Scandinavian or German. Perhaps even Dutch.

She was, Albert surmised, about five years older than he was and her wardrobe said she was well to do.

Not like Albert’s clothes! An almost threadbare pair of shorts that had once been khaki and a white T-shirt with the name of a spa resort on Santorini across the chest. It also had a small hole in the right sleeve. His trusty sandals had also seen better days.

The barman shrugged when Albert asked if there was any work in Italian.

‘Nothing here. The tourists haven’t come this season.’

Albert could see that. Even a virtually untouched village like this would expect some tourists. The state of the American dollar and the financial worries of the world had impacted on everyone’s desire for a vacation.

Not Albert, of course. He was on a permanent vacation but he needed money to survive.

Albert couldn’t even get back toBritainand he was not going to call his mother to ask for money! The family money rested in the hands of Albert’s stepfather and the gulf between them would ensure his stepfather would make Albert jump through all sorts of hoops to get any money.

He vowed to spare himself that humiliation.

‘Do you want a drink?’ the barman asked.

It was Albert’s turn to shrug. ‘No money.’

‘None of us have money,’ he said, looking around. ‘A glass of wine?’

‘Oh. Well…thank you.’

Clasping his treasured glass of wine, Albert sat at a table and covertly watched as the woman was joined by two other women.

It was then that he realised the white linen trousers and the emerald T-shirts were a uniform of some kind.

A pretty younger woman with blonde hair so white it was startling, sat next to the ash blonde haired woman while the third, a heavyset, solid looking woman with cropped darker hair stood behind them, arms folded.

There was, Albert saw, a baseball bat leaning against the wall next to the large woman’s legs.

Are they expecting trouble?

The two women seated at the table sipped white wine and checked through some papers as the woman behind them looked around the room expressionlessly.

Her eyes fell on Albert and he felt her examine him before clearly deciding Albert wasn’t potential trouble.

The door opened and a young man strolled in. he was wearing fashionable jeans, a white T-shirts designed to show off his muscles and he had a confident smile.

Albert watched as he spoke to the two women while the third watched him. Their voices were low and they were in a deep conversation.  Albert did hear the woman say something about medical papers and the young man handed her a folded paper.

One of the women asked him something and the young man chuckled.

His back was to Albert so he couldn’t see what he was doing but the movements of his arms were unmistakable. Albert understood at once!

He’s opening his fly!

Albert glanced at the barman who was studiously reading a newspaper, a cigarette burning in an ashtray next to him.

All of the women, including the standing woman, whom Albert was now mentally calling “the bouncer”, looked down at the young man’s crotch.

The seated women smiled. He zipped himself and bent to sign some papers.

Preview 2.

Albert decided to throw myself on their mercy.

‘Look, I need a job. I have no money and I’m desperate.’

The younger woman shrugged while the larger woman standing behind them spoke in German.

‘I’m not going to cause any trouble,’ Albert said gloomily.

‘Ah. You speak Deutsche?’

‘Not brilliantly. Enough to know what she asked and she does have that baseball bat.’

The young woman smiled and said something to the darker haired woman.

‘I don’t understand that,’ Albert said.

‘Swedish. She said you are funny, awkward and cute.’

Weirdly, Albert felt my cheeks warm.

‘Thank you, but knowing women, that is not a brilliant compliment. Women aren’t likely to have a relationship with someone they think is funny, awkward and cute! Dogs are funny and cute! So are children. Women want their men to be confident and macho most of the time.’

The younger of the two women smiled again and Albert noticed she wore a nametag. Her name, apparently, was Nova. ‘He’s smart.’

‘You know women?’ The older woman tapped her pen thoughtfully on the table.

‘A little.’

‘You are not exactly what we are looking for. You are too…’


‘Slight in build. Not enough muscles…’

‘Oh…I am wiry…’ Albert said defensively.

‘When did you last shave and shower?’

‘A few days ago,’ he admitted.

‘I’m afraid that is obvious,’ she said with a glimmer of another smile.

‘What about size?’ the younger suddenly asked in English.

‘Size?’ Albert asked and then suddenly realised what they meant.

Visions of men unzipping in front of them popped up behind his eyes. The younger woman waved her pen impatiently in the direction of Albert’s crotch.

‘Oh, you mean…’ he said, face hot. ‘I’m average I’m afraid.’

‘How average?’

‘Perhaps six inches…’

The younger shrugged her shoulders in dismissal but the other woman looked at me with some sympathy.

She said something in Swedish to the younger woman who looked at me sharply, a small frown on her rather beautiful face.

‘Do you know what cunnilingus is?’ she asked in her brisk, no nonsense English.

‘Of course,’ Albert answered, blushing even more.

The older woman smiled and asked, ‘Have you done it?’

‘Yes, I have.’


Both women looked at each other and then spoke in rapid Swedish.

The younger woman, Nova, gathered her papers and stood up. She nodded to Albert. Then, she and the larger woman (carrying her baseball bat) walked from the bar.

‘Let me buy you some food. My name is Lilly.’

‘Thank you. I’m Albert.’

‘Albert? Your parents hated you?’

‘Very funny,’ he said. ‘It was my grandfather’s name.’

‘So they decided to inflict it on you? In Sweden child abuse is frowned upon.’

She had a dry sense of humour and that, coupled with her air of self-confidence, made her quite attractive. Albert decided he liked her immediately.

Preview 3.

Lilly looked at his hard cock and nodded.

‘You were honest. Good. I’d say at least six inches.’

Her eyes met his. ‘But,…’ Lilly said softly, ‘…we’re not discussing your cock, are we? This is about your tongue!’

‘I…I…of course…’

‘So polite,’ Lilly chuckled. ‘Why don’t you kneel here so you can get your head in the right position?’

Albert moved to the bed, feeling a little silly with his hard cock and yet, he wasn’t sure whether he would even get to penetrate her, to fuck her, but oh how he wanted to! Even though she was somewhat lewdly presented, there was a beauty and sensuality to Lilly that made Albert’s soul ache.

She gave him a calm, confident smile and Albert returned it with a weak, awkward one as he slowly knelt.

Why it is Scandinavian women, especially Swedish women, are so comfortable with sex? What is it about their society that has removed all the taboos and made sex and nudity appear so common place?

Lilly swung around and deftly dropped her legs onto Albert’s shoulders. She was resting on her elbows and smiling at him as, face red, Albert stared at that sweet succulent gash that was her pink sex.

‘How will you begin?’ Lilly asked softly. Albert  didn’t answer for a moment and inhaled her scent, a movement that made Lilly frown.

‘I have not had time to bathe,…’ she said quickly, ‘…and…’

‘No, it is lovely. Your scent is…well, to me, intoxicating.’

She suddenly smiled. It was, Albert hoped, a smile of approval.

‘I see,’ Lilly murmured, ‘We have begun!’

Albert bent and ran the tip of his tongue around her sex while his fingers slightly caressed her inner thighs. He continued to draw little circles on her sensitive thighs as the tip of his tongue washed her labia.

It was obvious that Lilly was not aroused and Albert knew this would be more of a test than he had first thought.








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