Comfortable (Short Story)

‘I hope you’re comfortable, darling.’

He blinked at Adrianne and tried to speak but the gag prevented anything intelligible escaping from his lips.

‘Let me check your arms.’

How could he stop her?He was in an unforgiving position; arms strapped behind his back, on his knees and his chest resting on a plush ottoman.

His knees were restrained by a stiff spreader bar that implement forced his legs apart. Naked, he felt very vulnerable and his exposed cock was stiff and throbbing at the sight of his sexy wife walking around him in very sexy black leather jumpsuit.

Adrianne patted his head and then squatted behind him.

‘Time to get you ready, darling.’


He wanted to scream at her that this was silly, this was humiliating and she couldn’t really do this to him!

Not this!

He jumped when he felt her fingers on his arse and then shivered as her fingers probed between his cheeks, coating his anus with a cold greasy cream.


She can’t

‘Almost all done,’ she murmured, fingers working. ‘We don’t want it to hurt too much, do we, darling.’

He begged her silently with his eyes but Adrianne just smiled at him.

‘This is such a sweet way to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. A ceremony of commitment. I’m sure it will be the talk of the town!’

No! You can’t do this! I’m your husband!

‘Look, darling,’ she said, holding a black and obscenely large dildo before his eyes.

He couldn’t look at it but, at the same time, he couldn’t tear his eyes away. It was large and frighteningly realistic!

‘This what I’m going to fuck you with! It will be such super fun!’

No! Please…please don’t do this!‘In and out, in and out! It will be so much fun and you’re going to enjoy it,’ Adrianne smiled. ‘After I’ve fucked you for twenty minutes or so, I’ll reach around and tickle your thingy so you spurt for everyone. That’s if you don’t come while I’m fucking you!’

She stood up and he stared at her long legs in black leather and the stiletto-heeled boots, his traitorous cock twitching at the sight.

‘Now, I’d better get the chairs in order. Can’t have your audience uncomfortable. You know I like everyone to be comfortable – even you.’

Glumly, he turned his head to look at the row of chairs to his right. There, the audience would sit and his heart sank when he saw there were three rows.

Surely not that many people!‘I think we’ve got enough chairs,’ Adrianne said, counting chairs. ‘We have all my girlfriends coming, of course. They wouldn’t miss it for anything! I’m afraid that they are all such fearful gossips, though. They’re sure to tell everyone, especially their husbands!’

Please, no…make this nightmare go away!

No! Please don’t do this!

Adrianne looked over at him when she heard the gurgling from behind the gag.

‘I’ve also invited those two frightful girls from the Hart and Hound – you know, darling, those barmaids you’ve been fucking off and on for about a year? It may be a bit of shock for them but I’m sure they’ll come around to enjoy it. Who knows who’ll they’ll tell?’


‘Let me check to make sure you’re comfortable, darling. I have to have room to get behind you and so that everyone will see the big dildo go in. Nothing like a bit of penetration, eh? I’m a little envious that you’re getting something that big. I haven’t had a cock that big since I fucked that young black chappie in your office. What was his name again? He did have a luscious cock. I wonder,’ Adrianne said innocently, ‘if he’s told anyone that he fucked the boss’s wife?’

Tears formed in his helpless eyes as he stared up at the cold eyes of his vengeful wife.

Please…‘That gag is rather effective isn’t it, darling? I can’t understand a word. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Mrs Robison will be here as well. You know darling, the wife of your biggest customer. She is rather intrigued. I think her hubby has been a randy old bugger and she might be here for educational purposes.’

Adrianne winked just as the doorbell rang.

‘There’s the first now. I’d best welcome them. You’ll be fine here, won’t you, darling while we have a few drinkies?’

It was a teasing question as her husband could not move and no longer had any choice in anything!

Humming softly to herself, Adrianne walked out of the room, leaving her bound and helpless husband to consider his fate.

No…please…no…not this…Despite the appalling humiliation that awaited him, his cock was still hard.

No, he tried to call out but the gag converted his pleas to incoherent gurgles.

Adrianne! Please…no…I’m sorry…

But it was far too late.

First Published 2006

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