Merry Christmas, Darling!

 A Christmas domination and tease novella with a hint of romance. Jack has always wanted his wife Celeste to play the dominant game but after a few poor attempts, the dream had slipped away. Then, Celeste suddenly morphs into the woman of Jack’s dreams!  (Novella 18,431 words, just €7.00)

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Merry Christmas, Darling! Now published!

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Excerpt 1.

Jack parked the car, wearily walked through the garage and into the house.

The smell of dinner cooking greeted him and Jack felt his hunger awakening.

It was, he thought, good to be home.

‘Is that you, darling?’ Celeste called from the kitchen and Jack smiled.

No, it’s a serial murder with a blood soaked axe come to wish you a happy Christmas!

Jack walked to the kitchen and said, ‘Of course it’s me.’

Celeste was, as usual, very well dressed even when she was casual. She wore a simple pair of grey pleated trousers, a cream chemise and a white long sleeved blouse. Her hair and make-up were perfect and she looked like she stepped from the pages of one of those fashion magazines she devoured at regular intervals.

She turned a cheek so Jack could kiss it and then said, ‘Open the wine, darling. Dinner is ready.’

It was, Jack thought as he opened the bottle of wine, a charming and comfortable domestic scene.

Celeste and Jack married each other in a short ceremony five years previously. It was the second marriage for both and they were mature about relationships.

They both had children from their previous relationships and did not want any more. Both Jack and Celeste saw their children regularly and enjoyed the comfortable life they built for themselves.

Honesty and openness was the key to a good marriage, Celeste had said in the beginning when Jack had asked her to marry him. I don’t want lies and pretence, Celeste had said firmly, I want us to share the truth!

Jack had agreed and even believed that Celeste meant it. It was in that spirit that he introduced the subject of a female led relationship and all that type of marriage entailed.

Celeste was, understandably, a little shocked as she was a very conservative woman. However, she listened patiently and agreed to do what she could.

Of course, she wanted more details and under her expert, calm questioning, Jack told her all about his fetishes and desires.

For one awful moment, Jack thought he had shocked Celeste so much she would leave him but, instead, she had just nodded and smiled gamely.

‘Well, I will try, darling but…well, I don’t think I’ll be any good at it.’

Celeste did try to give Jack what he wanted. He patiently waited for her dominant side to “click in” but, unfortunately it didn’t. The scenes they tried were awkward and plainly uncomfortable for Celeste.

They persevered, however, and the small dominant scenes improved a little. They even purchased some equipment. Well, Jack did in an effort to convince Celeste that dominating him would be fun.

One of Jack’s many fantasies was chastity but the chastity belt he purchased did not fire Celeste with enthusiasm.

However, she smiled brightly and told Jack to put the belt on.

To be more specific, she asked him if he wanted to “wear that thingy”. He did. That was the point, wasn’t it?

She even accepted the key and dropped it into her handbag.

‘You’re supposed to hide it,’ Jack explained.

‘Am I? Why?’

Jack sighed and explained as best he could. Celeste did hide the key but did nothing else!

It was frustrating few days with no real outcome as far as Jack was concerned as Celeste was not involved.

Somehow, though, their marriage remained intact even though their sexual life had slipped back to the mundane.

Celeste placed the dinner on the table and smiled at Jack. ‘Pour the wine, darling. We should have a little chat over dinner.’

Even though he managed to keep the smile on his lips, Jack’s heart sank.

Celeste wants to talk!

Jack automatically assumed that meant trouble!

Celeste smiled at him across the table and sipped her wine.

‘This is very nice,’ Jack complimented after tasting the dinner.

‘Thank you, darling. I do enjoy cooking.’

‘I know you do. How was your day at the studio?’

Celeste was a fashion stylist who worked with two local photographers. She was well known and respected which also meant Celeste was in heavy demand.

Somehow, she still managed to get home and cook dinner for her husband. Celeste thought it was important and the duty of a good wife.

‘It was rather hectic,’ Celeste said with a smile as she remembered the day’s activities. ‘We did a Christmas shoot for the colour supplement.’

‘Was it awful, darling?’

‘It was busy but not awful. It all turned out well. The girls were sweet and sexy.’

Jack looked up with vague surprise.

Celeste and the photographers always called the models “girls and boys” and always said they were sweet but never had she said they were sexy.

‘What sort of Christmas shoot was this?’

‘Lingerie,’ Celeste said and began cutting her broccoli into precise tiny pieces.


‘Yes. How was your day?’

Jack would have preferred to hear more about the lingerie shoot but he managed, ‘Busy. The office is trying to get everything done before Christmas.’

‘Poor you,’ Celeste said sympathetically.

‘Oh, I do have the invitation to the Christmas do.’

‘Where is it?’

‘At some swish restaurant.’

‘I’ll have to buy a new dress.’

‘Of course,’ Jack smiled.

‘I want to look my best for your colleagues, Jack,’ Celeste said sternly. ‘It’s not a frivolous purchase. It’s an investment in your career.’

‘I know, darling, I know.’

They ate in silence and Jack wondered when Celeste would want to have their “Talk”. He decided to return to the subject of the shoot, hoping Celeste would forget about the talk.

‘What sort of lingerie was in the shoot?’ Jack asked as causally a she could.

‘It’s a new brand. I’ve not seen it before so it’s brand new. All in black with red trim. I suppose they hoped the red trim would give a Christmas tweak to the shoot. Of course, I had to bring in a Christmas tree and wrapped gifts. It turned out well.’

‘Just the girls or were there any boys involved.’

‘Men don’t wear lingerie, darling,’ Celeste said. ‘No, it was just the girls.’

Jack had visited a fashion shoot once with Celeste and had been amazed by the casual nudity as the models dressed and undressed when and where they liked.

Celeste, like a conservative mother, sailed through it all with no sign of embarrassment.

In fact, Jack had been the only one embarrassed and had fled as soon as he could.

‘They’ll have to do some work in Photoshop,’ Celeste said knowledgeably. ‘One of the girls had rather plump labia that showed through the sheer knickers. I was surprised the photographer insisted on that pose,’ Celeste said calmly.

‘Oh,’ Jack said weakly.

‘Of course, the girls were all waxed. Sometimes, they look like little girls but they can’t have hair in the pictures and some underwear doesn’t sit well with a large bush!’

Jack’s mouth hung open with shock. He had never known his wife speak in such a candid way.

‘It…it doesn’t…sit well…?’

‘Of course not. The material is so thin and the hair can be plainly seen pushing against the cloth. As well, it pushes the cloth out, spoiling the line. There are so many things to look out for in lingerie shoots,’ Celeste said with a sigh.

Jack stared unseeingly at his plate as images of models in lingerie danced behind his eyes. Celeste described how, between shots, they had to give the girls time to get rid of any red marks from the tight lingerie. She explained that those marks could be airbrushed out but it was better for them to go naturally.

‘I have to plan which order the clothes will be worn,’ Celeste explained. ‘Bra and knickers first and then a full corset so the red marks on the model’s back from the first bra can’t be seen. Then there has to be a rest or use a new model. It can be quite tiresome.’

‘Yes,’ Jack said softly, head spinning with taboo images, ‘You have to be spot on in your project management skills.’

Exactly! It’s lovely that you understand, darling.’

‘I…I try…’

‘Tell me all about your day.’

‘Nothing really happened,’ Jack said weakly.

How could he explain that his day was completely boring compared to the day his wife had just related. Balancing accounts seemed so pedestrian compared to the waxed sexes of beautiful models visible in exotic lingerie!

‘Have you finished, darling?’

‘Ah…yes. It was very tasty. Delicious!’

‘Thank you. I have some cheese and we can nibble on that,…’ Celeste said, taking the plates from the table, ‘…while we have our talk!’

Jack gulped and watched his beautiful wife take the plates to the kitchen.

A little talk!

Excerpt 2.

Her eyes dropped to his cock and, with a sly smile, Celeste said, ‘You want to ask me something, darling?’

His throat was parched, his lips dry and Jack’s heart was pounding inside his chest cavity with a tumultuous thunder!

Nervously, he licked his lips and, realising he was getting what he wanted, what he had dreamed of, croaked, ‘If it pleases you, madam, please put on my chastity belt…’

‘No, no, no,’ Celeste said with a delicate wave of her finger. ‘It’s not your chastity belt, darling, it’s mine! I own it now, don’t I?’

Her plump red lips drew Jack in somehow and, as his cock pulsed and bobbed between them, murmured to his wife, ‘Yes, madam, it’s yours.’

‘I know,’ Celeste said simply. ‘I’ll keep the key, shall I, just like before?’

Jack thought back to that one time they had tried to use the newly purchased chastity belt to inject some fetish fun into their lovemaking.

‘Yes, madam,’ he said hoarsely.

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