Useful Humiliation

Rose had completely shocked me with her casual announcement, so shocked I almost spilt my wine. I peered at her through my glasses and she smiled at me. ‘Did I hear you right? You’re going away for two weeks with your boyfriend?’

She nodded, laughing at my consternation. ‘Yes, two wonderful weeks in Jamaica and I’m going to drink cocktails, eat and eat, lay on the sand and,’ she winked, ‘have lots of great sex with Johnny.’

I blushed at that, I had seen Johnny when he came by to clean Rose’s pool and he was certainly muscular. After what Rose had told me about his cock, I had to admit I checked out the bulge in his shorts.

‘But,’ I spluttered, ‘what about Steve, your husband ?’ I reminded her.

‘I’m not worried about little old Steve, Tammy,’ Rose winked. ‘Steve does exactly what I tell him.’

I had to admit that ever since Steve’s accident last autumn, he was very attentive to Rose and we all noticed it. There were times when I wished my ex-husband had been as attentive. Didn’t matter now, he was long gone, the slimy bastard!

‘Steve knows about Johnny?’

‘I tell him every little detail and I mean every detail as the most important detail ain’t little!’ Rose winked again and smiled devilishly as she poured herself another glass of wine.

‘Do you remember that accident Steve had last fall?’

‘He fell off the ladder when he was cleaning the gutters, didn’t he, broke his shoulder and a leg?’

‘That’s it except it wasn’t an accident!’

I spluttered in my wine. ‘You mean…’

‘Yep, I sabotaged his ladder right after I found out he was fucking that slut of a secretary of his.’

‘You did what!’

‘Well,’ Rose said defensively, ‘I was pretty mad. I mean, I was pulling a lot of shifts at the hospital and he was sneaking off to bang that slut!’

‘But you could have killed him!’

‘Yeah, well, I didn’t but when he was laid up and couldn’t move for four weeks, I came up with a better idea.’ She sipped her wine again and leaned forward. ‘I pierced his cock.’

This time I lost it completely and spurted wine across the table. Rose grinned as I apologised and mopped it up. ‘You did what?’

‘I put a ring through the end of his pathetic little wiener and another ring under his balls, then I put a padlock through it, and bingo!’

I knew my mouth was open but I didn’t believe it. Rose was a nurse and she had pierced my belly button for me but she had completely dumfounded me with this.

‘But, what did he say?’

‘Oh he was a little pissed and then I pointed out the facts of life. He was going to remain locked up until I decide. If he gave me any grief, I was going to divorce him and take his business.’

‘I don’t believe it,’ I muttered and Rose laughed.

‘Believe it honey, I’ve got him right where I want him.’

‘What about, you know, sex?’

‘He gets to jerk off once a month or earlier if I’m in a good mood. I get plenty from Johnny or any other hunk I feel like fucking.’

‘He jerks off?’

‘Yeah, I unlock his cock and he goes at it, then I lock it up again for another month.’

‘Why doesn’t he run away when you’ve unlocked him?’

Rose laughed nastily.’ Because he’s naked and chained around the neck to the pipes in our cellar and the idea of divorce scares the hell out of him. I won’t unlock his cock until he’s chained himself and I’ve checked that he’s done it right.’

The picture of a naked and chained Steve popped into my head and I couldn’t help but laugh softly. And then another thought occurred to me. ‘Do you watch him…do it?’

Rose laughed at my flushed face. ‘I used to, made it a little more humiliating for him. Now, I can’t be bothered. I just leave him there and let him have fun for a few minutes.’

‘I mean, how does he do it? Does he have magazines or something?’

‘No way! I’ve banned all that stuff, he doesn’t even get to see me naked. He hasn’t seen pussy for six months.’ I gaped at her. ‘Believe me, Tammy, when that lock comes off, he’s pretty horny, it doesn’t take long. When I watched him, I used to wear a short skirt and the idiot would stare at my legs while he jerked off. It’s really quite funny.’

‘Oh my god,’ I murmured, my face hot and I sipped my wine.

‘His jerk-off day will occur on Friday when I’m away. Of course,’ she smiled evilly, ‘he wanted me to bring it forward but he hasn’t been nice enough to me so I want to leave the key with you.’

‘Me? I couldn’t…’

‘It’s no problem, Tammy. He’ll chain himself up, give you the key to the locks for the chain and you give him this key,’ she said sliding a gold key across the table, ‘and give him a minute or so. You can always stay and watch, if you like.’

Rose winked as she continued. ‘He’ll lock himself back up, you take the key and hide it before he gets free and dressed. It’s really simple. He’ll freak out when I tell him you’ve got the key.’

‘Why’s that?’

‘Oh, he just thinks you’re so prim and proper, I think he’s a little afraid of you so that will make it all the more humiliating for him when he has to ask you for the key.’ Rose drained her glass. ‘It’s really pretty simple. Have a little fun, Tammy.’

‘What if he doesn’t ask?’

‘He might not, he might find it too humiliating but I suspect he will, he hates going a month with only one jerk off, I doubt he could last two months. My bet is, he will ask you as soon as I leave, hoping you’ll let him come a few times while I’m away. If you want to, that’s ok, I’m feeling magnanimous.’

Rose stood up and kissed me goodbye. ‘I’ll send you a postcard. Have fun, I know I will.’

Later, I stood at my kitchen window and watched Johnny drive into Rose’s driveway. He helped Rose with her bags and tooted the horn as they roared away. Minutes later, I saw Steve standing forlornly at the front door, gazing down the street. He turned to look at my house and I stepped back so he couldn’t see me. The key was lying on the table and I quickly shoved it into the sugar container, pushing it down until it was completely hidden.

I went upstairs and had a long bath, lost in thought as I soaked. When I dried myself, I put my glasses back on so I could see my naked reflection in the wall mirror. I didn’t look too bad, aerobics and the light weight training I did every week was paying off. I let my fingers wander through my soft pubic hair and I gently stroked my fleshy lips as Rose’s words echoed in my mind, I’ve banned all that stuff, he doesn’t even get to see me naked. He hasn’t seen pussy for six months .

The telephone rang and I jumped, and then grabbed it. ‘Hello?’

‘Tammy,’ a male voice said hesitantly, ‘this is Steve.’

For a moment, I panicked and then the whole absurd situation took hold of me, filling me with a feeling I had never experienced before.

‘Yes?’ I said coolly.

‘Ah…Rose said…she told you about…you know.’

‘No,’ I snapped, ‘I don’t know. I don’t read minds, you know!’

I heard a rough intake of breath and found myself smiling. My fingers slipped below the towel again and I shivered as I touched my now soaking wet pussy. ‘I thought, Rose…I mean she told me that she told you…’

I brought my fingers to my nostrils and smelt myself, that thick musky perfume that I found so exciting when I was aroused. ‘Get on with it, Steve!’ My voice crackled with sensuality and my fingers gently traced around my throbbing pussy.

The words came in a rush and, for a moment I thought he was crying but I quickly realised it was the intense humiliation he was enduring. ‘Rose said she told you about the key and she gave it to you!’

‘Well, yes,’ I purred, ‘she did tell me about the lock on a certain piece of your anatomy. And she did give me a key, I’ll try to remember where I left it.’

‘Please,’ he croaked, ‘could I have the key?’

‘I’ll think about it.’ I couldn’t endure it any longer, slammed the phone down and collapsed on the bed, both hands caressing my burning pussy. ‘Oh God!’ I screamed as I came in a fierce and intense rush.

I sat at my kitchen table in my robe, sipping iced tea and trying to understand what had occurred. I had just experienced the most intense orgasm since my husband ran off with that slut from the drycleaners. Pete was a complete jerk but he had been excellent in bed. My only criticism was that he hated oral and never went down on me. I couldn’t make him and as I didn’t like sucking him, it seemed a fair trade.

Although, I used to fantasise about a man licking me, teasing me with his tongue until I came.

Slowly, I made up my mind and dressed in a black lace bra and panty set. I looked at myself and suddenly wished I had contacts instead of glasses but it was too late for that. Maybe , I thought,

the glasses will make me look more in control. What did Rose say? He just thinks your so prim and proper, I think he’s a little afraid of you.
I looked through my wardrobe and pulled out a short black cocktail dress, it was about four inches above the knee, low cut and clingy. Pete used to ask me to wear it but I always felt self conscious in it. I tossed it on the bed and rummaged through my underwear drawer for my black suspender belt, remembering more of Rose’s words, when I watched him, I used to wear a short skirt and the idiot would stare at my legs while he jerked off. It’s really quite funny.



The suspender belt was almost brand new, I think I had only worn it on the honeymoon and I searched through the tangled bundle of pantyhose and stockings for black stockings, hopefully they wouldn’t be laddered.

Dressed to my satisfaction and drenched in my sexiest perfume, I made myself a stiff drink and took one mouthful before I dialled the number.

‘Hello?’ Steve answered tentatively.

‘You have two minutes to get over here!’ I snapped, hanging up and then downing the remainder of my drink in one gulp.

The doorbell rang in less than two minutes but I let him wait and extra five before I opened it. ‘Tammy…’ he stuttered.

‘Shut up!’ I snapped and turned back into my living room and he nervously followed. ‘Shut the door!’

I arranged myself on the sofa, crossing my legs and his eyes fell to the sheer nylons and I smiled. He couldn’t tear his eyes away and I thought I saw a flicker of pain in his eyes. The realisation that it must hurt him when his cock tried to get hard, made me shiver and I knew my panties were becoming wet.

‘So, Rose has locked your cock up while she fucks the pool boy?’

Steve’s eyes bulged at my words and tried to stammer a reply, I didn’t bother to listen. ‘Shut up, Steve,’ I said in a bored tone although I definitely wasn’t bored and I uncrossed and crossed my legs again. Instantly, I was rewarded with that dull expression of pain over his round face and I squirmed a little on the sofa.

‘I understand Rose allows you to jerk yourself off once a month?’ He nodded frantically. ‘That’s interesting,’ I sneered, ‘but I have no interest in allowing you to do so.’ His face when white and his mouth fell open. ‘Why should I? Your wife asked me to look after the key, she didn’t ask me to let you jerk off,’ I said. It wasn’t strictly true but it also wasn’t strictly a lie, just manipulation of the facts.

‘But Tammy,’ he whined.

‘I mean, what’s in it for me?’ I stared at him coldly. ‘What’s my benefit in this?’

‘What do you want?’ he stammered. ‘I’ll do anything…’

‘Will you?’ I instantly pounced. ‘You’ll do anything?’

He nodded and I smiled as he murmured, ‘Anything. You just have to ask…’

‘Ask? I think you mean I tell you what I want. Isn’t that right?’

‘Yes,’ he muttered, head down, ‘that’s right.’

‘Good and what I want is orgasms, Steve, nice juicy orgasms. Let me see,’ I said, pretending to think while I uncrossed my legs, tugged my skirt down a little but, in fact made it shift up so the tops of my stockings were visible. There it was , I thought with glee,

that flicker of pain. It must really hurt the poor schmuck! God, if I see it again, I think I’ll come just be squeezing my thighs together!
‘I think I should have five orgasms before you get one. Sounds fair to me, does it sound fair to you, Steve?’



‘Yes,’ he quickly mumbled, ‘yes, that’s fair.

‘You give me five and I’ll let you jerk off to your hearts content. The quicker I get my five, the quicker you get to feel your pathetic little cock.’

His eyes bulged at that as he quickly figured this might not be a bad deal for him after all. Rose did say she was feeling magnanimous.

‘Ok,’ he said slowly, ‘but how will I give you these…’

‘Use your intelligence, Steve,’ I sneered. ‘Your tongue, baby, surely you’ve gone down a woman before?’

He flushed and I guessed he hadn’t really enjoyed it, well, too bad, he was about to get a lot of practise. ‘Of course, but…’

‘Get down on your knees, Stevie boy,’ I said, pointing at the carpet in front of me. He did so slowly and looked up at me. ‘Now, I said, producing a silk scarf, ‘I’m going to blindfold you. Rose said you weren’t allowed to see pussy but she didn’t say anything about tasting pussy!’ I laughed softly as I made the blindfold fast, then lifted my skirt and shucked my panties down.

Devilishly, I rubbed my wet panties over his nose. ‘Get used to my sweet perfume,’ I croaked and laid back. ‘I’m ready, baby,’ I purred.

Steve lowered his face towards me pussy and even from my vantage point I could see my pubic hairs were slick with my moisture. I wondered how I must smell to him, how musky and ripe? I was a previously self-conscious about the perfume of my arousal but now it didn’t matter at all. If he didn’t like it, tough!

‘Oh,’ I moaned softly as his tongue drifted over my outer lips. ‘Take your time,’ I whispered, ‘we have all night.’

His movements were jerky and a little rough, almost as if he wanted to get the whole experience over with.

I knew he couldn’t see anything but I was sure he could smell me – I could, I was so ripe, so hot! Would I really make him give me five orgasms , I wondered as I floated away on the tip pf his tongue, would I?

‘Slow down, Stevie,’ I whispered, ‘nice and slow, tease me a little.’

The feeling was superb! Not just the soft feel of his tongue against my clit but the fact I could just lie back and enjoy it, didn’t have to worry if he was enjoying and, what’s more I didn’t have to reciprocate! This must be heaven, I thought, sheer heaven !

His face showed a brief flicker of pain and I guiltily wondered if he was finding my juices so distasteful and then I realised it was the pain of his locked cock swelling as he tasted me! That realisation made me feel even better, if that were possible and I parted my thighs even more and slipped my fingers into his curly hair, pulling his face closer into me, swimming in sensual bliss for twenty minutes or so.

‘A little faster,’ I moaned and I allowed myself to be swept up into the sensual and illicit nature of it, the taboo and the power. Next time , I moaned to myself, I’d get him to do it in front of a mirror so I can see. Next time? Am I sure? But, it feels so fucking sweet!

I opened my eyes and looked down at him, his tongue working furiously and little beads of perspiration dripping from under the blindfold. He was really working hard, he must really want that orgasm but I have to get four more!

That thought, combined with his tongue and the unreal situation of urgent and controlled sex sent me spiralling over the edge. Fingers locked into his hair, I pulled his face close, rubbing against him as I crashed through, as I erupted and for one moment I thought I saw stars.

Sheepishly, I pushed him away as he had kept licking and nibbling after I had finally come down from the shooting pleasure and I always become sensitive. Steve sat back on his haunches and I quickly looked around for my underwear, scooped them up and shimmied into the panties urgently, smoothing my skirt down over them.

I almost ran to my bedroom, shouting over my shoulder, ‘you know the way out! Get out!’ There was no way I wanted to face him yet, no way I wanted him to see me after I had just orgasmed, I didn’t think I could stand the embarrassment.

Peeking around the curtains, I saw him walking across the lawn to his house and opening his front door.

I made a light supper, constantly thinking about what had happened. What was I thinking , I berated myself, how could I do that ? But , a sexy little voice inside my head pointed out,

have you cum like that before?
When I put the lights out, I wondered what Steve was doing over in his house and I peeked through the window. The lights were on and I guessed he was watching television.



At night I slept like a baby, slept too much. The first thing I did was peek through the curtains and saw Steve walking to his carport. Moments later, I saw him drive off to work in his truck, his face turned towards my house as he drove past and I shrank back.

I showered quickly, dressed and, already late for work, drove crazily to the large building that housed the call centre I worked in. I was a Team Leader to a group of nine operatives and we handled customer service complaints for a giant software company. As I only worked part time, the shifts weren’t that long but I was always glad to get out of the place.

For the entire shift, I thought of nothing but what had occurred the night before and by the time I pulled into my garage, I knew I had to have another go. What did it matter what he thought , I rationalized, what did I care what he thought? He’s the one with a padlock on his cock!

I did a little housework, constantly peering through the curtains to see if Steve’s pick up was in his carport and as I was getting the washing ready, I blushed when I picked up the panties I had worn yesterday, remembering how I had rubbed them on his face.

The washing machine was jumping around, the floors sparkled and the kitchen looked like no one had ever lived here and I was hot, so hot, I suddenly decided to have a swim. After all , I reasoned, Rose has always said for me to come over and use their pool anytime.

I felt that illicit sexual feeling sweep over me again and a sudden image of Steve, blindfolded with his mouth on me ‘down there’ made me flush and I felt arousal building.

Stripping my clothes off, I had a quick shower, shaved my legs and underarms and, as I rubbed moisturiser into my legs, I wondered what swimsuit I would wear?

Deep down, I knew I had all ready made the decision, a white low cut one piece with a gold diagonal strip from right breast to left hip. It was high cut so I gave myself just a little trim but kept cutting and cutting as I remembered Steve’s tongue and how I had pulled his face into me. God, I was getting wet all ready and I stared down at my vastly trimmed groin, my clit was almost wetly visible.

Parading in front of the mirror in the swimsuit, I thought I looked ok. To him , I told myself, I probably look like a goddess; it’s been so long for the poor schmuck, even though I’ll have to wear my glasses!

I rummaged through the drawers and found a pair of gold earrings and slipped them in. After making my face up and styling my shoulder length hair, I was ready.

Taking a deep breath, I wrapped a blue sarong around my waist, slipped on a pair of gold sandals and tried to saunter sexily over to Rose’s house. It’s not easy to saunter in sandals and a swimsuit and I had a sudden respect for all those models that make it look so easy.

I dropped the sarong on a white lounge and slipped into the pool for a minute, careful of my hair and face, then laid down on my back on the lounge, sunglasses on and waited for Steve to get home.

When his car pulled in, I was dozing comfortably in the sun, feeling warm and sensual – in fact, downright sexy!


‘Hi there, Stevie,’ I said throatily, enjoying his expression as he stared at me. ‘I’m feeling thirsty.’ ‘Would you like a drink?’ he asked quickly. ‘You like bourbon, right?’

‘Sounds good,’ I said, airily waving him away and I squeezed my thighs together at the sight of him almost running to the house to get me a drink.

He returned dressed in swim shorts with the drink, ice tinkling in the glass and I took it from him, smiling and one arm behind my head. ‘Thanks.’ I looked over the top of my sunglasses at his crotch. ‘How’s it going?’

‘Well, you know…’

‘Well, I don’t,’ I said with a smile and sipped my drink.

Steve shifted uncomfortably and then sat on the end of the lounge. ‘Can we talk?’

‘Aren’t we?’ I said teasingly.

‘”Did you mean it about, five…well, you know…’

Feeling bold, I smiled and said, ‘can’t you say orgasms, Steve?’

‘Sure,’ he said, red faced, ‘but I was thinking, maybe we could change the way…you know,’ he stammered.

‘You don’t like the way you did it?’ I asked coolly. You don’t like going down on me , I felt like saying, you don’t like it ?

‘I was thinking,’ he said and then looked right at me, ‘that maybe I could just fuck you.’

I laughed. ‘It’d be over in five seconds – I don’t think so.’

‘But we could wait, I could go a second time and then I could really fuck you…’

‘So you get to come twice? Nice try, buster!’


‘Steve,’ I said coldly, ‘I don’t want to!’

‘But five?’ he whined and I grinned maliciously but thought, I was a little tender, what would I feel like after five?

‘What else can you offer?’

He looked around in desperation. ‘Massages? I could clean your car? I…’

‘Massages? You any good?’

‘Rose used to think so.’

I ignored his hangdog look and rolled over. ‘Let’s see. You can rub the sun oil in and massage me at the same time.’

He was pretty good, I had to give him that and I was feeling pretty good as well as lazy and sensual. I had to admit it was good to feel the strong hands of a man touching, it had been a long time. ‘I can’t stand it,’ he moaned and I turned around to look up at him, his face contorted with pain.

‘Can’t stand touching me? I coldly demanded.

‘You don’t understand,’ he moaned, ‘it hurts when I get…you know.’

I turned over. ‘Let me see it,’ I said softly.

His eyes widened. ‘But…’

‘Drop the shorts, Steve,’ I snapped, ‘or I’ll make it fifty before you get to touch it!’ His eyes fell and he started tugging at his shorts. Damn, it felt good to order him around, I admitted to myself, it was great he had no choice!

He looked nervously around but the yard was enclosed with a high fence and he pulled the shorts down to his ankles. I exchanged my sunglasses for my usual glasses and examined him. There was a gold ring through his foreskin and joined another ring under his testicles with a gold padlock. This caused his cock to be stretched tightly against his balls and pointing downwards.

I shook my head, Rose was an evil woman.

‘So it hurts when it tries to get hard?’ I asked, staring at his cock. It’s been so long since I’ve seen one, felt one.

‘Like the devil,’ he moaned.

I stood up quickly, grabbed my sarong and sunglasses. ‘Let’s go into the house.’ He stooped to pick up his shorts. ‘Leave them, I like you naked.’

Imperiously, I dropped the sarong on the sofa, a white leather one I had always thought was a little tacky but, ‘tacky’ does, I’m afraid, does describe Rose’s taste.

The main bedroom was all white, I’d seen the queen size bed when Rose had bought it and the walk in wardrobes had floor to ceiling mirrors that reflected the room. Perfect , I thought, just perfect .

Steve shuffled in, hands hovering in front of his groin and I noticed he was red in the face. ‘Where do you sleep now?’

‘In the spare bedroom,’ he mumbled.

‘So Johnny fucks Rose in here?’ I said nastily and he flinched.

‘Suppose so.’

‘Here’s the deal, Steve. I’m going to lie on that bed, get really comfortable and you’re going to kneel there. If you give me what I want, I’ll adjust the count.’

‘To what?’ he asked quickly and I smiled.

‘Let’s say, if you deliver, you’ll only have to deliver one more time after that.’ I suppose I could have given him what he wanted after I came but I liked the control I had, the way he did what I wanted. Knowing men, I guessed the moment he came, he would lose interest in doing anything for me, anything at all.

He nodded and slowly walked forward. ‘Not so fast,’ I said, ‘you have to be blindfolded. Rose said you weren’t allowed to see so get something for a blindfold.’ The truth was, I wasn’t ready for him to see me naked. It’s always difficult getting naked in front of a guy the first time and even in these weird circumstances, I wasn’t ready to let him look.

Steve opened the wardrobe and started to listlessly look through clothes. ‘For god sakes, let me!’

I pushed him out of the way and started going through drawers and laughed softly when I found Rose’s vibrator in a sock in her underwear drawer. Pushing it aside, I rummaged through the drawer and found a pair of full control panties in black and a black scarf with a fringe.

‘This will do.’ He started to kneel on the carpet and I said, ‘put a pillow down, you can kneel on that.’ When he was down, I snapped the panties over his head and pulled them down over his eyes and then wrapped the scarf over them, tying it firmly. ‘Can you see?’ He shook his head and I stood up and peeled my swimsuit down and off. I stared at our reflections in the mirror – a naked blindfolded man on his knees, waiting to service me and I was wet from the sight.

Naked, I lay back on the bed in front of him, legs parted. I could smell myself so I was sure he could. ‘Ok, Stevie,’ I whispered, ‘just follow your nose.’

He leaned forward and I sighed when his tentative tongue made first contact. After ten minutes, I was really flying and I opened my eyes to watch in the mirror. The sight of his naked back with muscles working as he licked and my naked legs obscenely spread around his blindfolded face made me moan again.

Another twenty minutes; my head moved back and I turned to one side as his tongue caressed my clit. ‘Oooo…’ I purred, ‘you’re getting pretty good at this.’

My fingers locked around his head, feeling the silk of the scarf and the tight panties as I pulled him closer and deeper into me. His tongue slid in and out of me and then tickled my inner thighs. ‘Stop teasing,’ I whispered, ‘you know what I want.’

My eyes flickered open and I gasped at the sight in the mirror, my fingers pulling his head in, the urgency of my thrusting into his face and the look on my face was pure animal lust. That’s what I look like , I realised, that’s what I look like as I’m about to cum !

And cum I did! I arched back into the bed, pulling his face hard into me as I screamed, my entire body vibrating with the pleasure that rippled through me. For a moment, I thought I would die from it!

Gently, I pushed him away and his fingers went to his blindfold. ‘No,’ I said hurriedly, ‘wait!’ I slid off the bed and pulled my swimsuit up, snapping the straps down. My face was flushed and my hair completely tousled, the goddess had vanished and was replaced by a woman who looked like she had just had wild sex. I grinned at that and nodded to myself, I suppose I have .

I stripped the blindfold and panties off and he looked up at me with pleading eyes. ‘Tammy,’ he said brokenly, ‘please? Please let me, it’s hell; you have no idea what it’s like. When I’m tasting your sweet pussy, I’m in constant pain.’

Sweet pussy , I pondered, he said sweet pussy? He likes it? ‘ ‘No, I don’t have any idea. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t have a cock.’

I turned to flounce out of the room when his broken and sobbing voice held me. ‘Please Tammy, I’ll do anything if you let me, anything.’

He looks like he’s about to cry , I thought, he really wants it.

I don’t know what it was, perhaps the look on his face or the urge to get back to my place, get out of the swimsuit and slip into a warm bath to ease my now sensitive pussy but I relented. Guess I’m not cut out to be a hardhearted dominatrix.

‘Wash my car and clean it out, I want to see it sparkle and then I want you to cook dinner for me. No frozen dinner, a real dinner and if the car glows and the food is good enough, I just might let you.’

‘Yes ma’am,’ he said with an eager grin.

I watched him washing my car through the window as I waited for the bath to run. It’s not bad , I pointed out to myself, having a man at your beck and call, is it? I gingerly lowered myself into the bath and leaned back. Yes, it’s not bad at all, quite useful in fact . I wonder what’s for dinner?

What to wear, what to wear , I thought as, wrapped in a towel, I studied the racks of my clothes, what do I wear for dinner with a man whose cock I control?

First things first, I spilled the contents of my underwear drawer onto my bed and looked through it. What does it matter , I told myself, he’s not going to see it, is he ?

Wrapped in soft paper at the bottom of another drawer was a bra and panty set I had spent an excessive amount of money on when I was trying to convince my ex-husband I was sexy. It was in a delicate peach colour, the panties soft and silky with an embroidered design in chocolate lace over the crotch that was repeated on the bra cups. The bra also gave me a little extra help and my cleavage looked great, although it was a little tight and was uncomfortable for long periods.

The set came with a small suspender belt in the same colour and lace design and I slid a pair of suntan stockings up and connected the stocking tops to the suspenders.

I twisted and turned, examining myself in the mirror and gave myself a thumbs up – I looked pretty sexy and it was amazing how my confidence had increased in a such a short time.

Taking my time, I did my face and hair, added dabs of perfume to strategic areas over my body and then stepped into my dress; it was a layered georgette dress with a low neckline and gathered under the bust. I loved the colour; it’s not exactly white but is called ice and I loved the feel of it as I moved. It was a dress I had bought sometime ago and I always felt a little self-conscious in it but now I felt positively gorgeous, even with glasses!

Stepping into my party shoes, jewelled heels in silver, I sprayed a cloud of perfume, walked through it and I was ready. Ready for what , a cautious voice asked , ready for what exactly ? Ready for dinner, of course .

Of course, I made a big thing of inspecting the car, guessing he was watching. It positively shone in side and out; I could see my face reflected in the hood so I was pleased with Steve’s efforts.

Steve was hovering around the open door and I sailed past, noting he had changed into a white casual shirt and black pants. He even smelt good and I guessed he also spent time in the bathroom.

‘What’s for dinner, Steve?’ I asked throatily, enjoying the look in his eyes as he looked me up and down and then grimaced. I chuckled, knowing he was trying to get hard and I felt great!

‘I have some fish and I’ll grill it on the barbeque. If that’s ok?’ he asked quickly.

‘Sounds dreamy,’ I said, walking into the dining room, saw he had set the table and had even lit candles. ‘Very nice, are you trying to seduce me, Stevie?’

‘Uh, well…what you said.’

‘I’m kidding,’ I smiled and brushed past him, grinning at the expression of pain that flickered over his face as I did. A bowl of garden salad sat in the centre of the table with a bottle of wine and two glasses. ‘Why don’t you cook the fish?’ I said, pouring some wine and he vanished to the patio.

‘I could really get used to this,’ I said softly, sipping the wine while checking the cutlery for marks.

The fish didn’t take long and Steve hovered as he slid a piece on the plate. The eager expression on his face and his willingness to make me happy was a real turn on.

He served himself and watched me anxiously as I cut a piece and chewed it. ‘Very nice,’ I said at last and he sighed in relief, picking up his knife and fork when I was struck by a devilish thought. ‘Why don’t you get comfortable,’ I said sweetly, ‘and take your clothes off?’

For a moment I thought he was going to argue but thought better off it and immediately stripped naked. I smiled at the gold padlock glittering in the candlelight and squeezed my thighs together. This feels so good , I thought, smiling at the naked man on the other side of the table,

I might have to use his mouth again.
I sipped the wine and then ate silently while Steve, red faced, picked at his food. ‘Are you looking forward to jerking off?’ I asked, making conversation.



‘Yes,’ he mumbled, face bright red.

‘How does Rose organize it?’ I remembered what she had told me but I thought I’d check and I did like the humiliation on his face.

‘I chain myself in the cellar,’ he mumbled. ‘I lock a chain around my neck and through the furnace pipes. Rose makes sure it’s locked and then gives me the key to this,’ he said, gesturing at his cock.

I picked up my wine, stood up and started walking to the living room. ‘Why don’t you clean up?’

When he came to the living room, I was seated on the tacky sofa and his eyes were drawn to my crossed legs, that familiar painful expression flickering over his face. I felt just a little horny and so powerful to have this naked man jumping at my every whim.

I pointed at the fireplace and at the heavy metal rings on the grate. ‘That looks sturdy,’ I said and his face followed my finger.

‘Yes, it’s embedded in the concrete.’

‘Good,’ I said, ‘why don’t you chain yourself there?’


‘Why not?’ I said sweetly. ‘I’m going to watch and I don’t like the idea of your cellar, probably has spiders and thingies.’

‘You’re going to watch?’ His mouth hung open and his face was the brightest red so far.

‘What are you waiting for? Hurry up or I might change my mind.’

He scurried away at that and I smiled as his naked ass disappeared out the door. Moments later he was back with a length of chain and two padlocks and he locked one end of the chain around his neck, the other through the heavy ring on the grate.

I stood up, took the keys from him and walked to the door, feeling his eyes on me every step of the way. ‘I’ll get the key,’ I said, posing in the doorway, ‘don’t go away.’

The thought of a naked man chained and waiting on me was too much and the moment I got inside my door, I lifted the hem of my dress and slipped my fingers into my panties. ‘Just as I thought,’ I murmured, ‘wet, really wet!’

I went to the bathroom, freshened up and then retrieved the key from the sugar, leaving the other keys on the bench top. He was kneeling by the grate, waiting and his head jerked up when I entered. Smiling, I sat on the sofa, crossed my legs and showed him the key. ‘Do you want it?’ I asked throatily.

‘Yes, please,’ he pleaded and I tossed him the key, laughing as he scrambled to catch it.

‘Unlock it but don’t touch it,’ I warned and he nodded as he concentrated on unlocking the padlock. With a sigh, he slid the padlock out of the rings, placed it on the carpet and squatted back on his haunches, his now free cock stirring.

I watched his cock get hard and pulse. It wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small either but it had been a while since I saw a cock, let alone feel one. ‘How does that feel?’ I murmured.

‘Great,’ he said, eyes lowered.

‘What do you think about when you…you know…do it?’

Steve looked away, face red and cock hard. ‘Girls…things…you.’

‘Me?’ I was astounded but flattered to think of him picturing me while he jerked off in that cellar. Suddenly, I felt a little sorry for him.

He turned back. ‘I’ve always thought you were sexy, so in control but sexy. That husband of yours was a jerk.’

‘Ex-husband,’ I automatically corrected him. Steve smiled shyly and I saw his cock twitch, maybe that helped me make up my mind. ‘I’ll be your pin-up,’ I said shakily. Standing up, I unzipped my dress and stepped out of it.

The look on his face made me flush. His face was almost contorted, eyes wide as he stared at me in my lingerie and stockings. I wondered if he could tell my panties were soaked and I put my hands behind my back, pushing my breasts out and posed against the sofa. Shit , I remembered, I’ve still got my glasses on !

Suddenly, he groaned, bent over and I saw his cock jerking wildly as he came, cum spurting from his cock onto the carpet. I couldn’t believe it! He came, I realised, from watching me, just seeing me, without touching it !

Steve looked at the puddle on the carpet and then looked up at me. ‘I couldn’t help it,’ he muttered, ‘just seeing you…’

I walked past him to the kitchen and ripped some paper towels off the roll. Should I be flattered he came from looking at me , I wondered, or disappointed? When I saw his muscular naked body I knew I should be flattered. “Here, wipe it up,’ I said, dropping the paper towels next to him and sitting back down on the sofa. I didn’t bother getting back into my dress and picked up my glass of wine. I took a sip and watched him mopping up the mess from the carpet. ‘I suppose I’ll have to wait another month before I get to see you jerk off.’

The look on his face was priceless and I burst out laughing. Putting my wineglass down, I lay back on the sofa and gently patted my panties. ‘Come here,’ I whispered and he eagerly crawled over. ‘You know what to do.’

‘But…the blindfold?’ he asked, eyes glued to my panties.

‘Fuck the blindfold,’ I murmured and watched as his trembling fingers gently slipped my panties down.

As I lifted my hips for him, I saw his eyes focussed widely on my wet pussy. ‘Beautiful,’ he said softly and dove right in.

He licked me with a passion for twenty minutes or so, never once giving up on me, just kept at it, and I was soon panting, pulling his face tightly in.

It was too much and I pushed him back. ‘Are you fucking hard yet?’ I hissed and he blinked, my juices smeared across his mouth. I looked down and his cock was red and hard, bobbing almost like a missile that was heading towards a target.

I pulled a condom from my purse, threw it to him and he eagerly ripped the packet. There’s something deeply arousing about watching a man roll a condom onto his hard cock.

Throwing cushions on the carpet, I unsnapped my bra and lay down in just my stockings and suspender belt. I reached up to take my glasses off when he said, ‘No…I mean…can you leave them on? You’re just so sexy in them.’

I shrugged, inwardly pleased and smiled as I parted my legs. ‘Get down here and fuck me, lover.’ He slid into me and I gripped his hard shoulders with one hand, holding his chain with the other, rubbing against him. He pulled my head back to kiss me, tongue pushing deep into my mouth as his cock moved inside me. ‘Don’t fucking cum until I do,’ I whispered in his ear as he increased the tempo.

‘Yes, ma’am,’ he whispered back.

It was a short but furious fuck, it wasn’t making love, it had been too long for both of us and we fucked wildly around the living room floor. His chain was long enough to enable us to try out a few positions until I rolled him over and sat on top, moving against him, playing with my nipples until I came with a deep rush.

Steve then rolled me over and pummelled me, pushing deep inside me, rocking and gripping me tightly. I held his rock hard arms moving with him until he stiffened and groaned as he came.

I watched him as he dozed on the carpet and figured he would instantly lose interest. His eyes flickered open as I was looking around for my clothes. ‘Thanks, Tammy,’ he said quietly.

‘No problem,’ I said coolly, snapping my bra strap together, adjusting my breasts in the cups.

‘That was sensational.’ He looked around and picked up the padlock. ‘I should wash before I put this back on.’

I looked at him and he looked at me. God , I thought, is his cock stirring already from looking at me? I snapped my panties around my hips and walked to the bathroom, returning with a damp face cloth .

He wiped his cock while I watched and then held the padlock up. ‘Do you want me to put it back on?’

Did I , I wondered, did I want his cock locked up? I thought of the past forty-eight hours, the orgasms, the sense of power and that glorious fucking. And the fact he did what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted it. ‘Yes,’ I said coldly, ‘I want you to put it back on.’

The padlock snapped shut and I slipped into my dress. ‘I’ll get the other keys,’ I said, picking up the key to the padlock.

‘Tammy,’ Steve called hesitantly, ‘do you want to stay the night? It’s just that…it’s good to share a bed…I mean.’

‘I’ll think about it.’ I walked into the night, the breeze rippling my dress and was deep in thought all the way home. I was still thinking when I put the padlock key back into the sugar and then returned after a few minutes with the keys to his chain.



When he finally stood up, I noticed a red mark around his throat. ‘You must have locked the chain too tight, there’s a mark.’

He shrugged. ‘It was worth it.’

I looked down and his big bare feet. ‘You can stay the night at my place,’ I said softly, ‘if you want to.’

‘Are you kidding! I would love to!’

‘I’m going to have a shower; I suggest you do as well. Come up to the bedroom when you’re ready.’

I hurriedly walked home and took a quick shower, changed into a sheer white baby doll set and was sliding into the bed when he appeared in the doorway.

‘Come on in,’ I patted the bed.

‘I locked everything up,’ he said as he took his clothes off and slid naked into the bed. He studied me and I smiled sweetly at him. ‘You are beautiful,’ he murmured.

‘Thank you.’ I think , I thought, he really means it .

‘How many…you know…’

Will you just say orgasm!’

‘How many orgasms do you want before I…’

‘I’ll have to think about it,’ I smiled and put my glasses on the bedside table.

I switched off the light and snuggled down and Steve rolled close, his big body pushing against me, arms moving around me. ‘What about Rose?’ he whispered.

‘I’ll think about that too, I have two weeks to figure it out.’ I snuggled against him, pushing my bottom against him and he groaned softly. ‘What’s the matter?’

‘It hurts when I try to get hard.’

I cuddled the pillow. ‘Good,’ I said sleepily, already dreaming about how I would like to start the day tomorrow. Perhaps a naked swim in the pool, I wonder how long Steve can hold his breath ? ‘Goodnight, Steve.’

‘Goodnight, Tammy.’

First Published 2004

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