KDPierre with her/his particular brand of chastity belt humour. Don’t know anything about the artist except the chastity cartoons have, so it seems, been around the web for a while.

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  1. Funny… Probably a bit of a myth… with some truth in there too. You likely can’t force a person to be locked and expect that this imprisonment will get them to do something truly against their will. Not gonna happen. Most just play the game…

  2. There used to be a website called lockmeup.com which has now been taken dow. Anyway, they used to have a very comical selection of chastity cartoons including one of Hilary Clinton swallowing a key whislt Bill (now safely controlled by a CB) looked forelornly at himself in a mirror!

  3. I remember that site… was that the one where Alison… posted?

    She had a blog Safe and Secure or something, and it also went POOF

  4. Great cartoonist!
    You should see his C/B cartoon of ‘After the Shower’.
    I saw it on the ‘Over Her Knee’ website/blog,
    listed on Red’s ‘Consensual Spanking’ blog’s contacts.