Confessions of a Cuckold

1. The Birth of a Cuckold
A woman’s appetite is twice that of a man’s; her sexual desire, four times; her intelligence, eight times.
Sanskrit Proverb
My life used to be quite simple. Looking back, I can see that it was simple as a result of my blissful ignorance.

It was an uncomplicated life indeed. I worked occasionally – my wife was wealthy and I had no need to play the role of the traditional provider – spent my free time with my lovely wife, Tina.

Ah, Tina!

What a beautiful and beguiling creature!

She stunned me the first time I laid eyes on her. It was a momentous day when I saw her across the room at a boring social gathering.

There was no doubt that I was seen as an “eligible man” because of my qualifications and business. At that time, I operated my own small engineering company, a business I later sold so I was considered to be a “good catch”.

But all the young simpering girls faded from my focus once I had seen the older and beguiling Tina Pennywhistle!

She seemed to radiate sensuality and beauty.

What a woman she was.

And still is!

She exudes a sensual air and over the years, I have come to recognise that Tina also reeks with a subtle wanton sensuality.

Dark haired, big eyes, voluptuous body and, I thought, the most sensual mouth I had ever seen. Later, I would remember I had thought that and realise how startlingly prophetic that had been!

I could not tear my eyes from her and happily ignored all the other women. I only had eyes for Tina!

She had glanced over at me through the crowded room and smiled softly, a smile that sent an electric charge to my cock and made my frozen heart grow warm.

Falteringly, I pushed through the groups and managed to catch her eye. Surprising myself, I had plucked up my courage and begun a conversation.


‘I know very well who you are,’ she confided with a sly smile, ‘you’re the engineer chappie all the young girls are focussed on. Wayne something?’

‘Dawkins, Wayne Dawkins.’

‘Nice to meet you, Mister Dawkins. It’s unusual to find a single man at these gatherings.’

‘I suppose it is.’

‘You are single?’

‘Why, yes, of course.’

‘Never married, I wager.’

‘Yes. How did you know?’

‘You don’t show the signs of the married man. Let’s be naughty and have some more of that champagne, Mister Dawkins.’

‘I’ll get two glasses but, please, you simply must call me Wayne.’

‘And you can call me Mrs Pennywhistle,’ she said with a soft, sensual smile. ‘I haven’t decided whether I want to be on first names basis with you yet.’

God, I had thought miserably,

she’s married!
She laughed knowingly at my expression as if she had the ability to read minds.

‘Don’t be so sad. I’m a widow! Now, run off and get my champagne, Wayne.’


And so it begun.

Our first date was a shyly innocent affair.

I waited on her hand at foot, pulling her chair out for her, opening doors, and Tina plainly loved the attention.

And, I must confess, I loved making her happy. You see, Tina has the most mesmerizing smile and an equally enchanting laugh. I would do anything to make her happy and now, when I think about it, it’s plain that I did!

I discovered she was five years older than I was and had been married previously to Thomas Pennywhistle, a well-known industrialist.

Immediately, I felt a little shy when I learned of her wealth and position within the community but Tina encouraged me to forget about it.

‘It’s only money,’ she had said, ‘there are more important things in life!’

‘Yes, but…I’m…not rich…’ I faltered.

‘As I said, it’s only money!’

Her first husband was, I discovered later much older than Tina and when he died from a massive heart attack on the golf course, he left Tina in quite a wealthy state

It was obvious that money was not that important to her. Tina had no qualms about paying her way although I hesitated. I didn’t like her paying as I was, I suppose, terribly old fashioned in that regard.

‘Oh do let me pay, darling,’ she said one day, ‘it makes me happy!’

That was the ultimate reason as far as I was concern so I acquiesced.

Tina almost hypnotised me with her beauty, charm and grace. Many a time, I would wonder what she was doing with me as she could have the pick of any young man!

However, Tina convinced me she loved me and as I had fallen deeply in love with her, I was soon down on one knee and proposing.

It was the happiest day of my life when Tina accepted!

It was a simple wedding, a spring wedding in the garden and we were blessed with perfect weather. The ceremony was followed by an idyllic honeymoon in Spain.

The honeymoon was interesting as it was obvious that Tina, an older woman, was most enthusiastic and conversant about sex and sexual positions.

As Tina was more knowledgeable than I was, it was natural to allow her to take the lead in our sexual activities. We tried a few things but I was always, in my mind, a little clumsy and naïve but Tina didn’t seem to notice.

There were times when I thought I was disappointing her in some way but carried on regardless.

At least she never showed me any disappointment or mentioned that she was not satisfied.

Apart from one moment!

I now remember that moment well, although, at the time, I ignored it instead of seeing the early warning sign, the danger signal!

It was the first time we made love before we were married. Tina had said she had waited long enough and wanted to take me to bed!

Of course, I wanted sex as well and complied.

And that was the moment we were first naked together.

I had wondered if I saw a flicker of disappointment in my wife’s eyes but brushed it aside. I am not a big man “down there” but I always assumed I was average.

Tina did not mention anything so I simply forgot about that one moment until that memory returned to haunt me three years later!

The first years of our married life were, or so I thought, absolutely wonderful.

After three years, I made my discovery!

That fateful night was my fork in the road, the launching date for my voyage of discovery!

Once I discovered the truth, I should have taken a different road but I didn’t – I couldn’t!

What would you have done if you had been in my position?

It was the day before Tina’s forty-second birthday!

Even though Tina’s wealth could easily support us, I insisted on working as a consulting engineer. This meant the occasional trip out of town but we accepted that as part of our life.

I was supposed to be out of town but returned early to surprise Tina for her birthday.

I had planned an enjoyable entrance where I could surprise my lovely wife with a kiss and my expensive birthday gift of her favourite perfume.

I was also looking forward to some exciting “birthday” love-making.

Although, our sex life wasn’t as passionate as it had been at the beginning of our marriage, I still enjoyed sex with Tina on the occasions we made love. We had fallen into a pattern of sex once a week and then, once a fortnight.

As it was her birthday, I was hoping that I would receive a sexy birthday gift, perhaps sex! I thought I would get a special gift!

I couldn’t have been more wrong in one way and more right in another!

Eagerly, I took a cab from the airport and arrived in darkness at our street.

The taxi ride from the airport was one of anticipation as I imagined the surprise on Tina’s face when I made my grand entrance to give her the birthday gift.

Caught up in the moment and the anticipation, I had the taxi drop me off a little down the street near the children’s playground and walked.

The street was dark and I carried my small overnight bag in one hand and the extravagantly wrapped gift in the other.

A few cars were parked in the street including a red sports car I admired briefly. It was quite new and very expensive.

It was plain something was different, that something was wrong when I let myself in to the house. The lights were dimmed, soft music was playing and I saw a half finished bottle of red on the coffee table.

I also saw two wineglasses and then a pair of shoes, shoes that obviously belonged to a man and were not mine!

My heart was in my mouth when I saw the shoes and stared at them for a long moment. They were large, at least three sizes bigger than mine and I felt a sudden tremble of fear.

Then, I heard Tina’s giggles, sighs and ecstatic moans from upstairs!

That sound froze me for a moment and then, heart pounding, I slowly climbed the stairs and stood in the dark hallway.

Bit by bit, I inched down the hallway towards our bedroom. The bedside lamps were on in the main bedroom and I gaped at what I saw!

Tina, completely naked except for a pair of black thigh high stockings and a suspender belt, was on all fours on our rumpled bed as a young black man fucked her from the rear!

She was moaning and moving on that black cock and I watched as the muscular man gripped her breasts and ran his hands over her body while he fucked her.

Fucked her!

Stunned and hypnotised by this lewd sight, I could only stare as that large black cock sawed in and out of my wife’s cunt!

That invasive cock was huge and I felt a tremor of jealousy and self-loathing as I watched.

To my ultimate shame, I also felt aroused!

Tina was bucking and howling with pleasure in a way I had never seen! Stupefied, I watched her large hanging breasts wobbling and swinging with every piston like movement of that large cock!

It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen!

My cock was instantly hard, rubbing against my trousers as, stunned by what I had inadvertently witnessed, I silently backed away.

What do I do?
Do I burst in there and demand an explanation?

I could imagine Tina’s calm and haughty voice.

‘Explanation, darling? Why, it’s obvious, I’m fucking!’


I shook my head to clear it of my ludicrous imagination and moved silently towards the stairs.

Even as I crept back down the stairs, the sight of my wife being fucked by another man was emblazoned behind my eyes. I could not let the sight go and my cock throbbed!

Any sense of outrage or anger had been swept away by what I had seen.

That obscenely erotic sight stunned me, watching another man’s cock deep within my wife’s pussy had somehow diminished me while inflaming me!

I leaned against the wall in the garage, my hands shaking as I tried to think.

What do I do?
The birthday gift was forgotten as I tried to reconcile what I had just seen.



My wife was unfaithful!
My wife was upstairs, bent over on our bed, letting a black man fuck her doggie style!

Moreover, she obviously loved it!

I had never seen her so sexy, so aroused and my cock would not relax, would not soften no matter how much I tried to marshal anger or jealously.

Instead, I wanted to creep up the stairs and see that sight again! I wanted to stand in the dark and watch!


Telling myself I was sick and out of my mind, I slipped out of the house and walked down the dark road to the small children’s park. Befuddled, I sat on seat and looked back down the dark street at my house.

The lights were burning softly upstairs – in our bedroom – and my cock twitched and pulsed at what I imagined was happening in my bed at that very moment.

Doggie style!
Fucked from behind by that young black man with the huge cock!

Was she still being fucked?

Had she come?

Had he come!

Was he wearing a condom?

Does my wife suck his cock?

What were they doing now?

My mind was reeling as I tried to rationally and logically think of alternatives, think of my next step but it was impossible to think clearly.

I could only think about what I had seen


Alone in the dark for almost an hour, I watched my house and for all that time, my cock remained rigid.

Sometime later, I saw a man walk from the house and down the street to the dark shape of the sports car parked in the road.

It was his car!

He was obviously careful and didn’t park in our garage and I wondered who he was, how long Tina had been fucking him.

Did I really want to know?
Wasn’t it better he remain anonymous?

And then my heart almost stood still as a sharp and painful thought skewered my heart and soul.


Was Tina going to leave me?
Was she planning to divorce me for this young man?

Was she?

Is our marriage over?

Of course, a small voice whispered,

your marriage is over!
You’ve just seen your wife of three years fucking another man!

It must be over!

But, I wondered, does it have to be?

I closed my eyes to remember what I had seen while my rigid cock pulsed against the stretched front of my trousers.


My estimation was that he was at least ten years younger than I, with a very muscular and toned body, and, of course, a cock that looked like a black snake!

I blinked as my mind through up an explicit vision of that cock sawing in and out of my wife’s stretched cunt!

As the car drove past me, I opened my eyes and wondered if he saw me in the playground and guessed I was the man he had just cheerfully cuckolded.

Did he care?
Looking around the silent street, I wondered what to do next.



Should I just go away and pretend to come home tomorrow, pretend it had never happened?
Was I prepared to close my eyes to preserve my marriage?

Or should I be a real man and confront my wife about what I had just seen?

I was confused and hard, so very hard!


What was wrong with me?
I’m deeply aroused from watching my wife have sex with a stranger!

I should be buying a gun!

Should be stalking that bastard that had just fucked Tina!

That’s what I should do but, instead, I was sitting in a dark children’s playground, my overnight bag at my feet, my wife’s birthday gift on the seat next to me and my cock still hard in my trousers.

Still hard!


She enjoyed it, I thought moodily, remembering the ecstatic look on my wife’s face, she loved it!

I knew that in our three years, Tina had never acted or reacted like that when I made love to her.

That was the difference!

I made love to her while that man fucked her, fucked her hard!
And why was I so aroused from watching?

Why was I still aroused?

Suddenly, I saw the garage door of my house slowly open and, moments later, our car reversed into the street.

Frozen, I watched as the car, turned and I wondered where I should hide.


Tina was going somewhere?
Was she going to meet another man?

My heart was in my mouth as the car turned slightly, parking lights on and drove towards the playground.

And stopped next to the playground!


The driver’s window noiselessly slid down and Tina, smiling calmly, called to me, ‘get in Wayne.’

I licked my lips, uncertain.

‘Come on, Wayne,’ Tina calmly called. ‘You’ll catch a cold sitting out here.’

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