One of the great love stories where age differences didn’t matter. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. “We had it all, just like Bogie and Bacall. Starring in our old late, late show, sailing away to Key Largo”

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  1. Thank You Carmenica for another memory of two of Hollywood’s greats! Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, who were actually married in real life set the screen on fire with their chemistry. Some of the best films made.

    Time to dig them out again and watch.

  2. Unbefeckinleivable… beautiful. Thanks… amazing image!

  3. As you may know, am a huge fan of old films. Blame the Film Club at university but would rather watch the old films than most modern ones. Was born in the wrong time! 🙂

  4. Carmenica,

    Ain’t that the truth… I don’t go to the movies but a few times a year these days and only to see art films which are usually not done by American directors. Woody Allen’s last one was very cool… shot in Paris with flashbacks to the time of Hemmingway, and F. Scott and Zelda…etc. very cool. If you haven’t see it.. Do! I think you’ll like it.

  5. From a review….

    “One night, Inez goes off dancing with friends they’ve bumped into – a wonderful turn from Michael Sheen as Paul, a pompous stereotypical American know-it-all on a culture kick – but Gil doesn’t want to go and instead gets lost on a walk home through Montmartre. He sits down, the midnight bells chime and a vintage Peugeot pulls up inviting him in. He’s coaxed in and before he knows it, Gil is talking and partying with the likes of Ernest Hemingway -who is intensely portrayed by Corey Stoll -, Cole Porter, Pablo Picasso and F Scott Fitzgerald, who are all Gil’s artistic idols.

    As the next morning arrives, he’s back in the present day in his hotel and slightly perplexed, was it the alcohol? Did it all happen? Owen Wilson plays all this wonderfully. He appears to look content as an actor in this part, perfecting that balance between seeming uncomfortable yet wanting to explore and question life and everything around him.

    Gradually, we begin to time-travel more frequently and he meets Adriana (Marion Cotillard) and she opens his eyes to who he is and he begins to question what he really wants in his life. As we drift between eras, we meet more icons including Gertrude Stein who is warmly acted by Kathy Bates and a really entertaining role by Adrien Brody as the surrealist Salvador Dali.

    MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is a clever, unsuspecting tale that delves into the illusion of real life and how the imagination can sometimes be a better place to escape to. Furthermore, it is heartfelt, witty and intelligent escapism plus one of the best from Woody Allen in recent times.”