Cling Wrap

‘Let’s get you all hard and slick,’ my wife said in a sultry voice as her fingers lightly ran over my straining cock.

It was so difficult, so terribly frustrating for me, my own private hell.

‘Tickle, tickle,’ Marjorie said, using her long plum coloured fingernails to brush under my cock, making me moan into the gag.

‘Dickie looks soooo hard,’ she teased, leaning forward so her rolling, naked tits were wobbling so close to the purple head of my cock.

What a scene!

I fought waves of tumultuous desire as the image of those soft fleshy pillows pressed around my cock threatened to overwhelm me.The nipples were long and hard from my mouth and tongue. Marjorie had forced her breasts into my willing mouth before sitting on my face and making me lick her shaved, bald pussy.

Of course, she had been incredibly wet, her juices coating my face as she callously forced her cunt onto me, using every part of my face to elicit an orgasm.

Then, of course, Marjorie pushed the white ball gag back into my mouth.

‘You moan and complain too much, sweetie,’ she explained, buckling the gag tight. ‘You are such a whiny bitch sometime. It becomes irritating!’

Marjorie liked to call me “her bitch”!

It made her feel sexy, she explained when she fucked me with the strap on, made me the woman for her, her bitch!

‘There, all stiff.’

I looked desperately at my wife, silently begging her to give me relief, a handjob, go down on me, anything!

But I knew she wouldn’t.

Marjorie hummed softly to herself as she walked past me and out of the bedroom.

The moment I thought she had left, I tugged at the chains that bound me securely to the bed, trying to escape but knew it was impossible.

Marjorie returned with a roll kitchen plastic cling wrap and smiled evilly at me.

I tried to talk, to ask her what she was doing but the gag effectively muffled my pleas.

‘Serena told me about this,’ Marjorie said calmly as she tore off a section of the plastic film. ‘She’s such a knowledgeable girl! Absolutely astounds me with what she knows!’

Serena was the young Asian woman who had moved in next door five months ago with her two pet dogs.

It had taken her only three weeks to seduce Marjorie and turn my wife into a wild sexual child. Who knew what the two of them got up to?

I certainly didn’t as I was banned from going into Serena’s house; she didn’t like men at all.

‘You have to train them,’ Serena had sniffed when she attended a barbeque in our backyard, ‘train them in all ways otherwise they become selfish and inconsiderate.’

‘Serena says cling wrap is one of the great sexual inventions,’ Marjorie said as she wrapped my cock in the plastic film.

I shivered at her touch and stared down at her ministrations until my cock was bound tightly in the clasping plastic film.

‘There! All done.’

Marjorie smiled sweetly at me as she tore open a condom packet.

Stunned, I watched as she carefully pulled the pink coloured condom onto my cock, over the cling wrap.

‘See, sweetie,’ Marjorie crowed when she had finished, ‘I’ve made your cock so much bigger! You look like you have a normal sized one now!’

Was she going to fuck me?

Fuck me at last?‘Serena says that one isn’t enough, sweetie,’ Marjorie explained as she tore open another condom packet. ‘She says you’ll spurt quickly if you can feel anything.’

I could only dream and hope!

No, I wanted to scream at her as my wife carefully pulled another condom over my now swollen cock but the gag prevented anything intelligible escaping from my mouth.

My cock looked grotesque – swollen by the cling wrap twined around it and, now, two condoms!

‘So thick! So big,’ Marjorie giggled.

She looked up at me and closed her hand around my now encased cock.

I could only watch as my wife slowly began to jerk my cock off, sliding her hand up and down it, just as I had dreamed.

‘Can you feel that, sweetie?’ Marjorie asked, looking at me.

Stunned, I slowly shook my head.

‘Don’t cry, sweetie,’ my wife said as she climbed onto the bed. ‘You get to put your dickie inside me. Serena said this is the only way I should fuck you, says it’s the only way to keep you under control.’

Marjorie smiled at me as she squatted over my aching cock.

Slowly, she fed my encased cock into her pussy and I could only look at her beautiful face as I felt nothing.


Just a vague sensation but nothing that would allow me to orgasm!

‘Oooh,’ she whispered, eyes closed as she began to move, ‘that fills me nicely! Much better than your little thing, sweetie. You’re like Montague now.’

Montague was the pet name for the monster dildo Serena fucked my wife with. She had revealed that much of their trysts to me and the imagined picture of the two naked women with that dildo haunted me!

‘Ooooo, so lovely!’

Helpless, I watched as my naked wife moved up and down on my numb cock.

I couldn’t feel a damn thing.

‘So lovely,’ Marjorie cried out in a throaty voice as she began to move harder and harder, her body slamming against mine.

‘I’m going to come so quickly,’ she said with a surprised tone. ‘I get so sexy doing these things to you. Serena said I would but I didn’t believe her. Now, I do believe her! She’s such a clever young thing!’

I turned my head away, not wanting to watch those magnificent tits bounce as my wife fucked herself on my encased cock.

‘Don’t worry, sweetie,’ Marjorie said in a husky voice, ‘Serena says you can come tomorrow.’


I want to come now!

I want to feel my wife’s cunt around my cock!I could only watch as my wife moved faster and faster, her breasts wobbling with the increased exertion as she moved up and down on me.

But that was a pathetically hopeless dream.

I knew the signs and could see my wife was heading towards her orgasm.


Marjorie rocked and rolled on my body while I lay helplessly on the bed until she experienced an earth shattering orgasm!

‘Oh My God!’

She stiffened as she erupted into orgasmic pleasure and then slumped on me, her body slick with perspiration.

After a moment, she smiled at me, kissed the gag and tousled my sweaty hair.

‘Serena says you can come in the back yard tomorrow before she takes me to the beach. Serena says that men should only milk their thingies outside because of all that mess. She says her dogs are more responsible and cleaner than men.’

Slowly, she swung off me and grinned.

‘Serena has bought me a really wicked bikini. It’s sooo sexy! She says I’m a horny bitch and I should show the world. It’s delightfully sexy.’

Marjorie sighed.

‘It’s funny, isn’t it, sweetie how Serena can make me do anything and I can make you do anything? It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?’

I turned my head away again, blinking small tears from my eyes and dreamed off coming, dreamed off a normal life.

First Published 2008

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