The Buster Nolan Scenes


Synopsis: Tommy “Buster” Nolan thought he could control everyone, even when he was paying for a Domme to dominate him.
Then, a foolish bet with Pepper Collins, the Domme, puts him in a situation where he really loses control and has to endure terrible humiliation!
He has to face his old enemy and, at the same time, learns to face himself!
(FemDom, chastity belt, humiliation, exhibitionism, cage, bondage, forced femme)


Excerpt 1.

 Tommy “Buster” Nolan was a self-made man.  In the midst of the I.T. bubble, the media called him a genius. According to some of the people who worked on the team that developed the famous “Buster Anti-Virus” software, Tommy Nolan was a typical geek who had no ability to communicate with anyone on a reasonable and polite basis.

Most of his colleagues, when asked to describe Nolan in a few words, would settle on rude, self-absorbed, know-it-all twit. Some of the females said “He had the fashion sense of a 1980’s nerd with the manners of a Neanderthal!”

The women who worked with Tommy Nolan were the most vitriolic in their criticisms! There had been only two women who had worked with Nolan on the project team that completed the anti-virus software and had survived to be on the executive team that ran the new company.

One of those women resigned after ten months and left the country to work for a competitor. The other, Lois George, lobbied against Tom Nolan and was the main reason for Nolan’s removal from the company he had founded.

The story of his ignominious exit was kept from the media and, therefore, from the gossips amongst the industry.

So, it was not well known that Tommy Nolan was paid a gigantic sum for the rights to the software so he would leave the company he began. Nolan could not interact well with people and he demonstrated a total inability to manage and lead people.

No one could put up with his compulsion to always be right. He would argue with anybody, even strangers, in an effort to prove he was right.

This trait would become the main reason for his downfall.

Excerpt 2.

The session was, in Pepper’s mind, successful. She ordered him to do things and he did them, although somewhat grudgingly.

It seemed he was always on the verge of correcting her or pointing out some mistake she may have made which irritated Pepper.

She ordered him to get a belt from the wardrobe and whipped his arse with it. His erection did not wilt, even when his bottom was red and striped.

Pepper even tied him up and teased him until begged to be able to wank. Pepper teased him a little more and then watched him ejaculate.

All in all, Pepper thought it was a reasonable first session.

‘Well,…’ Tommy said as soon as she released him, ‘…that wasn’t worth two thousand pounds!’

‘You’re only saying that after you’ve come,’ Pepper said, hand outstretched. ‘Blokes will, like, say anything when their dicks are hard. Once they’ve come, they tell the truth.’

‘That’s a cynical view.’

‘Whatever. Money, please?’ Pepper said hand outstretched.

‘Can’t you wait until I’ve dressed?’

‘I’ve seen your dick! Hard or soft, it doesn’t bother me. Give me the money!’

Tommy paid her and, as she counted it, Pepper said, ‘Call me a taxi.’

‘I’ll drive you home…’

‘No thank you. I’d prefer a taxi. I have somewhere else to go.’

‘Oh, you’ve got another customer?’

‘That is not your business,’ Pepper said, putting the money into her handbag.

Tommy looked her up and down.

‘Can you dress in a more sexy fashion next time?’

‘Who said there would be a next time?’ Pepper said, walking to the door. ‘I’ll wait downstairs.’

While Tommy dressed, Pepper looked over the house and knew she would love to live in a place such as this.

It’s wasted on that nerd!

‘I’ve called a cab,’ Tommy said, clattering down the stairs. ‘I think next time you should force me to do things.’

‘I did force you to do things,’ Pepper said indignantly.

‘No,’ Tommy said patiently, ‘You didn’t! I did everything because I decided to do them. It wasn’t because you forced me to do it!’

‘Whatever!’ Pepper sniffed.

‘Next time…’

‘You keep going on about next time! I don’t know why you think I will do another session with you!’

‘You will,’ Tommy said confidently. ‘You like the money and I think you have the potential to be a good Domme.’

‘Thank you for the bloody compliment!’ Pepper said icily. ‘Where is that taxi?’

‘It’ll be here in a minute. Next time…’

A buzzer sounded through the house and Tommy said, ‘That’s the taxi now.’

Thank god! Pepper hurried to the door.

‘I’ll call you,’ Tommy called after her.

I should change my numbers, Pepper thought but in the back of the taxi, she looked back and thought, It is a lovely house! I’d like a house like that!

 Excerpt 3.

My head felt dull and thick, my throat dry and I felt very strange as I slowly opened my eyes.

Blinking, I saw I was still on the sofa with my hands held behind me! I flexed my wrists and felt the cold steel of handcuffs as I blinked furiously, trying to focus.

I was still naked!

My heart began beating when I saw my cock enclosed in a silver tube.

A chastity belt!

An expensive chastity belt!

‘The sleeping boy is awake!’


She was sitting on a chair opposite me, legs crossed, the black nylon of her stockings gleaming in the light and she was holding what looked like a remote in her one hand, a large hand mirror in the other.

‘Wha…what have you done?’ I stumbled, my voice thick and awkward. A glance at the window told me it was now night!

‘Shall I explain?’ Pepper said with a devious smile.

She uncrossed her legs, a furtive glimpse of lace stocking top as Pepper stood up, placing the remote on the chair.

‘You are naked,’ she pointed out, ‘and your hands are handcuffed behind your back.’ She was now wearing a thin gold chain around her neck. Maybe she was wearing it before but I didn’t notice it then.

Pepper pulled the end of small chain from her cleavage and I saw there were keys dangling from it. ‘These are the keys to your handcuffs as well as the key to your chastity belt.’

Stunned, I watched her put the keys back down between her magnificent breasts.

Those keys are where I have not gone!

I tried to focus on what she said.

‘Chastity belt?’ I croaked.

‘Yes. It’s a beauty, isn’t it? Cost quite a bit but I’ve been told you can’t get it off. Ever! Without the keys, of course.’

I gulped and looked into those big cold eyes.

‘What…Why are you doing…’

‘You wanted a long session,…’ she grinned, ‘…and you’re going to get one. I’m going to make you do things, just like you wanted!’’

I felt a little relieved at that. This is just a long session…

‘Of course,…’ Pepper chuckled, ‘…this session is going to be a little bit longer than you first thought.’

‘Longer? H…how long?’

‘I don’t know,’ Pepper shrugged. ‘Days. Weeks. Months…’

Months! You…you can’t be serious!’


‘I’m going to sit on this fucking sofa for months?’ I snapped incredulously.

‘No,’ Pepper said with a calm smile, ‘you’re going to walk downstairs. We’re going to the cellar.’

‘I’m not going anywhere!’ I laughed.

‘Are you sure about that?’ Pepper asked softly, eyes glittering with an emotion I could  not recognise.

Was it power?

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3 Notes

  1. So far I’ve only read the first book so this is a preliminary impression. A nice beginning although I was a little disappointed at how short the first book was. I supposed I should have read more carefully when you described this series as consisting of novellas rather than novels. There are a number of aspects to this story I really enjoy. “The Rich egoistical bastards hires a dominatrix and ends up getting far more domination then he ever dreamed of or wanted” theme works really well. It has such obvious story possibilities one wonders why you haven’t explored it more often.

    The elegant and simple tools Pepper Collins uses to capture and initially control him – a chastity device and a remotely controlled locked on shock-delivering equipment gives her easy and no-fuss convenient control. His sexuality is turned against him, in her hands it becomes a method for her to control, discipline and punish him.

    I love the way he realized belatedly how he got himself into this situation. He will no doubt end up paying her handsomely for domination sessions he now desperately wants to avoid.

    The fact that it is his own home she turns into his prison is a very nice touch that adds a whole new level of humiliation – no doubt he himself will end up paying for whatever modifications she deems required to turn his castle into an ever more strict prison for him and luxurious feminized residence for her. As I said there are endless possibilities .

  2. I enjoyed the idea behind Buster very much and I agree with all the comments Ulver makes.
    I like the way Carmenica is so economical in her writing. How she takes a simple progression of events, such as Buster comming out of hs cage and making his way upstairs and can spend several pages describing it and producing a piece of writing which is never tedious, which holds my interest, which conjours up the scene and the wider situation so sharply. I can almost taste and smell the atmosphere in the cellar, the kitchen and finally the lounge, where the climax of the story is played out. Its a very accomplished piece of writing from a very experienced and talentaed authoress.
    A constant challenge must be to keep the genre fresh. This is fresh. I can recognise elements in other stories Carmenica has written but paintings by a single artist will often have the same colours and what counts is what is done with the colours. Carmenica has painted a new, vivid and enticing story.
    Should you buy this series? Yes! If you are a Buster Nolan, it will be a timely warning about how your behaviour may become your very own nemesis. If you are a Louis, it will give you pause for thought. If you are Pepper – well you will already be ahead of the game!
    Any difficult moments? Yes: I am not into humiliation and if I had been Buster, I should hve taken the first opportunity to plunge a knife in my chest when things came to a head. But he did derive satisfaction and sexual fulfillment from Humiliation and so in the end, all was well.

  3. Thank you both for your thoughtful feedback. It is appreciated.