She stretched like a plump cat, then extended a leg so she could look critically at her toe nails.

‘I think, darling, I should teach you to prepare and paint my nails.’

Startled, he looked up from his newspaper.

‘What did you say?’

‘You’re always a million miles away when you read. I said, I should teach you to prepare and paint my nails. My toe nail polish is a little cracked and I’m tired of the Cherry Pink colour anyway.’

Paint your nails?’

‘Are you going deaf, darling? Yes, paint my nails!’

‘Why on earth would I want to do that?’

She pursed her lips and looked up at the ceiling.

‘Oh, to learn new skills, perhaps?’

He laughed and returned to his newspaper.

‘You’re being ridiculous,’ he said, turning a page. ‘To learn new skills, indeed!’

‘You do need some, darling.’

‘Need what?’

He frowned at his wife.

‘New skills. You know that as well as I do.’

He snorted and rattled the pages of his newspaper to signal he wanted to return to the interesting story on the debate about Turkey’s entrance to the EU.

‘How long have we been married, darling?’

‘Look, I’m trying to read the bloody paper!’

‘How long?’

‘You know as well as I do!’

‘Tell me then.’

‘Seven years.’

‘Ooo, you do remember. How sweet.’

‘Don’t be sarcastic!’

‘I’m not, I genuinely think it’s sweet.’

He snorted again and she smiled, examining her fingernails.

‘I would think, darling that you should really consider doing my nails…’

‘Look, Eloise, I’m trying to read the…’

‘Did I tell you that I purchased the video camera for our trip to Ceylon?’

‘It’s called Sri Lanka,’ he said grumpily, ‘it hasn’t been Ceylon for ages!’

‘I know but Ceylon was the name I remember when I first heard about the country when I was a very little girl. It always sounded magical.’

‘Lot’s of Tamil Tigers.’

‘Asian tigers are almost on the extinct list…’

‘They’re terrorists!’


‘Might be a little dangerous.’

‘I’ve always wanted to go, darling, you know that. Anyway, I decided to purchase the camera and you know I wanted the best possible one…’

He flicked through the newspaper pages as his wife talked.

‘So I decided to research the best small camera. To do that, I decided to use the internet.’

He looked up cautiously.

‘Internet? You?’

‘Yes, I decided to learn some new skills, darling. Anyway, I learned to surf – is that the right word, darling?’

He nodded, watching her warily.

‘So I surfed on the computer in the study, the one you “work” on late at night. Do you know the one I mean?’

‘Of course I do! There’s only one computer in the house!’

‘I discovered the best camera and I went out immediately and purchased it.’

He breathed a sigh of relief and returned to his newspaper. However, her next words made him look up again.

‘Of course, once I discovered how to “surf” I went back. And then I found the favourites section. That was interesting reading, darling. They were your favourite places you like to visit on the web.’

He blinked at her, his face pallid.

‘I thought after seven years that I knew you very well but it seems I don’t!’


‘You haven’t called me that in a long time. So, I decided to use the camera. It’s such a small one that fitted easily in the bookcase…’

‘You didn’t!’

‘I did. Darling, I watched it this morning and you look so sweet when you play with your dickie!’

The newspaper fell to the floor.

‘I…I don’t know,’ he stuttered, ‘what to say…’

‘So, after watching that and visiting all your special web places, I thought you might enjoy learning to clean and paint my nails. Of course,’ she said airily, ‘you should be naked while you do it. It seems that is how sexual slaves dress these days.’

‘Ah…sexual…slaves? Dar…’

‘Go and take your clothes off, darling. Quicksticks!’

‘Now, look here…’

‘Perhaps,’ Eloise said, addressing the ceiling, ‘your sister and your mother would love to see that video? I could accidentally leave it on a family video. Let’s hope your mother doesn’t decide to show that video to her neighbours! I could send it to your secretary as well. I’ve always liked Doris, she has a great sense of humour and would get a huge laugh out of you furiously pulling your little wee wee while staring at naughty pictures!’

He bolted to his feet, face ashen.

‘Eloise, this is…’

‘The way it will be, darling,’ she said calmly completing his sentence. ‘Now, go and take your clothes off while I get the things to do my nails. I won’t tell you again,’ she said evenly.

Slowly, feeling sick to his stomach, he walked away.

Eloise watched him depart with a sly smile.

When he returned he was naked and it was plain to see his cock was erect under his portly belly.

‘Your willie likes this, darling so that is excellent. Kneel down there and you can begin to prepare my toenails.’

‘Darling,’ he tried but she just cut him off with a wave.

‘Hurry up, darling. Do a good job and I might let you wank so I can watch and film it. I’ve decided that I should film all your little wanks.’

He knelt, face white and picked up the solvent and cotton balls.

‘Of course, that’s after you lick me.’

His head jerked up and his eyes bulged.

‘It seems that is something all sexual slaves do, darling, it’s the done thing. I’ve never had my bits licked before so it will be very interesting. I’m quite looking forward to it.’

Her husband swallowed and licked his lips self-consciously, frozen in the calm gaze of his plump wife.

‘Licking is another new skill for you to learn, darling, it will be a very useful one for you as it will keep me happy. A happy wife doesn’t post videos to anyone!’

His hand shook slightly as he tipped the solvent onto the cotton ball.

‘The internet,’ she said, watching him, ‘is such a valuable resource and I’ve learned so much. I never knew you could buy such naughty things. I’m looking forward to trying all sorts of things. Now, rub gently, darling.’

First Published 2006

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