Political Wife, Book 4 Released.

The political scene hots up but things aren’t working out exactly as Jeremy planned!

He thought he wouldn’t have a problem with defeating the current Prime Minister at an election but the Government has a few moves as well.
This book sets the scene for the conclusion in with Book 5. There is room for a sequel if there is enough demand. The next volume which will be published very soon! ((26,464 words €9.10 Available as e-book only))

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 Excerpt 1.

Billie packed a few belongings and put the suitcase at the bottom of the stairs. She intended to stay a few nights at her apartment before flying toParisto look for accommodation in preparation for her new job.

She would then return for the final packing and, perhaps, to arrange to rent the flat. Still, she did not need the money and it would be good to have somewhere to stay when Billie returned toLondonto see her sons.

Samuel had not supplied the details of the job but, as Billie understood things had been a little hectic, she would not pressure him yet. The money had been deposited into the trust account when the original arrangement had been made so there was no problem there.

There was no doubt that Samuel would follow through on the job. After all, Billie still had the disc of Jeremy’s infidelities and if Billie released it to the media, it would have more impact now that Jeremy was Leader of the Opposition.

Billie was excited about the prospects of a single life but was also partially sad. A melancholy feeling had settled over her and Billie did not know why. The relief and slight euphoria that Billie had felt on her way to the hair stylist appointment at the beginning of this adventure, of reclaiming herself, had vanished.

It was Saturday, two days after Jeremy had won the Party room ballot for Leader of the Opposition, another step on his journey to the office of the Prime Minister.

After the ballot where Jeremy was victorious and declared the new Leader of the Opposition, life had been sheer bedlam.

By Thursday night, both Billie and Jeremy had been exhausted. She had remembered to give him the keys to his chastity belt, though. Even though he had not asked  for the keys, which was, in Billie’s opinion, a little strange, she had given them to him. It had been a strange little moment.

Jeremy had looked at the keys as if he did not want to accept them but, of course, he had taken them. Perhaps it was only Billie’s imagination that made her think he had shown a brief flash of reluctance. Perhaps it was symbolic of the end of their marriage or something!

Of course, he wanted the keys! He probably wanked himself silly!

Friday had been even crazier but Billie now, on a calmer Saturday morning, felt it was time to extricate herself from the organised chaos that was political life.

Jeremy had risen early to attend a political breakfast. Billie had heard him moving about in the other room but she had simply rolled over to go back to sleep. She was exhausted and slept for several more hours.

The house was empty on a Saturday. Ellen stopped working on weekends a long time ago. Billie had taken Ellen aside when she had a spare moment on Friday and explained to her long serving housekeeper that Billie was moving toParis. Ellen was not at all surprised and Billie wondered just how much the other woman actually overheard.

Billie had also given her a large cheque and suggested a good holiday before returning to work when Billie, someday, returned toLondon.

‘Or,…’ Billie had suggested, ‘…you could still work here. I’m sure Jeremy will need help.’

‘I don’t think I could work for him,…’ Ellen had drawled, ‘…without you here. He’d drive me nuts! And if I was here alone, I’d probably hit that slimy Samuel over the head with a frypan!’

 Excerpt 2.

‘I think it’s wonderful and just a little romantic.’

‘Gemma said that,’ Zoë said, flushing.

‘What, you don’t think it’s wonderful?’

‘Yes, of course. It is. She said it was romantic and I suppose I’m not that romantic.’

‘I think Gemma has enough romance for both of you.’

‘I think she has,’ Zoë said with a soft smile.

‘Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?’ Billie asked.

‘It’s not a good idea to mention the arrangement at the press conference.’

‘I wouldn’t, Zoë,’ Billie said. ‘I’m not a fool!’

‘I know that, Zoë. I don’t think it’s a good idea to mention the Paris job or that you have a flat…’

‘Oh, I see. No, I won’t. I’ll just play along as I usually do.’

‘Thank you. This is a nerve wracking time for Jeremy and everyone.’

‘I can understand. Don’t worry, I’ll be good. Oh, I forgot to ask, do you want the chastity thingy back?’

Zoë blinked.

‘Ah…no, what would I…’

‘Just wanted to know. He’s not wearing it now. It was rather fun, I have to say,’ Billie said wistfully.

‘What was?’

‘The fun and games. Still, the single life is fun, eh?’

‘I’m afraid it’s not what it’s supposed to be,’ Zoë said. ‘Being a couple is much better.’

‘Like you two?’ Billie asked with a smile.

‘Yes, like us. It’s wonderful.’

‘I’m glad to hear it.  You know, I’d kill for a cup of tea. Where can I make one?’

‘Don’t be silly, Billie,’ Zoë chuckled. ‘There are enough people here and some of them would simply love to make a cup of tea for the wife of the new Leader of the Opposition!’

 Excerpt 3.

The bath was running and Billie was wearing a white robe when Jeremy, carrying two glasses of white wine, entered the bedroom.

He saw discarded pantyhose on the floor with black knickers and bra as well as a black half-slip scattered over the bedroom carpet.

The Valentino suit was lying on the bed and the blouse Billie had worn was hanging over the headboard. Billie had obviously hurried to get out of her restrictive clothes.

She took the glass of wine from him and took a sip while looking at her husband.

‘Nice,’ she said. ‘Are you going to attempt to rape me?’

‘Me?’ Jeremy asked, startled and confused.

‘Yes, you! You have a stiffy!’ Billie said accusingly.

‘No…no, I don’t…’ Jeremy mumbled, face hot.

‘Then,…’ Billie said calmly with a slight hint of a mischievous smile, ‘…what is that?’ Her finger with a glossy red fingernail pointed at the bulge in his trousers. ‘Some sort of disgusting hernia?’


‘Oh, close your mouth, Jeremy! You seem rather foolish! I can tell you now; you are not putting that inside me!’

‘I…I never intended…’

‘I find that hard to believe,’ Billie said, ignoring the weak pun. ‘Blokes think with their dicks! You are obviously aroused.’

‘Please…please believe me…I never intended…’

‘Bollocks!’ Billie said scornfully and then added in a low, almost menacing voice, ‘If you attempt to rape me, I will scratch your face so badly no amount of make-up will cover it! I will then tell the media that you attacked me!’

‘I…I never…Billie, please believe me…I…I did not think of raping…’

‘Are you trying to say you were not thinking of fucking me?’

No! I mean, I…I’d like to make love…but…’

‘Out of the question!’ Billie said firmly and walked into the bathroom.

Jeremy followed her into the bathroom and watched as Billie tested the water.

He didn’t know what to say and he thought rapidly as Billie poured a little bath lotion into the water. Lilac suds surged under the flowing water.

They stood silently, watching the bath filling, sipping wine until Billie turned the water off. The sudden silence was startling to Jeremy.

‘I liked it better when you were in the chastity belt,’ Billie said suddenly. ‘I was in control, I felt safe.’

She looked up at Jeremy and said quietly, ‘Get out. I want to take my bath now.’

Jeremy turned and walked from the bathroom, the door closing behind him.

With a sigh, he drained his wineglass and then with a look of quiet determination, strode from the bathroom.




3 Notes

  1. Hi Carmenica, thanks for the great novel. I love the conclusion of the series and the expectation of more to come. I love the idea of a Prime Minister exuding classical and glacial English elegance, surrounded by mostly female high officials and ministers and a few, quite decorative husbands and men. With a new elite of power women in the corporate and political world, we can imagine and fance a puritanical progressive politics addressing “male problem” in Western societies and families: aggressivness, greed, gambling, porno; while at the same time promoting humiliating sexist campaigns such as affirmative actions and minimal quotas on the workplace and in boardrooms, and a moral suasion on the female-dominated advertising industry not to promote female chauvinist and male-belittling images…. Who knows where it would lead?

    • In the end I don’t think that females are any less susceptible to the same human failings as males. When they play on a male dominated court, they play with the same rules and why would that change that assuming that they could replace them?

  2. I don’t know… in fact it fascinates me how this two elements may go hand in hand for some time: women winning by men’s rules in a chauvinist and sexist battles, then changing these rules according to their needs when they have achieved this power … again who knows where this would lead???