It’s Strap-On Saturday and Strap-On Jane clearly means business!

I love hats but wearing a hat when … well, suppose one should always looks one’s best!

Don’t know about fishnet stockings. Associate them with either vintage porn or with the Seriously Earnest Poet Girl at university who crouched in the corner at parties, glaring at us if we dared speak to Seriously Earnest Poet Bloke who was operating the bar.

2 Notes

  1. Now that’s a lady with ‘sense of purpose’ written all over her face! Yes, I know most of these shots are posed for the market; but this lady looks as though she REALLY means it!

    Aside from her ‘endowment’ which is making my eyes water just thinking about it, with that look on her face; I’m quite willing to overlook any fashion ‘faux pas’ although I think the corset [or is a bustier?] is quite nice.

    However, if we were in the same room and she looked at me with ‘that’ look, I don’t think I’d even notice what she was wearing … and although the strap-on is quite scary, I think she’d seduce me!


    PS Subby’s inch by inch, rule of thumb:

    An inch is nice and slips in, in a trice.

    Another point five really lets you know you’re alive.

    But get to two and you know you’re being challenged.

    Another half – think you ought’a? It’ll definitely make your eyes water!

    Three and above cannot be a pleasure, unless you’re willing to accept incontinence pants, even at leisure!

  2. Tough enough and thick enough to cause some real angst.