Political Wife 3

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Billie exerts more control and Jermey finds it difficult in the chastity belt. Meanwhile, the pressure is applied to Bowling to step aside so Jermey can be Leader of the Opposition while Gemma discovers some interesting things. (30, 174 words. €9.10

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Excerpt 1.

‘Good work,’ Billie said cheerfully and the three women tasted their wine.

‘Why does Damien play pool all the time?’ Billie asked. ‘Why doesn’t he join us?’

‘Does he know those blokes?’ Zoë asked as they looked across the pub at the pool table.

‘I don’t know,’ Gemma said. ‘He could.’

‘He’d rather play pool than sit with us. That says something about our appeal, ladies!’ Billie said harshly.

‘He has a girlfriend,’ Gemma rushed to Damien’s defence.

‘That doesn’t make much difference,…’ Billie said, ‘…when a bloke wants to get his leg over!’

‘He loves her,’ Gemma heard herself say and then cursed herself silently for revealing too much.

Zoë and Billie looked at her for a moment until Billie said, ‘So? We’re not going to rape him, Gemma!’

‘I think she’s a bit jealous,…’ Gemma offered, ‘…so he avoids situations that might make her cross.’

They watched Damien bend low over the table, his trousers taut over his muscular behind, which now pointed directly at their table.

‘Lucky girl,’ Billie said softly.

Only Zoë looked away after a few seconds and began checking text messages on her mobile. Billie and Gemma turned back to the table after Damien had made his shot.

‘So,’ Billie said to Gemma, ‘You are without a boyfriend? Does it worry you? In my day, you were measured by the boyfriend you had.’

‘It’s not like that anymore,’ Gemma said quickly.

‘No? What do you think, Zoë ?’

‘Think about what?’ Zoë stopped scrolling through her phone messages and looked up.

‘Whether you are measured by the boyfriend you do or do not have?’

‘I wouldn’t have a clue. I’ve never bothered about that stuff.’

‘And why is that?’ Billie asked.

‘I don’t really want a full on relationship now. I’m far too busy.’

‘I suspect you’ve had a bad relationship, Zoë,’ Billie said meaningfully.

‘Haven’t we all?’ Zoë said, brushing the comment to one side. ‘How is Jeremy coping with the chastity belt?’

Gemma noticed the deft change of the conversation topic but didn’t say anything.

‘He wants the key so he can wank,’ Billie said. ‘I mean, it’s only been a day…’

‘More than that,’ Zoë corrected in a grunt. ‘He just wants to wank? What if he doesn’t go back into the belt later?’

Billie grinned at Zoë and said, ‘Does nothing faze you, Zoë ? I mentioned this to Gemma and she went bright red!’

‘I did not!’ Gemma muttered.

‘Maybe I am blushing like crazy,…’ Zoë said, ‘…but you can’t tell. Advantage of being black, I suppose.’

Billie chuckled at that while Zoë waited.

 ‘Jeremy pointed out that if he didn’t go back into the belt, I’d have the disk and the information to destroy him,’ Billie said, ‘So he says he would put it back on.’

‘Jesus, he must want to wank really badly!’ Zoë said.

‘I know!’ Billie said with a shrug. ‘I mean, what is that about? Do men get that horny so quickly?’

‘It’s not just men,’ Zoë murmured. ‘It depends, doesn’t it? I mean, at certain times of the month I could shag anyone!’

‘I know!’ Gemma and Billie echoed.

‘Another round?’ Billie asked. All three wineglasses were empty.

‘Why not?’ Zoë said with a shrug. Gemma also shrugged.

‘I’ll get them in. It’ll allow me to check out the young blokes at the bar,’ Billie said with an exaggerated wink.

Zoë watched Billie carry the empty glasses to the bar.

‘She’s on about her husband being horny and yet she can’t keep her eyes off any bloke! A bit of hello kettle, don’t you think?’

‘I suppose it is,’ Gemma said softly. ‘She’s getting very friendly with us, Zoë.’

‘I know.’

‘Is that a good thing?’

‘It’s not a bad thing, Gemma.’

‘Zoë ?’ Gemma said after a moment.


‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Of course,’ Zoë said lifting her eyes from her phone.

‘Are we friends?’

‘I hope so,’ Zoë said quickly.

‘Good,’ Gemma said happily.

‘Why do you ask?’

‘I don’t want to be a loser without friends, that’s all.’

‘You’re not a loser, Gemma,’ Zoë said quietly, putting her hand on Gemma’s. Gemma looked down at their hands and then into Zoë ’s eyes.

‘Thank you,’ she murmured.

‘Here she comes,’ Zoë said, removing her hand and, strangely, Gemma felt the loss immediately.

Excerpt 2. 

‘Oh. Well, okay. Ah…have you thought about…?’

‘About what?’ Billie asked coolly.

‘You…you know, Billie! The key!’

‘Yes, I have thought about it. Let’s have a drink.’

‘I’ll make it,’ Jeremy said quickly and hurried to the bottles and glasses.

Billie smiled and sat on the sofa before the large black Japanese coffee table.

As she waited for the drink, the coffee table gave her an idea.

A completely wicked idea!

Billie smiled as she recalled some of the scenes she had seen on the internet when she was exploring sexual fantasies on those long boring nights when her husband was bonking young women!

The sexual frustration and resentment had fuelled her courage and Billie had surfed in places she would not ordinarily have dared! And the things she had seen! The fetish scenes that exploded before her eyes! It had been a truly educational experience and one, strangely, that gave her more faith in her own identity as a sexual and desirable woman!

‘Here’s your drink,’ Jeremy said, offering the glass.


Jeremy sat opposite her, across the large black coffee table.


‘Well, what?’ Billie teased.

‘Are you going to give me the key?’

‘Not exactly.’

‘What do you mean?’ Jeremy snapped.

‘I’ll explain but first of all, how badly do you want to have an orgasm?’

Excerpt 3. 

Billie paused at the doorway and smiled at the sight.

Jeremy was completely naked except for the chastity belt, of course, and crouched on all fours on the Japanese coffee table.

She had ordered him to clear the surface of the table and Billie had watched as he carefully removed all the decorative ornaments and magazines from the table.

By this time, he was naked while Billie remained fully clothed. She hadn’t even stepped out of her shoes so Jeremy felt awkward and off balance.

It was uncomfortable being completely naked while Billie was fully dressed. Even stranger were Billie’s instructions but he had willingly obeyed, lured by the potential orgasm.

He had readily stripped his clothes off and then, red faced, had trotted to the kitchen to retrieve the green plastic bowl used for rinsing lettuce leaves.

That bowl sat on the coffee table and was positioned directly under Jeremy.

Standing in the doorway, Billie saw her naked husband’s face was bright red and she knew he felt humiliated and dreadfully embarrassed.

That’s good! Brilliant, in fact!

Jeremy raised his eyes and darted a nervous glance at his wife.

She seems so self-assured, so confident and knowing! The woman who had already fucked another man and had plans to fuck more!

Jeremy remembered the shame of having to meet the American has he left Billie’s bed!

That had been so humiliating and yet his cock had throbbed painfully within the chastity belt.

Still does at the mere memory of that awful occasion!

‘Are you sure you want me to milk you?’ Billie teased, snapping on a pair of red rubber gloves.

The gloves were new, straight from the packet where they waited under the kitchen sink for those times when Billie dealt with bleach and other harsh cleaning products.

Jeremy flushed even more deeply at the words.

Milk you!

Somehow, he managed to grunt, ‘Yes,’ acknowledging he was asking his wife to milk him like some kind of absurd pseudo bull!

‘Are you really sure?’ Billie teased.






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  1. Carmenica, there appeared to be a problem with your download service but all is well now. Nothing happened for a while when I tried to download. It worked and I have the book now! 🙂

  2. That’s what happens when unsuspecting and childlike men that are overconfident in their traditional gender status, face willing and educated European women

    • I liked in particular the battle between Gemma and Samuel and how she easily and classily wins

  3. Obviously he’s milked and puts on the chastity belt. he then drinks his cum. whole seies must be great. however i’m american so don’t English exchange rate or address to buy the books from.