The Searchers

It has been a while since I have published a new transgender romance. Almost two years. Why? Frankly, there is not the demand for this type of story as  there is for FemDom or Forced into Stockings tales.
Every now and again, however, I like to explore my romantic side. Usually, I do not bother to publish most of the romance stories I write but this one is an exception.

Synopsis: The news of an accident in a research institute filters into the media. A man has been transformed into a woman and is now on the run, perhaps battling psychological issues. The hunt is on for the victim of the accident. Amongst the chasers are the media, Special Branch and criminals hired to eliminate the “evidence” of mistakes by a manipulative scientist.
Almost a thriller, this is, in the end, a romantic story of redemption and of understanding self, life and love.

The Searchers is a little different from other TG stories but hope you enjoy it.  (52,343 words  €9:00  here )

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Excerpt 1.

Take a seat,’ Allan said and pointed at the large screen on the wall with a slender remote. ‘This was broadcast late last year,’ he said as a news clip began to roll.

Mitchell smiled to himself when he saw Travis purse his lips as Mason O’Leary, the nation’s top newsreader and the only competitor to Travis, delivered the item.

‘Sources close to the government confirm the rumours that a man was transformed into a female due to an accident at a secret research plant. The accident, sources say, was seven months ago.  A Government spokesperson, however, choose to neither confirm nor deny such a fantastic event had occurred!’

Allan switched off the screen and spun around to face Mitchell and Travis.

‘You remember that item?’

‘It’s old news, Allan,’ Travis said breezily. ‘And it was never more than a rumour! No one confirmed it. It sounded like bloody science fiction!’

Allan said nothing and just looked at Mitchell.

Mitchell cleared his throat.

‘I recall the item, Allan. We ran a half hour special, talking to scientists to find out if such a thing was possible. They all confirmed that, with the latest advances in DNA and molecular biology research it was not impossible!’

‘Wasn’t there a whistle blower?’ Travis said suddenly as he remembered.

‘Yes, there was,’ Mitchell continued. ‘A man who claimed to work at the establishment confirmed that the accident had happened and said the “woman” had been transferred to a special hospital outside of Glasgow.’

‘Glasgow?’ Travis said with a boyish grin. ‘Poor bugger! Do we know which hospital?’

‘No, we don’t. The whistle blower gave descriptions of the “woman” and then suddenly changed his story, claimed he had made it all up.’

‘That’s right,’ Allan said. ‘He is now living in a rather nice villa in Portugal. That villa has no mortgage. Miraculously and somewhat mysteriously, he came into some money!’

‘Oh. Are you saying he was paid off?’ Mitchell asked.

‘We don’t have proof but it’s interesting, isn’t it?’ Allan asked.

Travis shrugged and Mitchell guessed Travis was already bored.

‘Yes,’ Mitchell said, ‘It is.’

‘Shut the door, Mitchell,’ Allan said suddenly.

Mitchell shut the door and sat back down. Suddenly, the air in the office was tense and expectant. Even Travis looked interested.

‘I have a source,’ Allan announced. ‘A source inside the research establishment.’

Travis and Mitchell waited as Allan smiled.

‘And that source has confirmed the accident! And, what’s more, confirmed the result!’

‘What?’ Travis said, leaning forward. ‘Are you saying some poor bloke actually changed into a woman?’

‘Yes,’ Allan said.

Travis and Mitchell glanced at each other.

‘’This source,….’ Travis warned, ‘…could be pulling your leg.’

‘Or trying to get money as well,’ Mitchell agreed.

‘I thought of that but this nameless person sent me a copy of a memorandum from within the research complex.’ He pointed at the screen and Travis and I turned. A memorandum with “Top Secret – For Research Staff Only” splashed over the top was displayed on the screen.

‘This memo confirms the accident happened and that Project RB has fully recovered. We can assume that’s the code name for the new woman.’

‘RB? What’s that?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘This is all a bit far fetched, isn’t it, Allan?’ Travis asked. ‘Just a bit Twilight Zone?

‘Possibly,’ Allan admitted. ‘But, what if it wasn’t? What if it were true? What if this new whistle blower is telling the truth?’


Excerpt 2.

That night will always remain in my memory.

No, not the accident. The accident occurred a little after ten fifteen in the morning.

No, the night I carried my clothes in a black rubbish bag out of that small bedroom, in reality a cell and escaped!

The building was basically deserted as all the staff were all in a meeting and thought that, as normal, I was heavily sedated.

I had pretended to take the sedatives. They believed my little performance as it was no different from any other night.

For several nights I had pretended to take the evening sedatives and then sleep long and heavily. They were convinced I was drugged, just as they were convinced I was now the demure, passive woman they all hoped for!

But not that night!

I waited until they were engrossed in their meeting before thrusting the clothes into a rubbish bag.

Glen had given me the bag along with my old wallet. No, the wallet that belonged to Brian McGovern. The man I used to be.

The identification in the wallet wouldn’t help me now but the credit cards and the access card to McGovern’s accounts might!

Glen had told me that no one had touched the bank accounts as they didn’t know the access numbers and did not want to draw attention to the demise of Brian McGovern yet.

I had to leave tonight! Glen told me the staff meeting was to iron out the details of my transfer to a high security research institution in America. The government had, so Glen claimed, sold me to the Americans!

He had hacked Creek’s email and showed me the emails that confirmed the sale.

I knew Creek was capable of such a thing. The tests he had inflicted on me bore that out! I still shuddered at the pain and indignities Creek ordered to be carried out.

I trusted Glen. He had been Brian McGovern’s assistant for a year. He was traumatised by the accident almost as much as I was.

That’s a bit of a joke actually. Even though I pretend to have accepted the transformation, I still wince when I look in the mirror or when I have to sit on the toilet.

Every little female thing drove me deeper into depression and, I felt, closer to madness. There were times when it felt like there were two people in my head!

Now, I understood how some patients used to tell me that they heard voices in their head! It was, I imagined, a similar experience.

Sometimes, I think my head is going out of control, that I’m completely insane! Even as a Doctor (or, used to be doctor) I can’t analyse the feelings that surge through me objectively.


Excerpt 3.

They walked slowly and she said, ‘I’m afraid my office is bugged, Mister Cooper.’

‘By whom?’

‘I assume by Special Branch.’

‘You don’t seem that concerned,’ Mitchell said, remembering the informant’s thought that Emily Andrews may have reported the matter.

‘I am meeting you out here, aren’t I? That should show how seriously I’m taking it. I don’t like my conversations overheard.  After your visit to me, they will probably bug your offices.’

‘They wouldn’t dare!’

‘Wouldn’t they? I’m afraid you don’t know our friends in Special Branch! I assume,…’ she said turning her coat collar up, ‘…you want to talk about Brian McGovern?’


‘How do you know about that?’

‘A whistle blower called me.’

‘Oh? Male or female?’


She nodded as if that meant something to her.

‘Why did you leave Highpoint, Professor?’

‘I didn’t like what they had planned for RB. You do know who RB is?’ Professor Andrews asked, testing Cooper.

‘Of course. RB, or “Project RB” is the result of the accident which transformed Brian McGovern from male to female.’

‘So,…’ she said, ‘…you know it all.’

‘Not all of it. Why did you leave?’

‘The tests Creek was using on RB were despicable!’

‘You disagreed?’

‘Of course.’

‘Wouldn’t that research help RB?’

No! In all probability, those tests would finally kill her. They planned subject her to all sorts of tests and who knows if she would survive!’

‘Did they find anything after all those tests?’

‘I’ve heard they didn’t.’

‘How did you hear?’

‘I still have contacts. The scientific community is quite small, Mister Cooper. I have also heard Creek announced RB would be transferred to America for continued research. In other words, they were going to use her as a guinea pig in their efforts to replicate the accident. Creek has sold her to the highest bidder!’

 ‘So, you are not surprised she escaped?’

‘Not at all. Let me tell you that Brian McGovern was one of the smartest people I have ever met.’

‘So our informant said. McGovern was a medical Doctor?’

‘Correct. He studied medicine at university in Scotland and set new records for his achievements. He flew through his studies and even corrected his lecturers who, as you might guess, did not appreciate that!’

‘No,’ Mitchell smiled, remembering his own experiences at university when he had made the mistake of pointing out errors to the lecturers, ‘I imagine they wouldn’t have.’

‘The Government Research Unit is always on the lookout for new talent and when Brian completed his degree, they gave him a scholarship to be an intern in London. Again, he flew through that so he was offered a Residency in record time. He also worked for a while in America and then came back as Medical Observer and Analyst at Highpoint.’

‘A smart boy, eh?’

‘Very. RB has that same intelligence and she would have understood the situation she was in. No wonder she decided that she had to leave.’

‘If it is as bad as you say,…’ Mitchell said, ‘…why did they allow you to leave Highpoint?’

‘Creek didn’t want me to but I have connections, Mister Cooper. Those connections brought pressure to bear. Of course, they have me under the Official Secrets Act so I have to be careful.’

‘I understand.’

‘I assume you’re recording this conversation,’ she said steadily. ‘I would appreciate you destroying the tape!’

Mitchell nodded, removed the recorder from his pocket and offered her the tape.

‘Thank you. Give me your card. If I hear anything I will call you.’

‘Thank you,’ Mitchell said, handing her his business card. ‘Why would you do that, Professor Andrews? Why would you help me?’

‘Because, Mister Cooper, the media may be RB’s only hope!’

Mitchell nodded slightly and then asked, ‘Is she healthy?’

Professor Andrews sighed and looked into the distance.

‘Physically, she’s very healthy but the mental transformation is lagging behind. In fact, she does not want to be female and hates her body! In time, we felt sure she would accept the change and the transformation would be mentally complete as well as physically. Without therapy, that mental transformation may take more time.’

‘She still believes she is male?’

‘She understands what has happened but we don’t know if the transformation will also modify her brain and her thinking. It’s all unknown, Mister Cooper. Suffice to say, she is one mixed up young woman!’


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8 Notes The Searchers

  1. As a fan of your transgender romance, I am, of course, sad that you do not publish more than you do. However, I am also aware that as far as the majority of the visitors to your blog, I am probably in the minority in wanting more romance.

    I will happily take whatever you publish as I enjoy that side of your work very much. I have not read any of the other books you write but have read every romance book published as well as your lesbian work.

    What saddens me most is that you write romance and then decide not to publish it! Please, publish these as well. I cannot be the only fan that loves the TG romance stories!

    On other matter, you mentioned you have received an offer to sell the rights to your books. Please don’t do this as you will surrender all intellectual property rights.

    I work in this field so please email me if you wish to discuss the pitfalls with this type of sale.


  2. Ms Diaz, I echo completely comments and observations by LisaB.

    Your TG romance work is worth waiting for and this one proves to be no exception!

    Even though I hesitate to use the term improved” as I enjoy your early work very much, (it was Catherine Lawrence that brought my attention to your wonderful works), The Searchers is wonderfulyl complex with deeply drawn characters.

    A truly pleasureable read.

    I hope it will not be 2 years before the next romance adventure.

  3. I enjoyed this book very much.

    The people were real and the story was, as usual, beautifully told.

    You have a knack of writing very romantic moments without an overdose of sweetness.

  4. Great book! Enjoyed every minute of it!

  5. What a great pleasure to read one of your transgender romances again, Carmenica! It has been so long!
    Searchers was a stunningly good read! Loved every minute of it and particularly enjoyed the way the tension was increased in so many ways.
    There are many writers who address the transgender market but none as creatively as you! This was pleasurable to read in so many ways.
    Please do not keep us loyal fans waiting so long for the next book!

  6. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. So glad you enjoyed the ebook. Will try to publish another tg romance soon.

  7. Loved it; I’m a real softie for a happy ending. A shame there’s less demand for this type of book as I’m not into dom stories.

    • Thank you Susan, glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully, there will be more of this type of story in the future.