Political Wife 2 Published!

 The intrigue and machinations of the political world continues with Book 2 in the series Political Wife.
Billie seeks to control Jeremy even more and after catching him in a delicate situation, decides a chastity belt is the perfect tool for her revenge! Mrs Armstrong also has fun with the American film star Douglas Bradshaw while Jeremy suffers! And what is going on with Gemma and Zöe?
The second volume in this series is released! Three excerpts for a preview follow.

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Excerpt 1.

Gemma nodded as she had performed the same search but it was always good to check as she might have missed something.

As usual, Gemma allowed herself to be waylaid by the fashion news blogs she subscribed to but had reluctantly closed the blogs even though there was a retrospective story on the fall of John Galliano.

Zoë poured a cup of tea and nodded at the plate in front of Gemma. ‘Eggs?’

‘I was hungry.’

‘Hmmm. You stayed the night?’

‘Yes, I did.’

‘Anything interesting?’ Zoë asked, sipping tea.

Gemma shook her head slightly with a wiggle of her thin waxed eyebrows as a signal not to talk in the kitchen with Ellen there and said, ‘No. They returned from the dinner and slept in separate rooms.’

Gemma’s mobile sang and she quickly snatched it up when she saw it was Danny.

Mouthing, ‘I have to take this,’ to Zoë, Gemma stepped into the back garden.

‘Where were you last night?’ Danny immediately asked.

‘Why?’ Gemma asked coolly.

‘I popped around to your flat…’

‘You didn’t call first?’

‘Why do I have to call first?’ Danny said belligerently.

‘Manners,’ Gemma said crisply and a strange feeling wiggled in her stomach. Is this where we break up?

Instead of nervous apprehension, sweeping through her as it usually did when Gemma faced scenes of confrontation, she felt remarkably calm.

‘In fact,…’ Gemma pushed on, ‘…with all your whining about my job, prattling on that I’m never home, I would have thought it would have made good sense to call me first.’

‘I was in the neighbourhood. That’s all…’

‘So you felt like a quick bonk and thought you’d drop by?’ Gemma said nastily.

‘Now…Gem, that’s a bit off…’

‘Is the receptionist at the garage giving you the cold shoulder or something?’

‘There’s nothing between Marlene and…’

‘Pull the other one, Danny. I can smell her on you when you “pop around”.’

It was true but Gemma had never felt brave enough to mention it before. Now, she simply did not care.

‘You’re paranoid,’ Danny snapped. ‘I think it’s time we stared seeing other people…’

Started?’ Gemma laughed. ‘You’ve already started, Danny.’

‘I think we should break up!’ Danny said fiercely.

Excerpt 2.

‘Very true, Gemma and can you both drop the Mrs Armstrong thing when we’re alone? I hate it as it reminds me I’m still married to the wanker!’

Gemma giggled, remembering the previous night.

Billie and Zoë looked questioningly at Gemma.

 ‘What’s so funny, Gemma?’ Zoë asked with a frown.

‘Nothing,’ she spluttered.

‘I think we can see it is not nothing, Gemma,’ Billie said mildly.

‘Well…’ Gemma began and Zoë and Billie waited. ‘I heard him last night,’ Gemma said with a rush.

‘Heard who?’ Zoë asked.

‘Ah…Mister Armstrong,’ Gemma murmured. ‘He was in the room next to mine and…and…well, I heard the bed creaking as he…’

‘Wanked?’ Billie asked coolly and Zoë gaped in shock. ‘I assume he did,’ Billie said and turned to Zoë with a smile, ‘He gave me a little tongue me again last night in order to stop me calling Douglas and inviting him over.’

Billie smiled at Gemma and murmured, ‘I suppose you heard me? I become a little vocal when I orgasm!’

It was hard for Gemma to tell when Zoë blushed. Her very black skin made it impossible to really tell but Gemma felt that Zoë was blushing as much as she was!

‘My god, you’re blushing!’ Billie laughed and Gemma shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

‘Anyway,’ Billie diplomatically moved back to the original question, ‘I want him celibate to punish him! I want him to want sex but can’t have it while I’m bonking whoever I like! It’s revenge! I’m not proud of myself,’ Billie sniffed, ‘It is, I know, beneath me to involve myself in grubby revenge but it makes me feel so bloody good! So, there it is!’

‘I think,…’ Zoë said slowly, ‘…we get it.’

‘Will you help me though?’ Billie asked.

‘We have to,’ Zoë said coolly, ‘We work for Mister Truman and he has agreed to the deal.’

‘What about my stupid husband?’

‘He doesn’t count,’ Zoë said with a small smile. ‘As I said, we work for Truman Consultancy.’

‘Good,’ Billie said, settling back in the seat, ‘We understand each other perfectly.’

‘That Chanel dress is beautiful,’ Gemma murmured and then, blushing again, muttered, ‘I said that aloud? Sorry.’

Excerpt 3.

Billie nodded and, Zoë, who had been staring into space, suddenly said, ‘You could get him a chastity belt.’

Billie and Gemma turned to look at Zoë in surprise.

‘A what?’ Gemma asked, slightly stunned.

Zoë suddenly realised she had spoken aloud and muttered, ‘A chastity belt. Stop him playing around.’

‘Like the knights in crusades?’ Gemma asked.

‘That’s a myth,’ Zoë said and suddenly became more businesslike. ‘We’ll be at the display soon.’

‘Now, wait on, Zoë,’ Billie said with a smile, ‘I’m intrigued. Are there chastity belts for men? How would something like that work?’

‘There are belts for men,’ Zoë said. ‘Just search for them on-line.’

Gemma stared at Zoë and wondered how the other woman even knew such things existed.

‘These belts are locked on?’ Billie persisted.

‘Yes. You could hold the key and release him when you felt like it.’

‘Which would be never!’ Billie said with a smile and a wink to Gemma who giggled.


4 Notes

  1. I just loved this story, the stylish and glamorous female characters taking power away from their male counterparts, and can’t wait to read what these women have in store for Ch.3!

    • Glad you enjoy it. The series will conclude with Book 5 but there will be room for a sequel.

  2. I completely agree with Marco. This is vintage Diaz with great characters. It does make me think Carmenica has had some involvement in British politics! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • i think putting him in a chastity belt while Billie fucks around and he is still live politically is hilarious.