Teaching Tony

A FemDom Novella!

Tony Burrows was a living David, an Adonis with a South London accent! Girls were easy but he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the garden shed! However, when he was modelling for the older Ava who specialised in fetish paintings, he received an education he did not plan on! A light and playful novella with a little kind FemDom and hypnotism!
(Novella 14,703 words)


Excerpt 1 of 3.

Tony Burrows had been born in Lewisham but, to many of the young women at University, he could have been born in Ancient Rome and carved out of a slab of perfect marble by Michelangelo.

He was a living David, an Adonis with a South London accent.

Long curly black hair bobbed above a cherubic face which in turn bobbed above an athletic body. His eyes were large, cheekbones sculptured and high while his sensual rosebud lips tantalised from below a Patrician nose.

One of the young women who ogled Tony openly, confessed to her hushed girlfriends that she had seen him with his shirt off in the gym and he was “fabulously fit”!

‘Taut and tight?’ an eager girlfriend had demanded.

‘Muscles to hold,’ the other woman whispered and both pretended to swoon.

Tony was focused on becoming a solicitor like his father. He knew he didn’t have to do well, no need for Honours or anything like that, as he was guaranteed a position in his father’s firm which would be passed to Tony one day.

Still, he had to pass the blasted exams and studying was not really his cup of tea, especially with so many distractions!

He had never seen so many beautiful girls. All he had to do was to look moody and brooding while lounging in a café corner and the girls came running!

Sex had never been easier! The girls had no demands, they just wanted to bonk him and Tony was completely ok with that! He wasn’t insane! So much eager pussy and he didn’t even have to talk!

The girls did not stay longer than one date and Tony was always scouting for new talent.

Except today.

His father had decreed that Tony had to “show some discipline and restrain his spending on frivolous items”! The telephone call had ended with Mister Burrows telling his son clearly to get a part-time job to supplement the allowance.

‘But, Father,…’ Tony had wailed, ‘…what sort of job? What can I do?’

Mister Burrows, who had long known that Tony had achieved much simply because of his good looks, simply pointed out that finding a job would be an adventure. Perhaps, even a life changing experience.

Tony’s parents had often thought about their son’s good looks.

Neither parent was particularly good looking. They were not unappealing but Mister and Mrs Burrows were normal and completely average in appearance. Schoolgirls or school boys did not dissolve into excited giggles when they walked by.

Somehow, their genes, when mixed together, created the glowing god Tony had become to hormonally seething young women!

Both parents could see parts of themselves in Tony’s beatific face but they were at a loss to understand how such a beautiful boy could have become such a beautiful man!

Excerpt 2 of 3.

‘I am Ria,’ Ria said, valiantly ignoring the tugging dogs.

‘Ria? Are you Swedish?’ Tony asked hopefully.

Although he had never been to Sweden, he had the young man’s obsession with Swedish girls, believing the urban myth of the open sexuality of the Swedish people.

‘No,’ Ria said with a shake of her head.

She was Danish from Aarhus and was constantly annoyed that non-Scandinavian people thought only Sweden existed. Many southern British people, she had found, had only a vague idea of the countries that existed above Scotland.

‘I know a lot about Sweden,’ Tony said proudly. ‘The capital is Copenhagen, right?’

Ria sighed as it was immediately clear that Tony was not that intelligent. A beautiful young woman herself, she really did not need to throw herself at boys. Moreover, she preferred sporty, fit males that could at least talk intelligently.

It’s such a loss, she thought, he has such fine dimples!

‘No. København is in Denmark. It is nice to meet you, Tony,’ she said, speaking in that flawless crisp English common to Scandinavians. ‘I must walk these dogs.’

‘I’ll come with you,’ Tony said.

Ria shrugged. It didn’t matter to her and she could at least look at his dimples when he grinned that foolish smile of his.

‘There is a café up here where I take the dogs.’

‘Into a café? They like coffee?’

Ria laughed gaily, at Tony’s sense of humour until she realised it wasn’t a joke. He was serious.

‘No, they drink water in the garden at the rear and I have a coffee.’

‘I’ll come with you.’

‘No, you must not. I am sure,…’ she said politely, ‘…you have much to do.’

Surely he wasn’t that dumb, that he wouldn’t take the hint?

He didn’t.

‘No, I’ll come. What kind of dogs are they?’ Tony asked.

‘They are different and I do not know what the breeds are. They are just dogs. You are a student?’

‘Yes. Law.’


Ria didn’t know what to say for a moment. Surely he could not be that unintelligent if he studied law?

She waited for him to ask her what she studied but, of course, Tony didn’t. He was not used to conversation with girls and was wondering why it was taking so long to get an invitation to Ria’s flat. An afternoon shagging would be enjoyable.

‘Where do you live?’ Tony asked eagerly.

‘Around,’ Ria said evasively.

‘Not near here?’ Tony pressed.

Excerpt 3 of 3.

‘I am. Are you going to pay me?’

‘Of course,’ Ava said, watching as Tony slid his white underpants on.

‘Do you want to have sex?’ Tony asked casually, slipping his jeans on.

Ava swallowed, studying his chest muscles. ‘Not today,’ she said brightly. She was tempted but she also had an inkling he was shit in bed!

He was, however, just a little vague and not mentally disciplined. Tony always said whatever he thought with no thought of self-censorship.

He will be the perfect subject for hypnotism!

She stirred a relaxant into the mug of tea and placed it in front of Tony. He was sitting at the kitchen table and looking around the kitchen.

‘Do you cook a lot, Ava? See, I got your name right.’

‘Yes,’ Ava said, making a thick sandwich, ‘You did. ‘No, I don’t cook that much. It’s not as much fun for one.’

Tony looked puzzled.

‘But you have the dogs?’

‘Yes,’ Ava said, ‘I don’t cook for them. Why don’t we move to the cane chairs in the conservatory? It will be more comfortable.’

Ava wanted Tony to be as comfortable as possible so she could gently nudge him into a trance so she could implant commands and release signals.

Tony gulped his tea while eyeing the thick sandwich Ava placed on the small white cane coffee table between them.

‘What sort of bread is that?’

‘It tastes nice.’

‘It’s not white.’

‘Are you colour prejudiced about bread?’ Ava joked but Tony just looked at her blankly. ‘It’s very tasty. Drink your tea and then have a bite!’

Tony gulped some more tea down and finished the mug. Ava smiled and she watched Tony for the signs.

It did not take too long and even before he could manage a bite of the sandwich, his eyelids were flickering.

‘You look tired, Tony,’ Ava said softly in what she called her “therapist voice”. ‘Your eyelids are closing. Can you feel them closing?’


‘Lie back against the chair and relax. It’s good to relax, isn’t it, Tony?’


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2 Notes

  1. Nice stimulating story written in the typical Diaz manner. Excellent dialogue and scene description. Hypnotism was a nice touch. Love the loss of control theme.

  2. This was a light, fun read with some funny lines. As usual, great characters (is there a little bit of you in Ava, Carmenica?) and good descriptions of the sex.