Radio Interview.

A month ago, yours truly appeared on a late night alternative radio interview in Europe for a friend of a friend. Reluctantly, I might add. A transcript was done and I translated it. It is a little rough but you may enjoy it as it answers questions that often arrive via email. It is not an in-depth interview and I did not really like the interviewer, although I was polite. 
I have deleted the lengthy introduction.

She is the undisputed queen of fetish fiction and writes much about the dominant female and the transgendered male. Welcome to  Carmenica Diaz, to my midnight studio!

It is my pleasure.

You may not recall but we met at a party down in Prague. It was the Jazz festival in 2010?

It must have been an interesting party.

It was, it was. Very interesting. You were there with friends. You enjoy music?

I love music.

Do you attend the Berlin jazz festival?

Of course. That is one not to be missed. There is also the Copenhagen Jazz festival in summer. I enjoy them very much.

You have a large fan base in Europe of your books. Do you write from fantasy or from real life experiences?

Ah, that would be telling…

Please, do not be coy with us, Carmenica.

Can I just say I write  from imagination, observations and experience?

Are any of your books biographical?

Parts of some books are but they are mostly from my imagination.

Do you have plans to translate your books from English to other languages? German? Dutch?

Finding people to translate is difficult. It is a difficult and time consuming task. Many of my fans in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia already speak and read English to some degree. My books are not literature, they are, I hope, easy for those where English is their second language.

Do you have many fans in Germany?

Oh, yes. Many. It is wonderful. They write to me often.

Where do your fans come from?

I am not sure what you mean.

Which country has the most fans?

Well, that is hard. Have many readers in the English speaking countries. U.K. as well as America and Canada. Still, there are many in Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Of course, there are individuals in many other countries who download my books. It is hard to say. I have readers all over the world.

How do you write so many books?

Writing is something I love. I have to write, it is not a choice and there are many people in the background who assist.

Assist? They help to write your books?

No, no! I write all the books. No, I mean in other ways. There are the patient editors who correct my mistakes and massage the books into a acceptable format. The website is operated on a day to day basis by a friend and I just select pictures and art, make a few comments and write posts while she manages the technical side of the blog. Another good friend acts as my accountant and financial and legal representative – he takes care of those things – so I am free to just concentrate on writing.

Ah, it is a team?

In a way, it is, although we are spread over the globe. The internet is good for that. Everyone does their part. They are good to me. Truthfully, I never expected my writing to be this big or to have so many readers. I would not have progressed without their help.

You are famous for your transgender stories.

Am I? Thank you, I think.

Are you transgendered?

That was blunt. No, I am not.

How do you write from that perspective?

It is the eternal question, no? As a writer, I can write from many views – female, male, child, wizard, murderer, superhero, perhaps an animal if I choose. I immerse myself in the character and imagine. That is what I do. The stories write themselves. The transgender stories are the outlet for my romantic side, if you will. In a way, they are easier to write as they are from the female view, albeit with the ingedient of the change of gender. Every now and again, I need to write about love without sex. The romance of deep love.

And what is your preference?

To write?

No.In your personal life.  Do you prefer women or men?

It is well known I am bisexual.

Are you in a relationship at the moment?’

Yes, I am.

And can you…

I am sorry but my personal life is private. Not for me, I do not care who knows what I do but for my partner it can be difficult. People assume so much and people, I have found, are so curious about other people.

That’s why you are here in the studio. We are all curious about you. And you are striking. For my listeners, can I reveal Carmenica is wearing all black with an interesting red and black hat…

It is my favourite at this time…shoes and hats…my vices

I cannot imagine you signing books in a shop on the Ku’damm for the people from suburbia!

Either can I.

Do you think you will become very popular in the straight world like, say,  Grisham, Larson or  Collins?

I hope not.

No? Why?

I like being popular in a small way. I have a loyal readership but I can still be myself and not have to appear on terrible television and radio shows…I do not mean this show, of course…

Of course not (laughs)

But living that very public life would be the hell for me. I would stop publishing.

Do you ever think of stopping?

Every time I start a new book I think of not going on. It is not easy to begin and there are times I think I would just throw it all away. I would still write but perhaps not publish.

But you do not stop?

Not yet.

You do not live in Germany?


Where do you live?

That’s private but somewhere close.

I think I know.

Good for you. Next question?

Music pops up in many of your books…

You have read many?

I have. All the female domination and most of the transgender. I enjoyed the “Other Shoes” very much. I am not strong in English but it was good.

Thank you.

Music is important in your books…

It is important in my life.

Do you play?

An instrument?


I do. Piano.


No. Not in public.

That is a pity. We are sure you would be good. Next time you visit us, perhaps you could discuss your favourite jazz numbers? We could play your selection and discuss?

Ah…well…why not.

Thank you, Carmenica Diaz.

Thank you.

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  1. Your are right, Carmenica. Keep protecting your privacy. It is nobody’s business. Besides it leaves room for outsiders’ imagination…

  2. You play the piano? That surprises me. I don’t know why but it does.
    Lobojack is right, Carmenica. Your life is no business of anyone else, just keep writing.

  3. Thanks for sharing the interview Carmenica.
    I agree with Sean and Lobojack: your privacy is impoortant.
    I do not think the Media would leave you alone to write in the way you do, if you were a more public figure. Imagine if you were still living in the UK and were persued by hacks from the News of the World or The Daily Mail. Grim beyond words!

    • *shudder* Grim is the word. Thank you, Phil, Sean and Lobojack for your kind words.

  4. It’s nice to get a slight peek into your life Carmenica. I also think it’s great that you play the piano. People have told me they wish they had my drawing ability—I’ve always admired those who could play the piano.

    • She’s really good, by the way.
      Last summer, when my partner and I visited Europe, we stayed with Carmenica. It was the highlight of a great vacation and we listened to her play many times.

    • Thanks, Rick. 🙂
      And for those who would like to see an example of Rick’s work, he illustrated “Perfect Strangers” Look under Adult Comics

  5. Ich genieße Ihre Geschichten sehr viel.