Diary of a Chaste Husband Preview


Diary of a Chaste Husband is in the format of a diary. The entries begin in December on Christmas Eve and, hopefully, the reader begins to understand more about Amanda and Lachlan through the entries in the diary by Lachlan.


And so, the preview begins…

24 December

I’ve decided I will commence the new year with a journal, a diary of sorts that will only focus on my sexual activities.

It sounds rather grandiose when I write it like that.

However, I feel the coming year will be quite a year as far as our sex life goes. This will be our watershed year.

Some background for you, my inquisitive reader.

Amanda and I have enjoyed a stable marriage. We are confidants and best friends as well as husband and wife. Our marriage has endured the raising of one child, illness, financial hardship and, finally, wealth.

The relationship is solid and very comfortable.

Perhaps a little too comfortable for both our tastes.

After twelve years of marriage, our sex life reached a plateau and stalled until Simon, our only child was enrolled in a very exclusive boarding school.

Amanda and I were reluctant to send him but he was so keen to go (all his friends were going) and our business was going very well so we relented.

I had always thought that parents who sent their children away to school were selfish and not affectionate. Both Amanda and i did not like the idea but Simon so wanted to go.

He went away to school with no sign of apprehension. When he returned the first time from school, we saw only excitement and happiness.

With just the two of us in our large home, we began to experiment sexually. Suddenly, our sex life became alive again. It was fun and very sexy.

For a while.

And then…

It became boring again.

We did not discuss it. I had my business to run and Amanda was focussed on her design consultancy and friends.

However, I began to roam through the internet and discovered tease and denial. It aroused me like nothing had before as did all submissive activity.

I discussed the game – for, at that stage, I thought it was nothing more than a sexual game – with my wife. Surprisingly, she readily agreed to say when I could orgasm.

Forbidden to orgasm for a few days  was  a pleasant build up and we often played small games of denial with Amanda telling me I could not come while I had to service her orally or with my fingers.

We also found it quite easy to discuss all types of fetish and, in fact, Amanda began to surf the web as well. We were two middle-aged people who were excitedly discovering sex again!

We had no idea just how weird and exciting sex could be! Lying in bed at night, we would talk and chuckle about some of the weird things we had discovered on the web!

And Amanda was taking charge more and more. Of course, I did not complain once!

Amanda had told me yesterday that I would enjoy a chaste Christmas with no orgasm until late on Boxing Day when Simon, who was home from school, would go off to stay with friends.

A chaste Christmas!

It would be difficult but I would have the Boxing day orgasm to look forward to.


25 December

An extensive Christmas feast!

Amanda never looked more beautiful and sexy and I hoped I could endure until Boxing Day. It was, after all, just one day and the release after a few days of denial was always wonderful. Somehow, the orgasms were more powerful and exciting after a period of denial.

Amanda proposed a toast and looked down the table at me with a sly smile as she raised her crystal wineglass.

She was very sexy and, I think Amanda knew it. Perhaps, my wife was becoming to enjoy the teasing and denial game even more.

‘To life and many Christmases to come,’ Amanda toasted and we all agreed, raising our glasses in unison.

It was an exciting Christmas for another reason.

My business had been sold to a conglomerate and the final transfer of the purchase price (considerable) would officially occur on New Year’s Day.

Amanda and I would soon be very wealthy and people of leisure.


26 December

We waved goodbye to Simon and then smiled at each other.

Alone at last!

After a few drinks, Amanda smiled a very naughty smile and told me to follow her upstairs.

It was quite unlike her to be so slyly commanding and I thrilled at the dominant way she had softly ordered me to our bedroom.

Ever since we had begun our naughty games of tease and denial, it was obvious that Amanda was becoming more and more dominant. As if to compensate, I became more and more submissive and, therefore, our games were quite exciting as i discovered I was, indeed, quite submissive.

In the beginning, Amanda would tell me to describe fantasies while we fucked. It always surprised just how potent Amanda’s orgasms were after the outrageous fantasies I had described.

As far as the fantasies were concerned, nothing was off limits and our fevered imaginings became even wilder!

Upstairs, Amanda told me to wait for her naked while she used the bathroom.

Laying on the bed, my cock hard and pulsing, I waited for the bathroom door to open.

At last, it did.

Amanda appeared in the door, wearing a powder blue negligee, a Christmas gift from me and frowned slightly at me on the bed.

‘Why are you on the bed, darling?’

‘You said…’

‘I said to wait, my darling,’ she said with a sly grin. ‘When we tell Sandy to wait, what does she do?’

Sandy was our aged Cocker Spaniel.

‘She waits on the floor?’ I said, cock rigid.

‘Exactly!’ Amanda said in mild triumph.

Slowly, I moved of the bed and knelt on the floor.

‘Good boy,’ Amanda said with a giggle, patting my head as she moved to the chest of drawers under the Constable print.

She turned slightly and posed in the powder blue negligee.

‘Do you like your Christmas gift on me?’

‘You’re beautiful,’ I said hoarsely.

‘I’m not sure about the colour. I think black or red is more in tune with my wicked thoughts, darling.’

‘You look brilliant!’

‘After almost twenty years, darling?’

‘Yes. Even more so.’

‘You charming boy!  I suppose we did get married when we were very young. I like the negligee. It’s very sheer and quite naughty. Was it expensive?’


‘Good. We can afford anything we want now. I got you a special Christmas gift. Would you like to see it?’

‘Of course,’ I murmured, cock throbbing.

Smiling, Amanda retrieved something from the drawers and my heart stopped still when I saw she was holding a very plastic pink dildo.

Stunned, I could only gape at it.

‘Do you like it, darling?’

‘Ah…what…how do we use…’

Visions of Amanda fucking me with the dildo loomed large in my consciousness but I did not know if I was ready for that much submissiveness.

‘Silly boy! I’m not going to use it on you! Goodness, no! You use it on me. It is time I experienced something a little bigger. This is eight inches, darling so it’s quite a bit bigger than yours!’

Amanda twirled the pink dildo in the air so I could see it clearly.

‘It’s very realistic, darling. In real life it would belong to a white porn star! Not like your little fellow at all, is it? This is so sexy! Look, it is very masculine with all these straining veins!’

Her finger traced the shaft.

‘Quite big bulging balls, darling, and a suction cup base for those times you are not around to hold it for me.’

Hold it for her?

My demure Amanda had certainly changed!

And, I found out just how much her shyness and naivety had vanished when she had me pleasure her with the dildo!

Surprisingly, she was not backward in telling me exactly what I had to do with it and I soon found myself holding the dildo in both hands, thrusting the thick dildo in and out of her wet pussy while licking her clit.

Amanda writhed around the bed with great sensual abandonment and enjoyed two orgasms!


I was exhausted by the time she exploded into her second bout of ecstasy. My cock was so stiff and hard I could almost come from rubbing against the bed sheets.

Amanda insisted on another orgasm and would not even listen to my protests.

In fact, she made me beg her to deny me her pussy forever while I thrust the dildo in and out of her cunt with my hands.

‘Please don’t let me fuck you again!’ I panted, pushing the dildo in and out of her now sloppy and enlarged sex.

‘Beg me again!’ Amanda gasped, head back and eyes closed.

It was an electrically erotic scenario and I found myself responding as Amanda crested the pleasure plateau and came again.

‘Ban me from your cunt, ma’am!’ I cried, thrusting and licking while Amanda bucked against the tousled bed.

She looked so beautiful and I hungered for her.

Deep down, however, I knew my cock was not enough for her! I could never have fucked her three times like the dildo!

 Thankfully, three orgasms were enough. She sleepily looked at me and smiled.

‘That was nice.’

‘What about me?’ I asked plaintively.

‘What about you?’ Amanda asked in a chilly voice.

‘You said I could come on Boxing Day…’

‘I changed my mind.’

‘C…changed your mind? Amanda,’ I wailed but she would have none of my whining.’

‘Stop that! It is my prerogative, darling, to change my mind. I’m in charge, aren’t I? That’s what you want, don’t you?’

Mutely, I just nodded.

‘You can spurt tomorrow. Now, I’m going to sleep.’


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6 Notes Diary of a Chaste Husband Preview

  1. I can’t wait for this story. This could be my favorite of yours.

  2. Appears to be another great story in progress!! Hopefully not to long a wait, but then again its sounds like Carmen’s literary version of tease and denial. We’ll get to read it on Boxer day.

  3. i am the slave of a Dominant Mistress.She keeps me in Chastity 24/7 with no release date and no key. Your story excited me,but then the ‘points of intrigue’ dug in and i was left in some pain.as i should be; Best Respects David

  4. As usual great however I do hope that this is not a a complete 24/7 device for life…. and that there is still a loving relationship…. I think sometimes a reminder of what it was like is a good idea… keeps it fresh in the memory… however sure you will take us where you will !!

  5. Great start as usual. I hope it doesn’t follow the usual trend of chaste husband’s fantasy comes true, wife is introduced to cuckolding, wife falls out of love with husband and leaves husband. I’m a little tired of buying that story repackaged.

  6. It is a good start. Don’t know about repackaging as Ive always found variations in eveyrthing shes written.