Seduced into Stockings: Ms Bond

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Synopsis Julian willingly falls under the spell of the enigmatic Ms Bond. Initially her personal assistant, Julian is slowly transformed by the woman he adores.
 Seduced into stocking, Julian discovers a part of himself he did not know existed.He feels comfortable and at home with Ms Bond, a woman he would do anything for.
And then…


Chapter 1.

The city.
Such a testament to the achievements of Man.
And yet, the thin and fragile veer of civilisation barely masks the surging primitive desires and mayhem
that has been with human beings since the dawn of time.

Heath beamed at Tina.

‘That’s brilliant, Tina! Is the paperwork submitted? No sale is done until the signature is on the bottom line!’

‘I know, Heath. I’m seeing the client tomorrow.’

‘Tomorrow? So, when will the paperwork be signed?’

 ‘Tomorrow at nine. It will be on your desk by eleven!’

‘Brilliant and that sale will put you on the top of sales ladder for the year!’

Tina smiled modestly at us. Adrian, the sales person currently leader the sales ladder said, through gritted teeth, ‘congrats, Tina. Super job!’

‘Thanks, Adrian,’ Tina said, batting her eyelashes. ‘Coming from you, that’s terrific!’ Tina lied effortlessly.

‘Right,’ Heath said, looking around the meeting, ‘who hasn’t reported yet?’

As usual, I wished the floor would choose that moment to open up and swallow me.

Tina looked pointedly at me and said, with a straight face, ‘I don’t think we’ve heard what Julian has done. I’m sure he has some super sales as well.’

The Bitch!

Adrian turned to look at me, his eyes cold with thinly disguised contempt a top sales person has for a plodder such as me.

Wilson looked at me sympathetically but as I was far below him on the sales ladder, I was the only thing that stopped Wilson from being last in sales performance.

‘Well, Julian,’ Heath said brightly, ‘what’s on the go? Got any signed orders this week?’

‘Ah…not actually, no but…’

‘None?’ Heath frowned. ‘That’s the third week, Julian, unless I’m very much mistaken.’

‘You’re not mistaken, Heath, Tina said helpfully. ‘Julian has not had a sale for three weeks.’

I wanted to strangle the bitch but all I could do was smile weakly.

‘Well…yes…but…but the pipeline is bursting with possibilities…’

‘We’ll have a chat after the meeting, Julian,’ Heath said briskly, ‘and we’ll see what’s in your pipeline! Thanks everyone. A good week for most of you!’ Heath looked at me pointedly.

The others left me with Heath and I rustled in my briefcase for the list of possible sales.

Heath was not interested.

‘Three blanks in a row, Julian,’ he said firmly, ‘is not good! In fact, it’s crap!’

‘I…I know, Heath, but…’

‘You were hired to sell. You said you could sell! Weren’t you the top salesperson in telephone sales?’

‘Yes but…’

How could I explain that talking to customers over the telephone was totally different from seeing them face to face? Particularly since I was a far from an imposing man.

‘I’ll…I’ll try harder, Heath…’

‘You have a week,’ Heath said brusquely. ‘One week! If you don’t submit the paperwork for a sale during the week, I’ll have to let you go.’

Slowly, I put the papers back in my brief case.

‘A week, Julian,’ Heath said as I walked out of the office. I didn’t bother to answer him.

What could I say?


That evening, I found myself in the lift with Tina, travelling down to the lobby. The car was crowded but Tina still insisted on using a loud voice.

‘Did Heath read you the riot act, Julian?’

I could feel everyone in the lift looking at me, waiting for my reaction.

Hoping to defuse the question, I simply shrugged and silently willed the elevator to pick up speed.

‘Did he?’ Tina demanded.

‘Kind of,’ I said softly as the lift stopped at a floor.

The doors slid open and some young women got on, forcing me to move backwards and, thankfully, away from Tina.

As I finally stepped out into the lobby, I hoped Tina would walk off but she waited for me to emerge.

‘You didn’t answer my question properly,’ she said and I could see that her determination and dogged pursuit demonstrated why she was good at sales.

Of course, most of her clients were men and she always wore clothes that were discretely sexual. Low cut blouses and tight skirts with flamboyant high heels.

‘I’ve got a week,’ I said miserably.

‘Oh,’ Tina said with a small smile and I suddenly realised she was glad I was going.  I didn’t know why as I was obviously not competition as far as sales were concerned.

At that moment, the executive lift doors parted and a tall woman in an elegant grey suit strode from the elevator. The suit skirt was tight but not tarty and her long legs were encased in gleaming sheer black nylon.

As she walked across the lobby, her high heels tapping a staccato tune, she appeared both powerful and sensuously elegant.

‘Who is that?’ I found myself asking.

Tina was watching the woman with, I saw, envy mixed with pure adulation.

‘That’s Ms Bond, head of Marketing and Sales.’


‘She is, if you like, our boss.’

‘Would she even know we existed?’ I asked softly, watching as a man in a dark suit opened the door for her.

‘Probably not,’ Tina agreed.

‘Have you met her?’

‘She doesn’t mix with us! Well, good luck with sales,’ she said and walked away.

I remained standing in the lobby, watching through the glass doors as Ms Bond slid into the back seat of a polished black car.

Within seconds, she was gone.

A vision vanished.

Slowly, I walked out of the building and joined the throngs spilling down the stairs to the tube station.


Tina, Adrian and Wilson ignored me. Heath made a big thing out of Tina’s sale lodgement when she returned triumphantly with the sales contract.

‘Signed, sealed and delivered!’ Tina declared and Adrian congratulated her through gritted teeth.

Adrian and Wilson escaped to “visit clients”; although we all knew customers did not want to see sales people on a Friday afternoon so we all knew they had gone to the pub!

Heath went to lunch with Tina and I miserably left the office to find a place to eat while I mulled over my future.

As I stepped from the lift, I accidently bumped into a person emerging from the Executive lift.

‘Ah…sorry…’ I mumbled.

Looking up, I suddenly realised I was speaking to Ms Bond!

Now that I was closer, I could see she was at least five years older than I, maybe more as I was hopeless at guessing the age of women.

She was impeccably dressed and her make-up and lipstick was perfect. I didn’t know what perfume she was wearing but its thick musky scent was intoxicating.

Immediately, I felt like a fool.

‘That’s fine,’ she said crisply, ‘no harm done.

She looked me up and down before glancing at the glass doors.

Probably looking for her car.

‘Do you work here?’

Her eyes fixed on me and I inwardly squirmed.

Nervously, I nodded.


‘Ah…Small B…Business Sales…’

‘Sales?’ An elegantly thin eyebrow shifted upwards. ‘You work in sales?’

‘Ah…yes…just started…’

‘Oh? And how is it going?’

‘N…not very well,’ I found myself answering honestly. There was something about Ms Bond that immediately entranced me. I did not know why but I felt I could be honest with her.

‘Oh?’ Ms Bond smiled at me and the warmth of that wonderful smile seemed to penetrate every core of my body.

‘I’m rather hopeless,’ I mumbled.

‘Keep at it. I’m sure you’ll do well. Ah, here’s my car.’

She walked a few paces and then suddenly turned.

‘Do you know who I am?’

‘Ah…yes…Ms Bond…’

‘And you are?’

‘Julian Banks…’

‘Keep at it, Julian,’ she repeated, eyes flickering over me before she walked swiftly to the car.

I watched her until she slid into the back seat of the car, unable to sever the connection with that beguiling, entrancing creature that was the elegant Ms Bond.

Seduced into Stockings: Ms Bond (Two volumes) Book One: 28, 489 words  Book Two: 29,374 words.

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5 Notes Seduced into Stockings: Ms Bond

  1. Stockings and Garter belt – Beautiful!

  2. Impressive! I can see why you call it Seduced into Stockings!
    Its a good variation on the “Forced into Stockings” theme.
    Enjoyed it and did not have a clue where the plot was heading!
    Seeing this one was soft and a little romantic, can we expect a hard one soon?
    What about the next Diff.Marriage? Is that due soon?

  3. I really got into these books!
    The characters were drawn with a little more effort and the story was unusual but exciting.
    The story itself was a good combination of domination, humiliation, forced female and romance and love with some adventure thrown in.
    All in all, I enjoyed it very much!
    xxxx sexylisa