Mistress Punishes

Mistress Serena punishing a slave in a scene from Femme Fatale Films. Interesting boots.

Pie Smash

Pie Smash by Bakerman (2000) who specialised in cartoons involving female domination of males with pies! I don’t think there is anything more I can add!


Wladyslaw Pawelec was often called an old fashioned erotic photographer. You might like my favourite photograph by him. It’s below. Pawelec died in 2004.




Forced into Stockings: Extreme Games
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Erotic Art

Julie Schalit (aka: Suzie-Q.)

Silent Command

I think Domina Jasmin is expecting something from someone off camera. Perhaps a kiss to a certain part of her latex clad anatomy? And red latex at that!
One colour can represent so much. Good luck in many Asian countries, reserved for the privileged class in Sweden, beauty in Russia and negative in finance. Red is the highest arc of the rainbow and is the first colour you lose sight of at twilight. And it is the sexy colour!

Six Eyes

Photo by Tony Ward

Open Bottom Girdle

Mistress Fun

Mistress Krista enjoying herself with a slave! See all the pictures here!