Strap-On Saturday

Saturday comes around so quickly! Welcome to Strap-On Saturday! (Gif origin unknown)


Chaste Sissy Pegged

Establishing Dominance by Shpanktank

Replaced Again!

A different way to use a strap-on! Pleasure for her, none for him on Strap-On Saturday!
(Origin unknown)

Strap-On Ready

Source of photo: The English Mansion
I’m afraid I can’t stand grey bed linen! It’s a rule. No grey!

The Mirror

Another femdom selfie. I refuse to comment on the animal print or the messy room. I will, however, note the size of the dildo. Large! ๐Ÿ™‚
Origin unknown.


Femdom Series 10 eBooks
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So Many Questions

Why the gas mask? Why the shoes? Why such a small table? Why the background drape? Confusing. (Origin unknown).

Firm Pegging

Not sure if men enjoy a hair pull as much as women.
Origin unknown.

Boot Fetish

Mistress Summer from Mistress Jennifer