Mistress & Slave

Foot Domination

Pudding Foot Domination by bmxxx75

Vintage Pin-Up

Greta Thyssen in Los Angeles in 1956.
Greta was a Danish film actress and former model, long-resident in the United States and was Marylin Monroe’s double in Bus Stop.
She acted in TV shows (Dragnet, Perry Mason & others) but is probably best remembered for her appearances in Three Stooges films. She died this year, aged 90.

Tough Mistress

Lady Sonia giving her “girls” some sun. Got the jodhpurs on as well with boots. She’s ticking the fetish boxes!





Naughty Boy

I’m afraid I could not identify the origins of this. Research did not provide answers as to the name of the artist. Can anyone assist?


Curvy Claire is one of those girls who remove underarm hair! There’s a debate!
However, on a serious note, she suffered breast cancer and endured a double mastectomy. Her breasts were reconstructed and I can only admire her courage and confidence.

Naked Waiter

Calling all internet sleuths! Is this the result of a little creative photoshop use? Then again, she does look a little like Miss Hybrid


A vintage pin-up that poses so many questions. Why use a hose to cool down when there’s a pool? Why wear that as a swimsuit when swimming nude has the same effect and, probably, more comfortable? Who is she? Life is full of so many important questions!

Boot Tease