Femdom Art

Unsure of the artist. Could be Kennady/Stonehouse. Any help?

Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen Von Unwerth

Taiana Camargo

Taiana Camargo.

From the Playboy Magazine pictorial Jan 2015.

Limited research (and even more limited Portuguese) indicates her ex-boyfriend was involved in a bribery scandal in Brazil and went to prison.


Helpless Husbands 1 & 2

Adult comics. Art depicting Helpless Husbands fully illustrated in colour.



Egon Schiele

Portrait of Gerti Schiele 1909 – Egon Schiele

Self Portrait 1916 – Egon Schiele

René Gruau

René Gruau.

Gruau was a fashion illustrator whose exaggerated portrayal of fashion design through painting has had a lasting effect on the fashion industry.

Because of Gruau’s inherent skills and creativity, he contributed to a change in the entire fashion industry through the new pictures that represented the already popular designs created by designers in the industry. The benefits, including economic stimulation and enhancement of advertising are still present in the industry today via a new way of fashion illustration, fashion photography. (Source)

Kate Moss

Kate Moss by Mario Testino.

It seems Kate has a thing for people involved with music.

Moss has a daughter, with Dazed & Confused editor Jefferson Hack, with whom she was in a relationship for several years in the early 2000s.

 Moss had a relationship with Libertines member Pete Doherty but they split in 2007.

Moss married Jamie Hince, guitarist of The Kills in 2011. (Source)

Anaïs Pouliot

Anaïs Pouliot photographed by Sean & Seng for Numéro 2011