Lucas Bertone

Lover Calling – Lucas Bertone.

Bertone’s work focusses on cuckolding.

David Lynas

David Lynas.

I am a camera


Carlo Mollino

Polaroids – Carlo Mollino.

Femdom Comic

Femdom Comic


Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich by Ellen Von Unwerth 1997.

Milla’s official website is here.


Delicious Derrieres.

When you place your hands
On my derriere
Marshmallow soft, dimpled and proud

And you push my buttocks apart
Like curtains to see the sun


And I feel your tongue
On my arched tailbone
Licking, flicking, sticking
How wet I get
In my place of honey
When you place your hands
On my derriere.
(A poem – Anonymous)

Femdom Art


Political Wife

Billie Armstrong discovers just how far her politician husband will go in his quest to win the highest political office in the land!
Billie is not above a little blackmail and, holding all the cards, she pushes her husband to submit to all her whims!
Politics, Billie discovers, is all about power!
Note: Originally published as a series of five books in 2011, the individual books are now consolidated into this one volume.


Political Wife – Available for instant download after purchase.