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Eric Stanton.

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A different self-portrait from fetish photographer Eric Kroll.

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Belarusian fashion model Maryna Linchuk.

As a high school student, Linchuk never dreamed of becoming a model, but been discovered at age of 16. In 2006 Linchuk signed with an agency in New York. (Read more)

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Günter Blum.

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Felicien Rops.

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Milo Manara.

Manara’s reputation for producing comics that revolve around elegant, beautiful women caught up in unlikely and fantastical erotic scenarios became solidified with work such as Il Gioco (1983, also known as Click or Le Déclic), about a device which renders women helplessly aroused, Il Profumo dell’invisibile (1986, Butterscotch), introducing the heroine Miele (Honey) and a sweet-smelling body-paint which makes the wearer invisible, and Candid camera (1988, Hidden Camera) featuring the same protagonist in further explicit adventures. (Read more)

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