New Year Eve: 1 of 6

New Year Eve: 2 of 6

Now thatโ€™s the way to celebrate NYE! Vintage Femdom art from I. Vanoff.

New Year Eve: 3 of 6

Looks like it could be a cleansing experienceโ€ฆ

New Year Eve: 4 of 6

Twelve strokes at midnight! Happy New Yearโ€ฆ

New Year Eve: 5 of 6

Cheri Herouard cover of La Vie Parisienne, January, 1922.

New Year Eve: 6 of 6

At midnight, the kissโ€ฆ
Photographer Tiziano Magni from 1994.

And 2014 is over!
What a year!

Tuesday: 1 of 6

I think artist Kovik is visulaising a voluptuous Elizabeth Taylor.

Tuesday: 2 of 6

Jean Bardot, fetish model from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Surprisingly, I have been to Minneapolis! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuesday: 3 of 6