Colourful Strap-On Saturday: 1 of 6

The last Strap-On Saturday for May! Let’s make it a colourful day!

Colourful Strap-On Saturday: 2 of 6

Colourful Strap-On Saturday: 3 of 6

Looks like Saturday is shower night as well as Strap-On fun day!
NinjaKitty  showed this on Hentai Foundry.

Colourful Strap-On Saturday: 4 of 6

Colourful Strap-On Saturday: 5 of 6

Colourful Strap-On Saturday: 6 of 6

It seems (according to male photographers) that is how women kiss!

Friday: 1 of 6

Peter Andrew Jones (website) is a contemporary British artist and illustrator
born into the relative poverty of post-war Britain in Islington, North London
in 1951.
In 1973, during the second year of his graphic design course at St. Martins, a
college friend, David Case (who later went on to become head of design at
the Financial Times) was reading a Panther Books paperback edition of
science fiction author EE “Doc” Smith’s “Triplanetary”. David suggested to
Peter, “Read it, it’ll blow your mind”. Peter bought a copy and later, during a
regular session with his tutor, visiting lecturer and illustrator Fritz Wagner,
the latter co-incidentally suggested that, because of Peter’s “highly
developed skill of rendering realistic imagery” he might consider painting
things that don’t actually exist, as in science fiction stories. (Bio)

Friday: 2 of 6

One of my favourite shoots.
Frida Gustavsson photographed by Andreas Öhlund for Elle Sweden (October 2011).

Friday: 3 of 6

Helen Folasade Adu, better known simply as Sade. Not many contralto voices
find the fame and distinction she has. If you have never seen her perform
live, you have missed a wonderful experience!
Her official website is here and make sure you watch the 2012 sizzle reel!
As for me, I have so many Sade favourites it is hard to choose but I did.
See the link below to enjoy. Surprisingly, I had never seen the video before
but  was mesmerised by her and the retro fashion! The syncopated beat is
infectious as is the counterpoint self-harmonies! (More on Wikipedia)