Worship Wednesday: 1 of 6

A not so subtle way of advising today is Worship Wednesday!

Worship Wednesday: 2 of 6

Open up the champers!

Worship Wednesday: 3 of 6

I think this is Frollo from the Shatane comics but not sure.

Worship Wednesday: 4 of 6

Ah, here’s to Mullberry Jane (here’s to Mullberry Jane)
she made jam when she came
Somebody cut off her feet
now, jelly rolls in the street

 If you want to see me
well, honey, you know that I’m not around
But if you want to hear me
why don’t you just turn around
and by the window where the light is

 She’s my best friend
certainly not just like your average dog or car
She’s my best friend
she understands me when I’m feeling –
– Down-down-down-down-down-down

(She’s my Best FriendLou Reed)

Worship Wednesday: 5 of 6

Worship Wednesday: 6 of 6