New Year Eve Party: 1 of 6


New Year Eve and that’s time to say goodbye to the old year and
welcome the new year with a party!

The couple from Eyeful Magazine (some of the names of these
vintage magazines are really amusing. Strange but funny!)from
1955 appear ready to dance!

Have fun and don’t forget the resolutions!

Happy New Year!

New Year Eve Party: 2 of 6

A New Year party that has become a little outrageous?
He does seem very interested, though.
Suppose glass dildos can be aesthetically appealing.
A fine photograph from Andrew Blake.

New Year Eve Party: 3 of 6

This party is at full swing! Tried to find out more about this photograph but found nothing
except it is clearly  Five Minutes Before the End of the World.
If you can help with some details, please do. Next year sometime will be fine! 🙂

New Year Eve Party: 4 of 6

There has to be a kiss at Midnight! It’s compulsory!

New Year Eve Party: 5 of 6

A red dress for the party!
A little sheer, though. Maybe that’s the idea as she may be very proud of her
tattoo and her knickers! Cheeky photograph from Andrey Razoomovsky.

New Year Eve Party: 6 of 6

A romantic gathering for the end of the year.

Lovely photograph from Alex Krivtsov.

Monday: 1 of 6

Paz de la Huerta photographed by J.D. Forte for Kurv Magazine (seriously?)

Forte’s webpage is definitely worth looking at here.

Monday: 2 of 6

Double Pad Lock by Dirk Westphal.

Monday: 3 of 6

Abbey Lee Kershaw posing for Mikael Jansson for Interview, March 2012