Thursday: 1 of 6

A little too much leather and just a little over the top.
However, it is a still from a film, apparently.
In the running for Best Costume Oscar?

Thursday: 2 of 6

Not sure why I like this so much.
Perhaps it’s just the style or the pose Giedre Dukauskaite has assumed.
The gloves are a nice touch. Beautifully photographed by Txema Yeste.

Thursday: 3 of 6

More fun from Michael Kirwan.
He is rather hairy when you see where the razor  has been!
She has that “I’ve seen it all before” look.

Thursday: 4 of 6

Missy Rayder doing an impression of a giant bird or something!
Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott always have interesting ideas for shots.
This appeared in Pop Magazine.

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Worship Wednesday: 1 of 6

Interesting choice of shoes, Stella! Oh, yes, it’s Worship Wednesday!

Worship Wednesday: 2 of 6

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