Strap-On Saturday: 1 of 6

Let’s see if I have everything.
Tacky tight latex top to show off cosmetically enhanced breasts? Check!
Worn latex leggings? Check!
Strap-On and realistic dildo?
Check! Lube?
Have everything so let’s get Strap-On Saturday underway!

Strap-On Saturday: 2 of 6

Her confident expression seems to be saying “Look what I can make him do!”

Strap-On Saturday: 3 of 6

He has his eyes fixed on the prize. Sadly, don’t think he will be receiving any  enjoyment
on this Strap-On Saturday!

Strap-On Saturday: 4 of 6

He certainly appears to be enjoying this!

Strap-On Saturday: 5 of 6

Oh. My. God! There is so much to look at here, I don’t know where to start!
The huge dildo or the huge fake boobies or the simply awful boots?
It’s like an accident on the motorway – very difficult to know where to look!

Strap-On Saturday: 6 of 6

Strap-On and a Face Dildo! This is a very interesting Strap-On Saturday.

Friday: 1 of 6

Black Stripe by French photographer/artist, solène MeSt.
She has a gallery on DeviantArt. Go HERE.

Friday: 2 of 6

Friday: 3 of 6