Worship Wednesday: 1 of 6

A vintage kiss beginning our Worship Wednesday!

And some helpful instructions!

Worship Wednesday: 2 of 6

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Worship Wednesday: 4 of 6

The chastity belt key is teasingly left so he can see it while performing his Worship Wednesday duties!

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Worship Wednesday: 6 of 6

News – My Writing

I have decided to call a halt on any new FemDom stories.

Sadly, I am just a little bored with that genre and I think it shows in the latest book I have almost finished. That book will not be published as it is not, frankly, good enough.

I am going on holidays for a month from the end of August and, hopefully, I will return refreshed and ready to complete the outstanding series such as Procurement, Tales of Aswin and Secret Desires. The blog, of course, will continue while I am away.

I have a completed an old TG romance book and will publish that and, of course, the last book of Extreme Games. Both those books as well as an episode of Tales of Aswin and Secret Desires will be published before I go on holiday.

After that, you will have to wait to see if the FemDom muse returns.

My life outside this blog is quite full at the moment. There is an opportunity to move to a new job that would be quite challenging and, not in Europe. That is a little scary.

I also have a new relationship that is also influencing my decisions.

The lesbian stories I am publishing under Jacqueline Pouliot are gaining many readers which is nice.

I wonโ€™t give up writing. That would be impossible. Iโ€™m just going to write what interests me and, at the moment, FemDom does not.

I will continue the blog with my eccentric selection of art and fetish.

Thank you for your support over the years.


Tuesday: 1 of 6

Teasing games for the camera.

Tuesday: 2 of 6

The caught burglar undergoes humiliation at gun point.
Have tried to identify the artist of this but was unsuccessful. Can you help?