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Agent Provocateur lingerie and a still from The Season of the Witch. Take a look.

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Mona Street by Leone Frollo. Mona Street was the title of an adult graphic novel by Frollo. I believe you can still get it if you collect such books. Mona Street is definitely collectible. The text is in Italiano but such an easy language to read.

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Catherine Deneuve photographed by Mark Abrahams.

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Magdalena Frackowiak photographed by David Roemer for Vogue Mexico.

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Old School by Reraizure who is photographer Ole M. Werner who lives in Germany. The female model is Dee Solutio and the male model Joao Gacia.
See more on DeviantArt here.

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At the table in patio seating,
a young man starched into my evening
in waiter black and white–
he’s probably named John, Tom,
something less spectacular than the busboy
named Ari at the table beside me.

(He Dreams of Falling by Ruth Ellen Kocher )