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Pet by Jaxtraw. This was emailed to me by Suburbansub who manages to find wicked pictures that appeal to my sense of humour.
Jaxtraw also has a sense of humour. Perhaps the green tinge to her hair including pubic hair is an example of his  humour.

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This appears to be a rough sketch from Frollo but it style shows his characteristic cheeky elegance and humour.

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Lindsay Lohan from Robert Rodriguez’s  film Machete. We all have days where we feel like that!

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Using your mind
Imagine our skin Joined at the hip
Joined from within
By using your eyes
You’re freezing my frame
Watching our clothes burst into flames

(Morcheeba – Undress Me Now)

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Good grief! Avoiding any observations regarding cosmetic surgery, I will simply say it is Worship Wednesday!

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