Friday: Post 1 of 6 – FemDom Art

Friday: Post 2 of 6 – Erotic Art

Wet Fun in the Sun by Eric Basaldua

Friday: Post 3 of 6 – Kulturschlag

Another vintage photograph from Andre De Dienes.

Friday: Post 4 of 6 – Fetish Peeks

Friday: Post 5 of 6 – Fetish Peeks

Friday: Post 6 of 6 – Kulturschlag

Thursday: Post 1 of 6 – FemDom Art

A different view of Red Riding Hood and the wolf. The artist is unknown to me

Thursday: Post 2 of 6 – Fetish Peeks

She does appear settled in for the long haul. Won’t even mention drinking coffee and smoking in the loo but believe the world is divided into those who read in the toilet and those who do not.

Thursday: Post 3 of 6 – Erotic Art

Art from the fascinating Gerda Wegener. She should be famous just for her art but she has fame for her private life as well.