Thursday: Post 1 of 6 – Erotic Art

β€œHis Shirt, Her Smile” by Tom Poulton. Poulton was born in February 1897 and died in 1963. Whilst stationed in India, Poulton came into contact with the Kama Sutra which prompted a fascination with erotic art. During his lifetime he produced many erotic drawings, usually on commission from various patrons, notably playboy yachtsman Beecher Moore who sold a large collection of Poulton’s work in the early 1990s. His erotica is very much of its time, the clothing is very clearly from the 1940s and 50s and the pictures are characterised by an exuberance and joie de vivre on the part of the participants which arguably sets him apart from many other artists in the genre.

Thursday: Post 2 of 6 – Fetish Peeks

Thursday: Post 3 of 6 – Kulturschlag

Actor and producer, Lucy Liu photographed by Mark Seliger. This appeared in Vogue in February, 2010. Liu is a supporter of marriage equality for gays and lesbians, and she became a spokesperson in 2009. She is also a singer for the musical group The Bullitts.

Thursday: Post 4 of 6 – FemDom Art

Comfort after the spanking. The artist is Miss Franny.

Thursday: Post 5 of 6 – Fetish Peeks

Yasmin Lee and a little TG domination.

Thursday: Post 6 of 6 – Kulturschlag

I want to feel you tremble
I want to feel you quake
I want to hear you cry my name
when the bedposts start to shake”
W. I. Boucher, 2005

Worship Wednesday: Post 1 of 6 – Fetish Peeks

It is Worship Wednesday and she is going collect! He is bound to please!

Worship Wednesday: Post 2 of 6 – Erotic Art

Oh, those special long hot summer holidays are almost upon us. Worship Wednesday Summer worship! I like this a lot. Deceptively simple with good detail. Do you know who the artist is? If you do, please share.

Worship Wednesday: Post 3 of 6 – Kulturschlag